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Cleveland (Oct. 17-Nov. 5, 2017)


Harper Schmid


Meredith Wakefield

Review Quotes

Akron Beacon Journal/Ohio.com – 10/23/2017

“And on Friday night, Norton youngster Harper Schmid, 5, one of two local girls cast as Lulu for the Cleveland run, added an adorable touch in her short but sweet time on stage.”

Columbus (Nov. 7-12, 2017)

Isabella Bullock

Beatrix Pellerite

Kansas City, MO (Nov. 14-19, 2017)

Sutton Hamm

Tenley Thompson

Minneapolis, MN (Nov. 21-26, 2017)

Prewitt Anderson

Estela Antivilo

Review Quotes

Cherry and Spoon – 11/22/2017

“And as a special treat, the role of little Lulu (who appears in the final scene only) is locally cast in each tour stop, and here in Minneapolis is played alternately by Prewitt Anderson and Estela Antivilo. I saw the former, and although only 5 years old and up way past her bedtime, she hit every mark and said every line clearly and stole every heart in the theater”

Appleton, WI (Nov. 28-Dec. 3, 2017)

Adalyn Reddy

Nora Wallenfang

Des Moines, IA (Dec. 5-10, 2017)

Isabelle Lee Busch

Eliana Mann

Review Quotes

Faith, Family, and Technology – 12/06/2017

“One other cool thing that I enjoyed about this performance is how they cast 2 young, local girls to trade off playing a small part in the show. 5-year-old Eliana Mann from Urbandale played the part of Lulu in the opening night performance and she was great.”

Omaha, NE (Dec. 12-17, 2017)

Anina Frey

Vienna Maas

Review Quotes

Omaha.com – 12/13/2017

“Two little Omaha girls play Jenna’s daughter. Tuesday’s performer, Vienna Maas, was natural and adorable.”

Denver, CO (Dec. 19-31, 2017)

Molly Scotto

Hazel Thompson

Milwaukee, WI (Jan. 2-7, 2018)

Margot Kabara

Charlotte Rhodes

Cincinnati, OH (Jan. 9-21, 2018)

Ruthie Dewald

Scarlett Fox

East Lansing, MI (Jan. 23-28, 2018)

Callie Rodgers

Vivian Southwell

Review Quotes

Lansing State Journal – 01/24/2018

“Of course, one of the key highlights of the evening was DeWitt’s own 4-year-old Callie Rodgers (Vivian Southwell at other performances), making a delightful appearance at the end of the show. She sparkled for the entire audience to enjoy.”

Baltimore, MD (Jan. 30-Feb. 4, 2018)

Korie Mitchell

Temperance “Tempie” Oppel

Review Quotes

Baltimore’s Child – 01/31/2018

“But one thing certainly stood out—the adorable little blonde girl who took the stage during the musical’s final scene. Tempie Oppel stole the show as ‘Lulu,’ the main character Jenna’s two-year-old daughter. … Tempie’s lines were few, but the audience was charmed to pieces by her spirited dancing and cute-as-a-button kiss on her stage mom’s cheek. Bravo, Tempie!”

DC Metro Theater Arts – 01/31/2018

“We won’t spoil the ending but let’s say you will leave with tears of joy in your eyes, thanks largely to the arrival of Lulu and all her charms. She was wonderfully played on opening night by Temperance Oppel and will be played on alternate dates by the no doubt equally lovable Korie Mitchell.”

Buffalo, NY (Feb. 6-11, 2018)

Isabella Maritato

Sophia Vandette

Review Quotes

Buffalo Vibe – 02/07/2018

“And our local kindergarteners who plays five-year-old Lulu must be mentioned. We saw Isabella Maritato on opening night. She could not have been more darling. Sophia Vandette will alternate with her, and surely she is just as adorable.”

Philadelphia, PA (Feb. 13-18, 2018)

Mia Stein

Kimberly Tobin

Boston, MA (Feb. 20-Mar. 4, 2018)

Kelsey Davis

Simonne Stern

Review Quotes

BroadwayWorld Boston – 02/23/2018

“On opening night, Simonne Stern from Beverly, MA went on as little Lulu in her Boston Opera House debut (she alternates performances with Kelsey Davis from Millis, MA).”

Pittsburgh, PA (Mar. 6-11, 2018)

Ainsley Christof

Camlyn Reace

Review Quotes

Entertainment Central Pittsburgh – 03/07/2018

“Lulu, Jenna’s daughter, appears at the end of the play and provides a beautiful and cute spark. The Lulu part is played by young girls in each city of the tour. On the Pittsburgh tour stop she is played by Ainsley Christof and Camlyn Reace.”

