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Brigg Liberman

BRIGG LIBERMAN (Young Calogero at some performances) Brigg is honored to make A Bronx Tale his national tour debut. He is a native Syracusan and an avid Yankee fan. Special thanks to Barry Kolker, RKS Management, Tobi Silver, Tara Rubin Casting, Thom Miller, Rebecca Karpoff and especially my parents, siblings, and grandparents for believing in me!

Shane Pry

SHANE PRY (Young Calogero at some performances) Shane is extremely grateful to make his professional debut in this awesome role and production! Other favorite performances include Willy Wonka Jr. (Charlie), “PA Live!” (television show), workshops inspired by Disney’s The Descendants (Ben), Frozen (Hans) and Shawnee Riverfest. Huge thanks to Marc, Anya, Paradigm, Tara Rubin Casting, the creative team, DANJ and all of his dance teachers, Christina, Danny, Midge, mom, dad, Cassidy, family/friends, and God.


Review Quotes

Madison.com – 05/15/2019

“…Shane Pry, a powerful little singer…”

Cleve Scene – 04/30/2019

“Young Calogero was played on opening night by Shane Pry, a smooth dancer and enthusiastic performer. Pry portrays all the right characteristics of a young Calogero: fun, playful, innocent and easily corruptible.”

CleveRock – 04/30/2019

“…a squeezable, adorable Shane Pry…”

Cleveland.com – 04/27/2019

“…a squeezable, adorable Shane Pry…”

Akron Beacon Journal/Ohio.com – 04/27/2019

“On Thursday night, young actor Brigg Liberman displayed plenty of spunk and charm…Liberman also sang like a little superstar, backed up by the adult ensemble in the doo-wop ‘I Like It,’ in which the youngster sings about the joys of all the perks of being Sonny’s ‘boy,’ nicknamed ‘C.'”

The Charlotte Observer – 04/17/2019

“Both Shane Pry as young Calogero (on opening night) and Joey Barreiro as the rueful older narrator earn your affection. Pry’s one of the rare child actors you miss when you realize he’s not coming back after the first half of Act I.”

DC Metro Theater Arts – 03/27/2019

“The young Calogero, played like a little pro by young Frankie Leoni who is nine years old in the story, also continues the role he portrayed on Broadway. Leoni is spunky and fearless but easily influenced by the powerful presence of Sonny.”

MD Theatre Guide – 03/27/2019

“However, the true treat of this performance was Leoni as young Calogero. His acting was right on, and his voice was incredibly impressive. One of this reviewer’s favorite numbers in the entire show was Act I’s ‘I Like It,’ because of the joyful energy Leoni brought to the role. His voice was awesome—tone and pitch were perfect, and he danced right alongside his adult counterparts with ease. It was incredibly impressive and the audience let him know it.”

Theatre Bloom – 03/27/2019

“…scene-stealing youngster Frankie Leoni as his 9-year-old counterpart…Young Leoni’s talent belies his age, as he not only goes squarely toe to toe with Calveri in their comic scenes, but Menken has entrusted him with the biggest production number of the show, ‘I Like It,’ and young Leoni rises to swing with the big boys and carries it off.”

Chicagoland Musical Theatre – 03/15/2019

“…little Frankie Leoni confidently inhabits the nine-year-old version of the role that he played on Broadway. Both actors are superb as the heart of this story.”

Around the Town Chicago – 03/14/2019

“…the adorable Frankie Leoni…”

Twin Cities Arts Reader – 02/20/2019

“The real crime in A Bronx Tale is that child actor Frankie Leoni isn’t featured after the first several scenes. Sure, there’s violence, gambling, and outright murder going on – but after seeing Leoni’s effusive energy, charisma, and triple threat of acting, singing, and dancing, you really kind of wish that the whole show was about Young Calogero….The high-energy sequence of ‘Roll ‘Em’ and ‘I Like It’ (both of which heavily feature the excellent Leoni) is about as perfect a one-two combo as ever can be found … You might want to come back again, though, just to see Frankie Leoni rock in it scene after scene. Keep an eye on that kid, he’s going places.”

Twin Cities Pioneer Press – 02/20/2019

“Meanwhile, Frankie Leoni does a fine job with young Calogero as we watch him lose his innocence.”

Broadway World National Tours – 02/13/2019

“…we become invested in the story of young Calogero (played with confident aplomb by Frankie Leoni on open night in Nashville)…”

JHP Entertainment – 02/13/2019

“Opening night in Nashville featured Leoni in the role and I have to say, he absolutely stole the show. The young actor’s stage presence, timing, delivery and his ability to belt a tune and keep up with the rest of the cast as they perform Sergio Trujillo’s blissful choreography was mind-blowingly entertaining….I have to admit, I kept waiting for the full switch and inevitable exit of Leoni as the young Calogero, but was pleasantly surprised the talented young actor remained a central part of the story as long as he did.”

