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Angelina Carballo

ANGELINA CARBALLO (Annie) is a fun-loving 12 year old who is enjoying the hard knock life. Thanks to Carson-Adler, Martin Charnin, Keith Levenson, TROIKA Entertainment, STA, The Vault, Actor’s Playhouse, God, Family and Friends for their love and support.


Bunny Baldwin

BUNNY BALDWIN (Molly) National Tour debut! Credits: Kenny Rogers Christmas, Molly (Annie), Young Cosette (Les Miserables). Thanks to Miss Nancy and staff at The Dance Center in Winchendon, MA, Joy Dewing & love to Daddy! Bunny dedicates this performance to her Nana…mmm, Banana “bricks”!


Jacqueline Galvano

JACQUELINE GALVANO (July) from Bradenton, FL, Broadway Tour debut. Special thanks to Spotlight Kids (Cynthia Ashford, Terri Balash), Manatee Players, Broadway Artists Alliance; Joy Dewing, Martin Charnin and TROIKA for this amazing experience. Mom, Dad, Michael and William – I Love You!


Ava Slater

AVA SLATER (Kate) National Tour debut! Special thanks to God, my family, the Annie creative team, TROIKA Entertainment, Joy Dewing, Hannah Cecille, Atlanta School of the Performing Arts, Impact Dance of Atlanta, Young Actor’s Playhouse, Lisa Jones, and my cats Socks and Mittens.


Amanda Swickle

AMANDA SWICKLE (Pepper) from Jericho, NY is excited to make her Broadway Tour debut. Special thanks to Jennifer Johns, DMO, SGM, Jonathan, Amelia, Badiene, Ann, Denise, Joy Dewing, TROIKA. Love to my mom, brothers, grandparents, family, friends for their love & support.


Amanda Wylie

AMANDA WYLIE (Tessie) is ecstatic to be making her national tour debut. Big shout-out to my sister (also in the cast), my parents, BAA, and all of my friends and teachers at the Franklin School for the Performing Arts, especially Raye Lynn Mercer.

Katie Wylie

KATIE WYLIE (Duffy) is proud to make her national tour debut at age 9 with her awesome sister Amanda! Special thanks to my parents, BAA, Raye Lynn Mercer, and all the teachers at the Franklin School for the Performing Arts.


Review Quotes

Lynn Happens – 05/13/2017

“As Annie, Angelina Carballo has an amazing and strong voice. She belted out every song she sang. ”

Crunchy Metro Mom – 05/12/2017

“…Bunny Baldwin’s max-adorbs Molly. As one would hope for the show’s lead, Angelina Carballo’s “Annie” was a bundle of energy, and she shone like the top of the Chrysler Building.”

Leah’s Life – 05/10/2017

“Annie was excellent, performed by Angelina Carballo as were orphans played by Katie Wylie (Duffy) and Bunny Baldwin (Molly). To be fair the entire cast was excellent…The cast of the pint-sized orphans kept the audience laughing and saying “aww” as they delivered dance numbers, songs, and one-liners throughout the roughly two-hour show.”

DC Metro Theater Arts – 04/22/2017

“Especially astonishing are the seven young girls in the cast who were professional yet telegraphed the joy of being a kid.”

Sioux City Journal – 03/31/2017

“Tori Bates provided an extra coat of gloss. She went for realism – and got more heartfelt moments…Bates sung her heart out with everything from “Maybe” to, of course, “Tomorrow,”…”

Covington News – 03/27/2017

“Bates not only warmed the heart of Warbucks, but the show’s happy ending left the crowd on their feet.

Standout performances by the young cast included “It’s a Hard Knock Life,” performed by Bates, Katie Wylie (Duffy), Bunny Baldwin (Molly), Amanda Wylie (Tessie), Jacqueline Galvano (July), Ava Slater (Kate) and Amanda Swickle (Pepper).”

BroadwayWorld Atlanta – 03/20/2017

“The 11-year-old Bates was the perfect Annie, regardless of her race. The audience could tell that she was elated to be on stage singing beloved tunes like “Maybe” (and the two reprises of the song) and “It’s the Hard-knocked Life.” Can you imagine going into an audition just for fun and three callbacks later getting a call that would change your childhood forever?

Bates brought to life the spirit of the show. She made us want to hug our mothers when she hugged by Casey Grins’ Grace Farrell. She made us have all the feels when she discovered that Gilgamesh Taggett’s Daddy Warbucks was adopting her. She reminded us that you are never truly dressed with a smile. She gave us hope that maybe tomorrow will be better than the day before.”

Herald Tribune – 03/15/2017

“Tori pushes all the right buttons as the world’s most famous orphan…Bates provides all the art and gumption you could want.”

EDGE Boston – 03/04/2017

“At the helm was the captivating Annie, played effortlessly by Tori Bates, who displayed a rare, winning combination of musicality and charisma, imbuing every line, every lyric with emotion and commitment as she wowed with numbers “Maybe” and the well-known “Tomorrow.”