Charlotte, NC (Mar. 13-18, 2018)

Harper Kuehnle

Matilda McCullough

Orlando, FL (Mar. 20-25, 2018)


Ella Helton



Delainey Silvestro

Dallas, TX (Mar. 28-Apr. 8, 2018)


Eliza Chabot


Quinn Johnson

Review Quotes

BroadwayWorld Dallas – 04/03/2018

“And, just in case there weren’t already enough sweet treats on stage, four-year-old Eliza Chabot of Farmers Branch (who alternates nightly with Quinn Johnson of Grapevine), enters late in the evening as the cherry on top, with the most adorable smile you’ve ever seen onstage (and she knows all the lyrics, too!).”

Ft. Lauderdale, FL (Apr. 11-22, 2018)


Autumn Sanchez


Quinn Titcomb

Tampa, FL (Apr. 24-29, 2018)


Madeline Bokor


Lucy Capri

Durham, NC (May 1-6, 2018)

Scarlett Unger

Sophie Jozwiak

Greenville, SC (May 8-13, 2018)

Charlotte Bates


Regan Ciccarelli

Review Quotes

Carolina Curtain Call – 05/10/2018

“In addition, two precious local tots from the Upstate alternate the role of ‘baby’ Lulu in the final scene: Charlotte Bates opened the run and Regan Ciccarelli.”

Washington, DC (May 15-Jun. 3, 2018)


Alexa Lueck


Eva Pieja

Review Quotes

DC Metro Theater Arts – 05/18/2018

“Jenna’s daughter Lulu is played on alternate performances by two local children, Alexa M. Lueck and Eva Pieja. I saw Miss Lueck, whose dancing with Ogie during curtain call was delightful.”

Nashville, TN (Jun. 5-10, 2018)


Olivia James Graves


Ellie James

Review Quotes

Nashville Arts Critic – 06/09/2018

“…at show’s end, there’s a cute five-year-old added to the recipe, Lulu…For Nashville’s dates, Ellie James and Olivia Graves share Lulu duties and in one brief show-ending moment snag the spotlight and the audience’s hearts in the process.”

Lumination Network – 06/07/2018

“An especially interesting feature of the show’s tour comes from the little girls who alternate playing Lulu, Jenna’s daughter: Ellie James and Olivia James Graves, both 5 years old. Both of the girls are local talent, and Waitress marks their acting debut.”

Nashville Parent – 06/07/2018

“And a little something extra sweet comes in the ‘Opening Up’ finale. Here, two local 5-year-old girls – Eleanor ‘Ellie’ James and Olivia James Graves – alternate the role of Jenna’s daughter, Lulu. The walk on role serves as the stage debut for both little girls, certainly a wonderful experience they won’t forget.”

New Orleans, LA (Jun. 12-17, 2018)


Kinley Donaldson


Emma Jo Tassin

Ft. Worth, TX (Jun. 19-24, 2018)


Quinn Copeland



June Whitley

Chicago, IL (Jul. 3-22, 2018)


Camryn Cavaliero


Liana Gurevich

Review Quotes

Around the Town Chicago – 07/04/2018

“…and the baby, around four years later, Lulu is handled by two actresses, Liana Gurevich (who we saw tonight) and Camryn Cavaliero.”

Madison, WI (Jul. 24-29, 2018)


Rosalie Manson


Addie Manthey

Review Quotes

Baltimore’s Child – 07/27/2018

“Still, by the time Jenna is triumphantly hefting her young daughter (played in rotation by Wisconsin-based urchins Rosalie Manson and Addie Manthey) there’s reason to be happy for everyone who deserves it.”

Isthmus – 07/26/2018

“Be sure to look for two of Madison’s littlest local actors in the finale: Rosalie Manson and Addie Manthey alternate in walk-on roles as Lulu – the cute-as-a-button namesake of the reinvented, reinvigorated diner, and the inspiration for Jenna’s new life.”

The Cap Times – 07/25/2018

“Finish off with a cute cameo from a Wisconsin kindergartener (Rosalie Manson, 5, from La Crosse) and that might just be all the ingredients we need.”

Los Angeles, CA (Aug. 2-26, 2018)


Catherine Last


Elizabeth Last

Review Quotes

Observations Along the Road – 08/05/2018

“The remaining two cast members were Elizabeth and Catherine Last, who play Jenna’s daughter, Lulu, in the last scene. They alternate the role; we had Elizabeth at our performance. Their main job is to come on stage and be cute, and they do.”

Seattle, WA (Sept. 6-11, 2018)


Madelyn Carlson


Bailey Gonzalez

Review Quotes

Broadway World Seattle – 09/12/18

“And last, but certainly not least, local actress Bailey Gonzalez stole everyone’s heart in her few moments at the end as Jenna’s daughter Lulu.”