Nashville Parent – 02/13/2019

“…the 9-year-old version played by the enthusiastic Frankie Leoni…”

Carolina Curtain Call – 02/07/2019

“…a confident and spunky Frankie Leoni played an opening night the hearty youth role of Young Calogero…”

Run DMT – 02/01/2019

“Throughout the performance, two cast members truly stood out to me:…and Frankie Leoni (Young Calogero). The talents of these two young performers added a fun spunky softness and balance to the overt machismo. Not to mention the pipes on Bell and Leoni will blow you away.”

BroadwayWorld Tampa/St. Petersburg – 01/30/2019

“In his early years Young Calogero played with the upmost professionalism by Frankie Leoni witnesses a murder and is forced to participate in a line-up. … Commanding the stage and truly being the one to watch Frankie Leoni sang ‘I LIKE IT’ to the point where I was literally breathless, with such tremendous power in someone of his age he danced and sang larger than life on such a big stage and truly deserves mentioning.”

Dallas News – 12/31/2018

“The story begins with a murder witnessed by the 9-year-old Calogero, Palminteri’s given name, played with swagger and style by Burleson’s own Frankie Leoni (who alternates with Shane Pry at some performances.”

Datebook (San Francisco Chronicle) – 11/29/2018

“Leoni, as the younger Calogero…has the snappy zing to his dance moves of a much more mature performer.”

For All Events – 11/29/2018

“Memorable, in addition to a healthy peppering of humor and do-wop songs that instantly zoomed me back to the era, are Frankie Leoni as young Calogero…”

The Mercury News – 11/29/2018

“…spunky Frankie Leoni…”

San Francisco Examiner – 11/29/2018

“Calogero, played as a kid by the full-voiced Frankie Leoni…”

Outword Magazine – 11/22/2018

“Frankie Leoni is also excellent as the young Calogero.”

Culver City News – 11/19/2018

“…with Frankie Leoni stealing the show as Young Calogero in ‘Roll ‘Em’ as Sonny teaches him how to throw the dice with flare…”

Observations Along the Road – 11/16/2018

“Frankie/Shane…gave a remarkable performance: strong singing, strong dancing, strong voice, strong characterization. He was also a lot of fun to watch”

Daily Trojan – 11/15/2018

“…Leoni delights endlessly with his energy and musicality as young Calogero…”

Broadway World Los Angeles – 11/12/2018

“Leoni is a standout as little Calogero. It’s engaging to witness a boy’s unsteady development, and Leoni captures to perfection the difficulty of loving two paternal figures.”

The Fume of Sighs – 11/12/2018

“Young actors always capture the audience’s heart and Frankie Leoni, playing young Calogero, is no exception. But he has more than his youth going for him. His dancing flows out of him seemingly effortlessly.”

It’s Not About Me – 11/12/2018

“I know that Frankie Leoni, who plays the main character, Calogero, as a nine-year-old, has been playing the part since Broadway, but it still impressed me that he was so comfortable in front of the opening night audience in this very judgmental town.”

On Stage Blog – 11/12/2018

“Leoni is adorable onstage as he sings and dances with pizzazz beyond his age.”

Patch.com – 11/12/2018

“‘I Like It’ by 9-year-old Calogero (Frankie Leoni/Shane Pry, nearly stealing the show)…”

Los Angeles Daily News – 11/09/2018

“His dances look best, though, on tiny Leoni…the level of commitment yet ease with which the lad moves.”

Buffalo Theatre Guide – 10/20/2018

“His juvenile self, played in this production by Frankie Leoni, is a plum role for a young male on Broadway. The actor must be a true triple threat, and Leoni is up to the challenge. His performance benefits from being honed on Broadway.”

BroadwayWorld Central New York – 10/18/2018

“Young Calogero, played by Frankie Leoni, is an absolute thrill to watch on stage. He looks no older than 9 or 10 years old, and yet he had the entire audience in the palm of his hand. His singing and dancing were well beyond his years, but more impressive was the overall ‘greaser’ persona that he developed. There were surely many an audience member dying to pinch his cheeks.”

Democrat & Chronicle – 10/19/2018

“The show begins through the eyes of Young Calogero, superbly played in this performance by the heartwarmingly huggable Frankie Leoni, (also performed by Shane Pry) who, after witnessing the murder, becomes increasingly perplexed by the difference between good and bad and all the areas of gray in between.”

Rochester City Newspaper – 10/19/2018

“…and young Frankie Leoni plays the 9-year-old version of C for almost the entire first act. Both actors are incredibly strong leads, with stylized vocals and stunning focus amid the more than 18 musical numbers of the two-hour production.”

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