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Les Miserables

Les Miserables


The national tour of Les Miserables has been put on hold due to COVID-19. We will bring you more information about casting and new tour dates at a later date.

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No shows booked at the moment.


Buffalo News – 12/11/2019

“Jasper Davenport’s moment-making quips as little Gavroche are especially a breath of fresh air.”

KDKA News Radio 1020 – 12/02/2019

“Now, since I brought up young Cosette, allow me to say – truly, it was the children that stole the show. Young Cosette, played by Annabel Cole/Mackenzie Mercer was an absolute treasure. Not only was she perfectly adorable, but her confidence, voice and presence were unendingly captivating.”

The Columbus Dispatch – 11/20/2019

“All the kids are scene-stealers, especially plucky fighter Gavroche (Robbie Crandall and Jasper Davenport alternate).”

Berkshire Fine Arts – 10/17/2019

“During the reviewed performance, Jasper Davenport played [Gavroche] authoritatively and with moxie.”

Inlander – 08/07/2019

“The other two performances that stood out to me were…Jasper Davenport, who plays Gavroche…Davenport was a true scene stealer and was unbelievably charismatic.”

Around the Town Chicago – 07/11/2019

“Little Cosette’s ‘Castle on a Cloud’ is as chilling as ever showing the dreamer in all of us…Gavroche (the little boy who steals his scenes) is played to perfection by Parker Dzuba (and alternates with Parker Weathersbee).”

Chicago Theatre and Reviews – 07/11/2019

“And the sheer enthusiasm and precise diction to be found in young Parker Dzuba’s scene-stealing Gavroche has to be seen to be appreciated. The juvenile actor alternates the role with Parker Weathersbee. As this feisty young man, Master Dzuba brings a smile to every audience member’s face and, ultimately, a tear to their eye.”

Observations Along the Road – 05/12/2019

“Elefante was spectacular in her opening scene singing ‘Castle on a Cloud,’ and Weathersbee was strong as Gavroche in the second act in all of his numbers. All were astonishingly cute.”

On Stage and Screen – 05/11/2019

“…and Parker Dzuba was simply adorable as young, tragic Gavroche”

Wicked Local Lincoln – 04/18/2019

“Child actors Cate Elefante as Little Cosette and Parker Dzuba as Gavroche were no less masterful in their roles at Thursday’s opening (alternating with two other children at various performances).”

Broadway World Dayton – 04/05/2019

“Parker Weathersbee as young Gavroche and the rest of the ensemble were all equally impressive.”

BroadwayWorld Central New York – 03/27/2019

“Let’s not forget the younger performers in this production. The roles of little Cosette, young Eponine, and Gavroche are played by different kids depending on the night (there’s a rotation). The night I saw this production Cate Elefante took on the role of little Cosette. ‘Castle on a Cloud’ showcased her sweet and adorable voice. Aubin Bradley portrayed young Eponine and she charmed in the role. Parker Dzuba with his light blonde hair, big expressive eyes, and even bigger personality, often stole the spotlight as Gavroche, the endearing and determined young boy who hangs around with the outspoken and politically-minded students. Dzuba shows ‘what little people can do’ with his impressive performance of Gavroche.”

Motherhood The Truth – 03/21/2019

“One last cast member that I need to mention, Parker Weathersbee, as Petit Gervais, Gavroche, captivated me. He is making his national tour debut with Les Miserables and he brought the house down with his performance. He is such a big personality in such a young performer.”

BroadwayWorld National Tours – 03/13/2019

“Cosette, first portrayed as a child by the adorable Aubin Bradley…”

BroadwayWorld Tampa/St. Petersburg – 01/18/2019

“The precious, young Cosette (Madeleine Guilbot), enslaved by the Thenardiers, broke your heart singing about not having to sweep in ‘Castle on a Cloud.'”

Cherry and Spoon – 12/19/2018

“The ensemble is chock full of talent (with some welcome diversity), beginning with the smallest cast members – little scene stealers Cosette and Gavroche (alternately played by Madeleine Guilbot and Vivi Howard, and the Parkers Dzuba and Weathersbee).”

Play off the Page – 12/19/2018

“The children charm the audience, and young Parker Dzuba as Gavroche steals the show with his beautiful, pure voice, and his energetic actions.”

Ladue News – 12/13/2018

“There’s also fine work by…Parker Dzuba and Parker Weathersbee…alternating in the role of street urchin and rebel fighter Gavroche. Madeleine Guilbot and Vivi Howard take turns alternating in the roles of Little Cosette and Young Eponine to delightful effect.”

