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Sienna Laura Ann Berkseth

sienna-laura-ann-berkseth SIENNA LAURA ANN BERKSETH (Louisa) Sienna is beyond thrilled to make her national tour debut in The Sound of Music! Sienna is from Rochester Hills, Michigan. Regional: A Christmas Carol (Belinda) at Meadowbrook Theatre Youth Productions: Beauty and the Beast (Sausage Curl Girl), Shrek (Baby Bear), Once Upon a Mattress (Jesterette), Annie (Duffy), Fiddler on the Roof (Bielke), Lion King Jr. (Young Nala). She gives thanks to God, Stewart/Whitley, Broadway Artist Alliance, the entire SOM team that makes this amazing production possible, Peanut Gallery Players, All the Worlds a Stage, Terry Carpenter, Jennifer Kincer, Jessica French and a special thank you to Stacy White Cleaveland and her incredible family and friends! Proverbs 16:9


Matthew Law

matthew-law MATTHEW LAW (Kurt) Matthew, from Branford, CT is thrilled to be making his national tour debut with The Sound of Music. Regional credits include: The Lion King (Simba), Mary Poppins (Michael), and Bah Humbug (Tiny Tim). He would like to thank Stewart/Whitley, NETworks, Take3Talent, TalentInk, Kidz Konnection, and WISP. Much love to all my family for helping to make this happen, especially Mom, Dad, and Becca!

Sophia Massa

SOPHIA MASSA (Gretl) National tour debut! Credits: Irma in the Off-Broadway workshop of Where Angels Fear to Tread, Willow in the upcoming feature film Welcome to Mercy. Thanks to Stewart/Whitley, TSOM team and Nancy Carson. Special thanks to Lindsay Mendez! Thank you Mommy, Daddy, Charleigh, Glamma and Papa for your love and support!


Amaryllis C. Miller

amaryllisa-c-miller AMARYLLIS C. MILLER (Marta, u/s Brigitta) Amaryllis is ecstatic to make her national tour debut. Regional: A Christmas Carol (Tiny Tim), Trinity Rep.; Billy Elliot, Damn Yankees, Miracle on 34th Street at Ocean State Theatre. Film: Cleave (Amy). Online: PonyChat (co-host) for Hasbro/My Little Pony. Two-time state choreography medalist. Thanks to ATB Talent, friends, family and teachers.


Nicholas Newman

nicholas-newman NICHOLAS NEWMAN (Swing) National tour debut! Credits: Mary Poppins, What in the Dickens Happened to Scrooge, Seussical, Florida Lyrical Opera’s Amahl and the Night Visitors, NYC’s Teatro Grataciello’s Cassandra, ESPN’s Canvas, The Brandon Ballet’s Nutcracker, performances at City Winery and Grand ‘ol Opry. Thanks to Mom, Dad, Dori, CC family, Valrico Players, especially Domin and Lisa, Linda, Brad and Jimmy, friends @ #FASA, Connecting Talent Company, Take 3 Talent and everyone in Tampa for their support! Psalm 105:2

Paul Schoeller

paul-schoeller PAUL SCHOELLER (Friedrich) Paul is honored to work with the cast and crew of The Sound of Music, first national tour! Regional: A Christmas Story – The Musical (Ralphie), Seussical, Jr (JoJo). Thank you to Lisa for believing in me. I thank God for giving me talent & my parents for supporting me in chasing my dream.


Valerie Wick

valerie-wick VALERIE WICK (Brigitta, u/s Louisa) Ordway: Annie (Tessie), Jesus Christ Superstar (Youth of Bethany & Jerusalem), White Christmas (Susan Waverly), Broadway Songbook (Guest Film Annie); Children’s Theatre Company: The Abominables (Lily); Woodbury Community Theatre: Mary Poppins (Jane Banks), Miracle on 34th Street (Henrika); Stillwater Community Theatre: Sound of Music (Goatherd), Peter Pan (Lost Child); Stillwater Area High School: Cinderella (Ensemble), A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Changeling Child). Film: Caught in the Act, Keep It Quiet (unreleased). Training: K&S Conservatory of Music; Children’s Theatre Company Theatre Arts Training; Woodbury Dance Center; Cottage Grove Middle School.

