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Walter Russell III Wins Grammy Award with FIRE SHUT UP IN MY BONES, ANASTASIA Celebrates 400th Performance, and more!

Congratulations to Walter Russell III (The Lion King), who has won a Grammy Award as one of the principal vocalists from Fire Shut Up In My Bones! The opera won Best Opera Recording, making Walter one of the youngest Grammy winners in history at 14 […]

Happy Trails to Leela Chopra, who played her final performance of Anastasia yesterday! We can't wait to see what's next
Congratulations to Adriella Goncalves, who will join the cast of Anastasia next week! View this post on Instagram A post
Happy belated birthday to Saheli Khan (Frozen), who turned 11 yesterday! We hope you had a great day, Saheli! Get
Leela Chopra will play her final performance of Anastasia on January 15th. Go see her before then if you can!
Today, we're celebrating the current and recent understudies/swings/standbys of the national tours! From the youngest actors to the ones all
Tour alum Madeleine Guilbot (Les Miserables, The Sound of Music) appears in the new movie "Cursed Friends," premiering tonight at