Critical Blast – 12/12/2018

“The youngest cast members, Madeleine Guilbot, Vivi Howard, Parker Dzuba, and Parker Weathersbee, are a joy to watch.”

Little Village Mag – 12/06/2018

“Fan favorites, however, were…the archetypal urchin Gavroche played with pluck and charm by Parker Dzuba.”

Rochester City Newspaper – 11/22/2018

“…and the tiniest revolutionary, Parker Dzuba (Gavroche), who is a captivating presence onstage.”

BroadwayWorld Baltimore – 10/11/2018

“Sam Middleton, who played Gavroche in this performance (he shares the role with Parker Dzuba), showed off his range in moments such as boldly flipping off Javert after ‘Little People,’ or tenderly giving Eponine’s hat to Marius after ‘A Little Fall of Rain.’”

DC Metro Theater Arts – 10/10/2018

“The kids in this cast are particularly winning. Madeleine Guilbot and Vivi Howard as Little Cosette and Young Eponine stole hearts, particularly in the haunting ‘Castle on a Cloud.’ And the rascal Gavroche was in strong tiny hands belonging to Parker Dzuba and Sam Middleton on alternating dates.””

The Oklahoman – 09/21/2018

“…young Parker Dzuba in the role of pint-size revolutionary Gavroche steals practically every scene he dashes through.”

Journal Record – 09/19/2018

“That cast was large and included some darling young children among the citizens fighting for freedom in historic France in the 19th century….Thespian youngsters included Parker Dzuba, Cate Elefante, and Sam Middleton”

Marinij.com – 08/15/2018

“Alternating with Sophie Knapp, Elsa Avery Dees sings sweetly as Little Cosette, and Sam Middleton is a spunky young rebel as Gavroche, sharing the role with Parker Dzuba.”

BroadwayWorld Denver – 07/30/2018

“As an amateur covert operative, Sam Middleton as Gavroche reminds us all to always take children seriously. Although a young role, Middleton performs incredibly well and stands his own among those three times his age, as does Sophie Knapp in the role of Young Cosette.”

Enter Here Canada – 07/11/2018

“The casting is absolutely perfect for this production and the children were very talented as well. Young Cosette, played by Elsa Avery Dees and Sophie Knapp, who alternate as young Eponine, were darling on stage. Gavroche, the young lad who ‘runs the town’ shows that ‘Little People’ can make a difference…”

Creatively Clo – 06/07/2018

“Sophie Knapp as young Cosette is adorable and amazing in her number ‘Castle On A Cloud’…”

Zeta Tijuana – 06/01/2018

“…el brillante Jonah Mussolino en el rol del pequeño ‘Gavroche’…”

MATC Times – 05/03/2018

“I was also impressed by the talent of the young actors Elsa Avery Dees, Sophie Knapp and Jonah Mussolino.”

Badger Herald – 04/06/2018

“My personal favorites were…the kid actors who played Cosette, Eponine and Gavroche (Zoe Glick, Sophie Knapp and Jonah Mussolino respectively).”

InfoCulture.biz – 02/08/2018

“The leader of the song was Jonah Mussolino’s Gavroche, a spunky young boy who partook in the revolution and eventually gave his life for the cause”

TheatreBloom – 12/22/2017

“Little Cosette (at this performance Zoe Glick) and Gavroche (at this performance Julian Emile Lerner) also deserve mentions of praise; Glick, for her dulcet and delicate rendition of ‘Castle on a Cloud’ and Lerner for his punchy pluck in the overall approach to the character. His scene at the barricade is one of the most breath-taking in the most horrific fashion imaginable…”

M Live – 11/22/2017

“I want to tell you about young rebel Gavroche (Julian Emile Lerner) who steals and then breaks our hearts with his self-importance despite his lot in life”

Seth Saith – 10/27/2017

“So kudos to…Zoe Glick (Young Cosette) on ‘Castle on a Cloud'”

Chicago Sun Times – 10/15/2017

“Jordan Cole (who alternates with Julian Emile Lerner) was a feisty, confident Gavroche, the street urchin with great courage”

WPRO News Talk 630 – 09/29/2017

“Sophie Knapp did a lovely job with ‘Castle on a Cloud’ as young Cosette on press night, and Julian Emile Lerner practically stole the show at moments with his cheeky, street-wise Gavroche.”

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