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Grier Burke

GRIER BURKE (Young Nala alt.) is overjoyed to join The Lion King production as the first Young Nala cast from Chicago! A nine year old straight A student, Grier is thrilled to have this goal realized! Each performance is dedicated to her big brother William (her acting inspiration) and her parents. Special thanks: Gray Talent Group, Merit School of Music, Your True Voice Studio, and Ms. Webb.

Meilani Cisneros

MEILANI CISNEROS (Young Nala alt.) Meilani is excited to be joining the Lion King Cast. This marks her professional acting debut. She would like to thank everyone who has helped her along the way, most importantly, she is grateful to God for giving her this wonderful opportunity and for blessing her with such amazing family, friends, teachers and mentors.

Devin Graves

DEVIN GRAVES (Young Simba alt.) is a 10 year old student from Harlem, New York. He can’t wait to play Young Simba! Devin enjoys playing the violin, baseball, and taking voice and dance classes at Harlem School of the Arts. Devin thanks his teachers Aubrey Lynch II and Yolanda Wyns for always supporting him. He also thanks his family and friends for their love.

Jordan Williams

JORDAN WILLIAMS (Young Simba alt.) Jordan is thrilled to be making his professional acting debut as “Young Simba”. A 12 year old, Rahway, NJ resident, he is also a honor student, athlete and musician. Jordan thanks his parents, family, friends and teachers for love, inspiration and support. He thanks God for blessing him with all opportunities and the Prestige Management team for believing in him.


Review Quotes

Broadway World South Carolina – 06/03/17

“There she announces the birth of Simba (Jordan Williams), first son of King Mufasa … Young Simba and his friend, Nala, (Grier Burke) lead the King’s frazzled advisor, Zazu (a wonderful Drew Hirshfield), in the energetic “I Just Can’t Wait to Be King.””

BND News – 05/03/17

“Two boys alternate as the young Simba — Devin Graves and Jordan Williams, adorable and spry. Young Nala is either energetic Grier Burke or Meilani Cisneros. They win everyone over with “I Just Can’t Wait to Be King.””

KDHX – 04/29/17

“…Devin Graves and Jordan Williams provide a younger reflection of Simba that’s believably similar in tone and movement…Grier Burke and Meilani Cisneros demonstrate the same stubborn attitude and curious nature as young Nala.”

La Due News – 04/24/17

“Young Simba, alternately portrayed by Devin Graves and Jordan Williams, and Young Nala, who is played in rotation by Grier Burke and Meilani Cisneros, have a grand time with the rambunctious I Just Can’t Wait to Be King…”

Reviews STL – 04/23/17

“One of the most fun songs in the show happens early on, when the youngest actors showcase their voices in “I Just Can’t Wait To Be King.” Both Williams and Meilani Cisneros, who plays Young Nala, are fantastic as they go back and forth with Hirshfield’s Zazu. The two sound great, and looked to be having a lot of fun – which is what that scene is all about.”

STL Today – 04/22/17

“…Devin Graves and Grier Burke, both adorable…”

Davis Clipper – 3/30/17

“…and Jordan Williams and Grier Burke are absolutely charming as young Simba and Nala.”

St. Louis Tribune – 3/28/17

“As the young lion cub, Williams is frisky and energetic, all elbows and bouncy hair — his wig deserves its own cameo notice. He’s well matched in energy by the sprightly Grier Burke, who plays the young Nala (alternating with Meilani Cisneros).”

Broadway World Rhode Island – 3/4/17

“Rising stars Jordan Williams and Meilani Cisneros shine brightly, enchanting as Young Simba and Young Nala.”

Lil’ Blond Monsters – 03/03/17

“Of course, all the performances were incredible, but Jordan Williams who played young Simba really blew me away. His Simba was full of joy and then incredible sadness and he is definitely one to watch.”

The Advocate – 1/6/17

“Two of the liveliest characters in the show are young Simba and his playmate, Nala, played on Thursday night by Jordan Williams and Melani Cisneros…”

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