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City Scene Columbus – 06/06/2019

“And as for the young actors who play the Davies boys, incredibly talented and perfectly wistful is the perfect description. Smile ear-to-ear as the four lads take the whole stage for their own ukulele playing, barrel drumming, harmonious singing scene.”

Broadway World Columbus – 06/05/2019

“The traveling company has a roster of six child actors to play the roles of the four Davies boys. In the June 4 performance, Paul Schoeller brings a warmth and sensitivity to his role as Peter while Seth Erdley (George), Caleb Reese Paul (Jack), and Brody Bett (Michael) supply the chaos in the Davies’ household.”

Broadway World Central New York – 05/29/2019

“The young child actors, of course, stole the spotlight with their adorable stage presence. The night I attended Ethan Stokes took on the role of Peter Llewelyn Davies, the boy that seems to have grown up too soon. … Ethan has a stage presence beyond his years and delivers an emotional performance alongside Jeff Sullivan in ‘When Your Feet Don’t Touch the Ground.’ Paul Schoeller took on the role of George, Caleb Reese Paul performed as Jack, and the adorable Josiah Smothers portrayed Michael. They all certainly made the most of their roles and delivered a particularly charming performance of the delightful number ‘We Own the Night’ and the reprise. The four young actors also delivered an emotional rendition of ‘We’re All Made of Stars.'”

UMD Writer’s Bloc – 03/07/2019

“But it is this intentional averageness that makes Peter (Seth Erdley), George (Paul Schoeller), Jack (Josiah Smothers) and Michael (Brody Bett) Llewelyn Davies so fabulously refreshing as they terrorize the park with daring sword fights, buried treasure and tales of swashbuckling pirates. Erdley, Schoeller, Smothers and Bett are perfectly darling and easily fill your daily dose of cuteness with their wooden swords and tri-cornered pirate hats as they run through the park with their mother…”

DC Theatre Scene – 02/28/2019

“The kids are stellar—often funny, delivering lines with a mix of purity and sarcasm in a perfectly British way. The boys have their own backyard shindig, wherein they form a band, complete with a washboard and drums via wooden spoons, to sing ‘We’re All Made of Stars.’ Schoeller’s George is the standout, strumming a small guitar and leading the troupe as the eldest would”

MD Theatre Guide – 02/28/2019

“…the four moppets were enchanting.”

Broadway World Washington D.C. – 02/27/2019

“…the enormously talented kids…do their very best to deliver a fun evening of entertainment for all…”

DC Metro Theatre Arts – 02/27/2019

“…the kids (Seth Erdley, Paul Schoeller, Josiah Smothers, and Brody Bett on Tuesday night) are cute. …Peter (Erdley), who gets to play some additional dimensions and does so nicely…”

Theatre Bloom – 02/27/2019

“…six incredibly talented youngsters who shuffle to fill the four brothers’ roles at various performances throughout the week. The four who opened the show (Paul Schoeller as George, Josiah Smothers as Jack, Brody Bett as Michael, and particularly Seth Erdley as the more somber and pensive Peter) are not only talented with strong voices, they are utterly engaging. They provide a great energy to the show and are more thangame for embracing Michaels’ not-for-the-faint choreography. Their chemistry is so strong they could very well be brothers, and their relationships with Barrie and their mother are completely natural and easy…young Erdley is an outstanding young actor who grasps the mature soul of his character and goes toe to toe with his enthusiastic counterpart Sullivan.”

The Washington Post – 02/27/2019

“…the chipper punchlines landed by the plucky young actors playing the kids.”

Springfield News-Leader – 01/30/2019

“Offering fine support are the boys alternating as the Llewelyn Davies children…”

BroadwayWorld Dayton – 01/18/2019

“…Ethan Stokes, Brody Bett, Caleb Reese Paul and Seth Erdley. The boys were integral to the story and all did a marvelous job.”

