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Cleveland (Oct. 17-Nov. 5, 2017)


Harper Schmid


Meredith Wakefield

Review Quotes

Akron Beacon Journal/Ohio.com – 10/23/2017

“And on Friday night, Norton youngster Harper Schmid, 5, one of two local girls cast as Lulu for the Cleveland run, added an adorable touch in her short but sweet time on stage.”

Columbus (Nov. 7-12, 2017)

Isabella Bullock

Beatrix Pellerite

Kansas City, MO (Nov. 14-19, 2017)

Sutton Hamm

Tenley Thompson

Minneapolis, MN (Nov. 21-26, 2017)

Prewitt Anderson

Estela Antivilo

Review Quotes

Cherry and Spoon – 11/22/2017

“And as a special treat, the role of little Lulu (who appears in the final scene only) is locally cast in each tour stop, and here in Minneapolis is played alternately by Prewitt Anderson and Estela Antivilo. I saw the former, and although only 5 years old and up way past her bedtime, she hit every mark and said every line clearly and stole every heart in the theater”

Appleton, WI (Nov. 28-Dec. 3, 2017)

Adalyn Reddy

Nora Wallenfang

Des Moines, IA (Dec. 5-10, 2017)

Isabelle Lee Busch

Eliana Mann

Review Quotes

Faith, Family, and Technology – 12/06/2017

“One other cool thing that I enjoyed about this performance is how they cast 2 young, local girls to trade off playing a small part in the show. 5-year-old Eliana Mann from Urbandale played the part of Lulu in the opening night performance and she was great.”

Omaha, NE (Dec. 12-17, 2017)

Anina Frey

Vienna Maas

Review Quotes

Omaha.com – 12/13/2017

“Two little Omaha girls play Jenna’s daughter. Tuesday’s performer, Vienna Maas, was natural and adorable.”

Denver, CO (Dec. 19-31, 2017)

Molly Scotto

Hazel Thompson

Milwaukee, WI (Jan. 2-7, 2018)

Margot Kabara

Charlotte Rhodes

Cincinnati, OH (Jan. 9-21, 2018)

Ruthie Dewald


East Lansing, MI (Jan. 23-28, 2018)

Callie Rodgers

Vivian Southwell

Balitmore, MD (Jan. 30-Feb. 4, 2018)

Korie Mitchell

Temperance “Tempie” Oppel

Buffalo, NY (Feb. 6-11, 2018)

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Philadelphia, PA (Feb. 13-18, 2018)

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Boston, MA (Feb. 20-Mar. 4, 2018)

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Pittsburgh, PA (Mar. 6-11, 2018)

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Charlotte, NC (Mar. 13-18, 2018)

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Orlando, FL (Mar. 20-25, 2018)

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Dallas, TX (Mar. 28-Apr. 8, 2018)

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Ft. Lauderdale, FL (Apr. 11-22, 2018)

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Tampa, FL (Apr. 24-29, 2018)

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Durham, NC (May 1-6, 2018)

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Greenville, SC (May 8-13, 2018)

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Washington, DC (May 15-Jun. 3, 2018)

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Nashville, TN (Jun. 5-10, 2018)

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New Orleans, LA (Jun. 12-17, 2018)

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Ft. Worth, TX (Jun. 19-24, 2018)

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Louisville, KY (Jun. 26-Jul. 1, 2018)

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Chicago, IL (Jul. 3-22, 2018)

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Madison, WI (Jul. 24-29, 2018)

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Los Angeles, CA (Aug. 2-26, 2018)

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Portland, OR (Sept. 18-23, 2018)

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San Francisco, CA (Oct. 15-Nov. 11, 2018)

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Tour Schedule

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    New Orleans, LA

    Saenger Theater

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