Katie Wylie

katie-wylie-2018 KATIE WYLIE (Swing, u/s Gretl, u/s Marta) Katie is excited to be joining her second national tour! Favorite credits include: Annie National Tour (Duffy/u.s Molly) and White Christmas with Sally Struthers (Susan Waverly) at the Ogunquit Playhouse. Huge thanks to my parents, my amazing sister, Eva Kendrick, and Take 3 Talent.


Review Quotes

Centre Stage – Date Unknown

“The highlight of this production was all the songs involving the children, including Maria teaching them ‘Do-Re-Mi,’ and singing ‘So Long, Farewell’ before they went to bed. They had beautiful vocal harmonies and they were pretty darn cute, especially the youngest, Gretl (Madeleine Guilbot). Another notable scene was in Maria’s bedroom as she taught the children a yodeling song to overcome their fear of the thunder.”

The Triangle – Date Unknown

“Katie Grgecic’s version of Brigitta has more dimension as we see she is perceptive and intelligent for her age.”

Fayetteville Flyer – 05/16/2018

“The children, for their part, are impossibly charming and manage their vocal duties quite well. I’m not sure how old Sophia Massa (the actress who plays the 6-year-old Gretl von Trapp) is in real life. But it’s so impressive to watch actors of her age have the focus and discipline she displayed on stage. The capacity crowd for Tuesday’s opening night performance at the WAC devoured it, and with good reason. There are some really wonderful moments”

The Raider Times – 05/11/2018

“A big surprise, considering her small size, was Sophia Massa. The girl who played the role of Gretl in the production was significantly smaller than the other cast members, but gave a great performance. She’s starring in a thriller film this year, titled ‘Welcome to Mercy.’”

The East Boston Times-Free Press – 05/09/2018

“These amazingly talented child actors deserve special mention: Paul Schoeller (Friedrich), Sienna Laura Ann Berkseth (Louisa), Matthew Law (Kurt), terrific Valerie Wick (Brigitta), Amaryllis C. Miller (Marta), and tiny Sophia Massa (Gretl).”

England Theater Geek – 05/07/2018

“The children are enchanting…Sophia Massa’s adorable Gretl. (My daughter was so taken by Massa that she cooed whenever she took center stage.)”

Provincetown Wicked Local – 05/03/2018

“…the seven von Trapp children, as charming a group as I’ve seen…the tiny Sophia Massa as Gretl, the children are worth the price of admission…”

Family Focus – 04/25/2018

“Likewise, Valerie Wick’s Brigitta is now bespectacled and sharp (but not overly precocious), which makes more sense when she is the one to piece together that Captain von Trapp and Maria are in love….a Gretl so adorable that everything she did on stage elicited an audible ‘aww’ from the audience…”

The Inquirer – 04/25/2018

“My goodness, is Sophia Massa (in her national tour debut!) cute. And active: This tiny trooper jumps up and down on couch or bed, runs around during tunes. The young girls in the audience, and there were a lot, loved her almost as much as the grown-ups did. And thickly bespectacled Valerie Wick is hilarious as Brigitta, the daughter who can’t help telling the truth. Again and again, she drives the plot by releasing cats from bags, as when she informs Maria that the Captain is in love with her…the kids are irresistible…”

Triangle Arts & Entertainment – 04/21/2018

“The von Trapp children are much more than adorable; but oh my, are they ever adorable! Each one was spot-on with their performances, giving you a feel for each of their separate personalities. There are adult actors who can’t do that as well as these kids did, so it was great to see. … The smallest von Trapp child Gretl, played by young Sophia Massa, is so freakin’ cute and talented that she almost steals every scene she’s in. Massa inspired many “awws” and much love from the audience. I think that we will be seeing a lot more of Massa in the future.”

BroadwayWorld Chicago – 04/14/2018

“…the seven von Trapp children…the pint-sized Gretl (Sophia Massa) – steal every scene in which they appear with their adorable antics, which are underscored by a vulnerable need for parental affection.”