Dayton Local – 01/17/2019

“The parts of Sylvia’s four sons are rotated, on the night I attended, Peter was played by Ethan Stokes. Stokes, like each of the boys, possesses a talent level way beyond his years. From cute childlike antics, even at a fancy dinner party, to heart wrenching drama the boys expertly portray every emotion. Furthermore, for a rendition of ‘We’re All Made of Stars,’ the boys form a boy’s band that I would actually go see in concert.”

BroadwayWorld Madison – 01/13/2019

“While I ordinarily find a stage with children and a dog to be a trite gimmick, in this production it was not only necessary, but worked very well, thanks to the professionalism and talent of those kids! Seth Erdley, Paul Schoeller, Josiah Smothers, and Brody Bett, all did an amazing job at their portrayal of the Llewelyn Davies boys who inspired the show. Their vocals, choreography and theatrical presence brought a sense of realism to this fantastic tale of a man finding his own inner child.”

Isthmus – 01/12/2019

“And a massive round of applause should be given to child actor Caleb Reese Paul, who plays her son, Peter Davies, whose relationship with Barrie draws him out of his shell. The two sing a powerfully sad duet, ‘When Your Feet Don’t Touch the Ground.’”

The Gazette – 12/30/2018

“The Llewelyn Davies boys were adorable throughout, but their standout moment came when they whipped up their big number, ‘We’re All Made of Stars,’ dreaming of possibilities.”

Broadway World Albuquerque – 12/14/2018

“Caleb Reese Paul (Peter), Paul Schoeller (George), Ethan Stokes (Jack), and Josiah Smothers (Michael) are phenomenal as the Llewellyn Davies children, never missing a beat.”

Broadway World Salt Lake City – 12/05/2018

“The children, who rotate their roles nightly, are phenomenal. At the reviewed performance, Ethan Stokes played George, Josiah Smothers played Jack, and Brody Bett played Michael. Seth Erdley gave an exceptional performance as Peter.”

Front Row Reviewers Utah – 12/05/2018

“Stokes, Erdley, Bett, and Paul each hold their own onstage, equals to those they work with. In a show with many great things about it, these young actors may be what’s best about Finding Neverland. Even in duets, some with one of the brothers, but Peter’s duets with Barrie, all boys clearly and strongly hit the notes, keep in character, and are thoroughly adorable.”

Front Row Reviewers Utah – 11/30/2018

“Breathing believability into the realistic aspect of this story are the fatherless children, the Davies brothers who inspire the creation of the Darling brothers and the lost boys, Ethan Stokes as George, Paul Schoeller as Peter, Caleb Reese Paul as Jack, and Brody Bett as Michael- a darling favorite of mine no pun intended. They encompass true boyhood. They are playful, funny, genuine, and comfortable onstage. And they rotate playing different brothers depending on the performance night, along with two other young performers Seth Erdley and Josiah Smothers. Talent flows from the ability to handle that rotation alone, but I haven’t even started talking about their singing voices. They are perfectly on pitch and sing beautiful harmonies number after number. I’ve never heard a better voice from a young man as I did tonight from Schoeller. He sings a duet with leading man Sullivan, and more than holds his own and carries powerful harmonies and emotion-impressive talent from one so young.”

The Spokesman-Review – 11/16/2018

“The young actors playing the Davies boys Thursday night – Stokes, Paul Schoeller, Caleb Reese Paul and Brody Bett – all deserve high praise. Each performed beautifully, and their performance of ‘We’re All Made of Stars’ was particularly moving.”

Broadway World National Tours – 10/17/2018

“Throughout the show there are many moments that tug on the heartstrings. In a cast composed primarily of adults, Caleb Reese Paul as Peter holds his own; especially in the scenes opposite Sullivan where the two interact directly. The cheeky We Own the Night was a particular favorite for me, and a nice break to a dull adult dinner party and a great example of the imagination of a child breaking through the world of the adults. When Reese Paul and the other Llewelyn Davies children prepare for their own backyard show with the song We’re all Made of Stars the cast’s youngest performers warm your heart with their energy and enthusiasm.”

GR Mag – 10/10/2018

“An extremely talented group of actors, the boys often stole the show with well-told jokes and brilliant vocals.”

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