Bates’ castmates, the orphans — made up of Molly (Bunny Baldwin), July (Jacqueline Galvano), Kate (Ava Slater), Pepper (Amanda Swickle), Tessie (Amanda Wylie) and Duffy (Katie Wylie) — displayed energy and ability as they easily navigated the spirited choreography and vocals of favorite songs “It’s the Hard Knock Life” and the hilarious “You’re Never Fully Dressed Without A Smile (Reprise).””

El Paso Times – 1/17/2017

“And when the curtain finally did go up, the audience received a terrific, heart warming performance from the cast and from its lead actress, Tori Bates. The curly-haired red-head, Bates, absolutely enthralled the crowd with her cuteness, her comedic timing and most of all her big voice. She and the rest of the pint-sized orphans in the cast kept the audience laughing and saying “aww” as they delivered dance numbers, songs and one-liners throughout the roughly two-hour show. While “Tomorrow” is the show stopper for Bates, she shined the most when playing off the ensemble. “Hard Knock Life” is a personal favorite Broadway show song of mine, and Bates and her fellow orphans delivered the song and it’s choreography with gusto.

But there were two performances that really stole the show. The first being the orphans’ – sans Annie – reprise of “You’re Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile.” The six young actresses gave the performance their all, particularly the smallest of the bunch, Bunny Baldwin, who plays Molly. It’s astounding that these young actors, most of whom haven’t even reached double digits in age, have the stage presence, voice and discipline to sing and never miss a beat of choreography. The audience absolutely loved it.”

The Prospector Daily – 1/17/2017

“…right away young Tori Bates, who played Annie, dominated the stage. Her spunky attitude and optimism was charming.”

BroadwayWorld Palm Springs – 1/11/2017

“Tori Bates, as Annie, was blessed with a charismatic appeal that reaches to the back of the house. Her voice is that of a very talented child – well, because she is a very talented child…”

Metro Active – 1/11/2017

“Bates makes her professional debut as Annie, and is a determined and polished young actress.”

The Stunning Post – 1/6/2017

“ANNIE tells the story of a spunky, precocious orphan (played with gusto by Tori Bates)…”

Chicago Theater Beat – 11/13/2016

“Annie (played with verve by Tori Bates)…”

NWI Times – 11/11/2016

“Tori Bates as Annie is a delight to watch. Her vocals are strong and she doesn’t falter in hitting the high notes of songs such as the popular “Tomorrow.””

Times Square Chronicles – 11/11/2016

“Making her national tour debut as Annie is Tori Bates. This spunky scene stealer shared her capable vocal prowess when belting notes, center stage. She is partnered with an adorable rag tag team of fellow orphans,including Bunny Baldwin as the often cartwheeling Molly, Katie Wylie plays Duffy, Amanda Wylie featured as Tessie, Jacqueline Galvano portraying Judy, Ava Slater as Kate and Amanda Swickle rounds out the bunch as Pepper. Each girl delightfully melancholy while singing It’s a Hard Knock Life all the while living under the thumb of bawdy Battle Axe, Miss Hannigan, played with robust gusto by Erin Fish. The girls may be little, but they are gifted with competent voices and impressive act two choreography from Liza Gennaro showing their considerable promise. Leaping Lizards! These tots climbed ladders, ran in circles, and nailed their collective hitch kicks.”

Around the Town Chicago – 11/10/2016

“This production relies on a strong “Annie ” (Tori Bates is powerful, cute and delicious to watch) as well as her “sisters”, Molly (Bunny Baldwin is as cute as a button), Pepper (the lovely Amanda Swickle), Duffy (Katie Wylie), July (Jaqueline Galvano), Tessie ( Amanda Wylie, trying to steal her sister’s thunder) and Kate (Ava Slater). These little munchkins will steal your hearts with their renditions of “Its The Hard Knock Life” and “You’re Never Fully Dressed Without A Smile” (with an adorable dance routine).”

Chicago Theater and Dance – 11/10/2016

“…the incorrigible optimism of Annie, exuberantly played by Tori Bates, lightened the mood in the theater opening night.”

Perform Ink – 11/10/2016

“In Tori Bates, Annie is as adorable as she is a spit-fire. Bates breathes modern life into Annie and doesn’t seem to flinch at the responsibility of carrying an entire show on her young shoulders.”

Stage and Cinema – 11/10/2016

“A louder-than-life Annie, Tori Bates plays the leather-lunged tyke with brassy confidence…The orphan tykes, whether spitting out “It’s the Hard Knock Life” or “A New Deal for Christmas,” are your proverbial angels with dirty faces.”

Urban Matter – 11/10/2016

“Tori Bates as ANNIE has a great voice and inspires a whole new generation of girls.”

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