Gonzaga Bulletin – 03/28/2018

“The actors who play the children hold out well on their own as each charms and enchants the audience with their performances, with Sophia Massa, who plays Gretl, leaving the audience sighing in awe every time she delivered a line”

The Spokesman-Review – 03/23/2018

“Watching adorable Sophia Massa sing and run around the stage as the youngest of the von Trapp children seals the deal. … The children’s ensemble…Paul Schoeller, Sienna Laura Ann Berkseth, Matthew Law, Valerie Wick, Amaryllis C. Miller and Massa—is strong across the board. … I also really enjoyed Wick as Brigitta, who is portrayed as the observant kid who figures out things long before the adults around her. But Massa, as Gretl, steals nearly every scene she’s in. Everytime the tiny actor walked on stage, she was greeted with a loud ‘awww’ from the audience. She was fun to watch”

The Munro Review – 03/15/2018

“The Von Trapp children are sweet and accomplished. My favorite is Valerie Wick as the pointedly assured Brigitta, who delivers her zingers with the taut, accomplished air of a future professional comedienne”

Dazzling Daily Deals – 03/07/2018

“Of course The Sound of Music couldn’t be possible without those amazing 7 children of Mr. Von Trapp. To find that much talent in both acting and singing is truly amazing, they couldn’t have been more professional and entertaining…especially little Sophia Massa Gretl, she will steal your heart with cuteness!”

Front Row Reviewers Utah – 02/28/2018

“…they’re super cute kids (who can sing!)…The seven Von Trapp kiddos are all really great—singing and acting. I did worry about little Sophia Massa, who plays Gretl. TSOM is a pretty long show and she is a pretty little kid. But she gets some of the best lines and performs them with a cute and innocent sass. The other children…Friedrich (Landon Brimacombe), Louisa (Maya Karp), Kurt (Arick Brooks), Brigitta (Katie Grgecic), and Marta (Amaryllis C. Miller) are all cute as we want them to be.”

Broadway World National tours – 02/24/2018

“While all the von Trapp children give stellar performances, I can’t get over the cuteness that is Sophia Massa! She is simply adorable in her national tour debut as the youngest von Trapp child, Gretl. This pint sized performer stole every scene she was in, gaining audible awws from the audience with every single line.”

Dayton Most Metro – 02/16/2018

“Landon Brimacombe (Friedrich), Maya Karp (Louisa), Arick Brooks (Kurt), Katie Grgecic (Brigitta), Amaryllis C. Miller (Marta), and Sophia Massa (Gretl) are adorably cohesive as the von Trapp children.”

Dayton Local – 02/15/2018

“The children not only sing, they are preciously cute too, and the tiny Gretl (Sophia Massa) gets ‘Aww’s’ from the audience from every movement she makes.”

BroadwayWorld Norfolk – 12/09/2017

“There are numerous standout performances in the NETworks production, starting with…Landon Brimacombe, Maya Karp, Arick Brooks, Katie Grgecic, Amaryllis Miller and Madeleine Guilbot as the von Trapp children. Pitch perfect delivery of nostalgic tunes like ‘Do-Re-Mi’ and ‘So Long, Farewell’ elicit chills.”

LexGo – 11/18/2017

“At the core of ‘The Sound of Music’ is the group of seven children. All of them in this production are cute and winsome, though on opening night, I found Kurt (Arick Brooks) and Brigitta (Katie Grgecic) particularly engaging.”

Vancouver Sun – 09/14/2017

“Joined by seven talented child actors playing the family – particularly strong performances come from Katie Grgecic as Brigitta…”

Enter Here Canada – 09/13/2017

“We were both pleased at the casting of the von Trapp children with age matching as best as possible. It is always a delight to see young, talented performers in child roles and these youngsters were no exception. The young Madeleine Guilbot as Gretl started with a few screams and I wondered how much she would perform, but soon she stole the show yodeling in ‘The Lonely Goatherd’ and sleepily singing her part in ‘So Long, Farewell.’ The charming Arick Brooks plays Kurt accompanied by Landon Brimacombe as the older brother Friedrich. … The other three sisters fit their parts respectively with Katie Grgecic as the quick-witted, smarty-pants Brigitta, Maya Karp as mischievous Louisa and Amaryllis C. Miller as young Marta.”

Moments in Mommyland – 09/13/2017

“The kids, though, completely steal the show (and your heart) whenever on stage. From the adorable Arick Brooks as Kurt, to the tiniest performer, Madeleine Guilbot, as Gretl, each young performer had me smiling throughout. I can only imagine how proud their parents are to see them on stage each evening singing their little hearts out!”

Vancouver Presents – 09/13/2017

“Then, of course there are the children. All seven – Keslie Ward, Landon Brimacombe, Arick Brooks, Katie Grgecic, Madeleine Guilbot, Maya Karp, and Amaryllis C. Miller – are a delight. And boy can they sing. With wonderful harmonies in their ensemble numbers, the stage reinvention of ‘So Long, Farewell’ is a highlight.”

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