Portland, OR (Sept. 18-23, 2018)


Adia Christensen


Scarlett Thompson

Salt Lake City, UT (Sept. 25-30, 2018)


Essie Kathryn Barrett


Tessa Jensen

Phoenix/Tempe, AZ (Oct. 2-7, 2018)


Azra Kearns


Harper Wasnesky

Las Vegas, NV (Oct. 9-14, 2018)


Adelaide Babcock


Melina Blitz

San Francisco, CA (Oct. 15-Nov. 11, 2018)


Charlotte “Coco” Stats



Eva Carreon


Review Quotes

Vmedia Backstage – 10/21/2018

“Jenna’s daughter Lulu is played on alternate performances by two local kids, Coco Stats and Eva Carreon and they are both aspiring.”

Costa Mesa, CA (Nov. 13-25, 2018)


Catherine Last


Elizabeth Last

Review Quotes

Stage Scene LA – 11/13/2018

“Child charmers Catherine Last and Elizabeth Last alternate as Lulu.”

San Diego, CA (Nov. 27-Dec. 2, 2018)


Kensley Dibble


Sloane Viora

Review Quotes

Daily Actor – 11/29/2018

“And a special shout out to San Diego’s own Kensley Dibble, who plays Jenna’s daughter, Lulu (Sloane Viora shares the role with her), at the end of the show. She actually gave Morse a run for his money as a scene stealer.”

The San Diego Union-Tribune – 11/28/2018

“On Wednesday night, 5-year-old Kensley Dibble danced her toes off as Lulu, Jenna’s daughter. She alternates in the part this week with 5-year-old Sloane Viora of Point Loma.”

Tucson, AZ (Dec. 4-9, 2018)


Miriam Howell


Elle Reignier

Spokane, WA (Dec. 12-16, 2018)


Remy Reith


Brooklyn Wells

Sacramento, CA (Dec. 27, 2018-Jan. 5, 2019)


Zoey Lack



Bridget Werner


San Antonio, TX (Jan. 8-13, 2019)


Annie Crain


Georgia Hallmark

Memphis, TN (Jan. 15-20, 2019)


Elizabeth Kellet


Katherine Thompson

Austin, TX (Jan. 22-27, 2019)


Penelope “Ellie” Hall


Zoe Rutherford

Houston, TX (Jan. 29-Feb. 3, 2019)


Avery Preddy


Quinn Preddy

Atlanta, GA (Feb. 5-10, 2019)

Coming soon!

Richmond, VA (Feb. 12-17, 2019)


Devyn McDowell


Arabelle Pitera

Naples, FL (Feb. 19-24, 2019)

Coming soon!

Miami, FL (Feb. 26-Mar. 3, 2019)

Coming soon!

West Palm Beach, FL (Mar. 5-10, 2019)

Coming soon!

Jacksonville, FL (Mar. 12-17, 2019)

Coming soon!

Oklahoma City, OK (Mar. 19-24, 2019)

Coming soon!

St. Louis, MO (Mar. 26-Apr. 7, 2019)

Coming soon!

Fayetteville, AR (Apr. 9-14, 2019)

Coming soon!

Tulsa, OK (Apr. 16-21, 2019)

Coming soon!

Indianapolis, IN (Apr. 23-28)

Coming soon!

Grand Rapids, MI (Apr. 30-May 5, 2019)

Coming soon!

Detroit, MI (May 7-19, 2019)

Coming soon!

Worcester, MA (May 22-26, 2019)

Coming soon!

Providence, RI (May 28-Jun. 2, 2019)

Coming soon!

Rochester, NY (Jun. 4-9, 2019)

Coming soon!

Schenectady, NY (Jun. 11-16, 2019)

Coming soon!

Hartford, CT (Jun. 18-23, 2019)

Coming soon!

Dayton, OH (Jun. 25-30, 2019)

Coming soon!

Toronto, Ontario, Canada (Jul. 16-18, 2019)

Coming soon!

Tour Schedule

Event Information:

  • William Poon to Depart BEAUTY, Swickle and Cornell Share Christmas Wishes, and more!

    William Poon William Poon will play his last performance with Beauty and the Beast on February 8th to begin rehearsals for King and I on Broadway! To get tickets, go to Telecharge.com. His replacements is TBA.

    Issie Swickle (Annie) and Lilyana Cornell (Grinch) were interviewed by Playbill.com on what they want for Christmas! Read it HERE.

    Tomorrow night (Christmas Eve), Presley Ryan (Grinch) will perform on "A Fox & Friends Christmas" at 8pm on Fox News Channel. Be sure to tune in!

    And here are pictures from the kids of Radio City Christmas Spectacular, Annie, Grinch, Newsies, Motown, A Christmas Story, and Pippin!




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