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Danielle W. Jalade

danielle-w-jalade-2018 DANIELLE W. JALADE (Young Nala alt.) is a 10 year old actress who lives in Los Angeles with her family. She’s in the fifth grade and her favorite subjects are English and Science. Danielle began training and perfecting her talents at Amazing Grace Conservatory. Danielle’s loves include meeting new people, chocolate and improvisation. Instagram: chocolatesuperstar

Joziyah Jean-Felix

JOZIYAH JEAN-FELIX (Young Simba alt.) is a 12 year old Brooklyn, New York native. He is an actor, dancer, and over all entertainer who has a love for all things Broadway. Joziyah is ecstatic to work alongside his new Lion King family.

Gloria Manning

GLORIA MANNING (Young Nala alt.) is a 9 year old honor student from Bronx, NY and is thrilled to be making her Broadway tour debut! She’s grateful to God for mom, dad, and sisters Victoria and Olivia. She thanks her Grace Church family, PS36X, DMPA, Bonnie,, and Peggy at for their support. Recent work: Sprout TV, Nickelodeon.

Salahedin Safi

salahedin-safi SALAHEDIN SAFI (Young Simba alt.) is a naturally gifted performer. One of four brothers, all of whom are musically inclined. This young King was raised in Harlem, NYC. Compared to the likeness of Michael Jackson & Bruno Mars, Dins undoubtedly is a showstopper. His smooth and sultry voice to calm one’s soul.

Review Quotes

Boise Weekly – 10/19/2018

“When it comes to acting chops, 11-year-old Salahedin Safi stole the show with his energetic performance of young Simba. Not only were his antics a delight to watch, his voice and inflections were nearly identical to those of voice actor Jonathan Taylor Thomas, who played Simba in the 1994 animated film. That attention to detail helped turn The Lion King into a world for all ages to get lost in, even if just for a night.”

Bristol Observer – 08/03/2018

“The young members of the cast, Salahedin Safi as the Young Simba—the lion king referenced in the title—and his lioness betrothed Danielle W. Jalade as the Young Nala, brought a wonderful youthful energy to the show. And they were the necessary entry point for the younger members of the audience to relate to the story.”

In The Spotlight – 08/03/2018

“But Salahedin Safi as ‘Young Simba’ and Danielle W. Jalade as ‘Young Nala’ leave the biggest impression, probably because they are the same age and energy level as their contemporaries in the audience.”

Lansing City Pulse – 07/19/2018

“As Mufasa’s young Simba for Friday’s performance, Salahedin Safi imbues the perfect blend of restless curiosity, naivety and humility topped with a great voice to carry the first act to its inevitable end. His young partner Nala played Friday by Danielle W. Jalade matches Safi with strength and wit despite her reduced stage time.”

Encore Michigan – 07/17/2018

“Salahedin Safi, who I saw, has a voice that channels the young Michael Jackson.”

Lansing State Journal – 07/16/2018

“His son Simba (played by a charismatic and talented Salahedin Safi) is heartbroken and runs away.”

RevueWM – 07/15/2018

“Flash forward a few years and Simba (played in last night’s performance by the delightful Salahedin Safi) has grown into a young cub searching for adventure, which he unfortunately finds.”

Mostefinitely – 07/14/2018

“As their junior counterparts, Danielle W. Jalade and Salahedin Safi as Young Nala and Young Simba bring a fun and youthful energy to their roles. They hold their own on a stage filled with large puppets and set pieces.”

Red Carpet Crash – 06/18/2018

“Both Ramon Reed and [adult Simba] convey a playfulness that is infectious, while Gloria Manning and [adult Nala] bring Nala to life with passion.”

KC Applauds – 05/11/2018

“Danielle W. Jalade, Joziyah Jean-Felix, Gloria Manning, and Ramon Reed give good support to the main characters and deserve credit.”

BroadwayWorld Birmingham – 03/20/2018

“Young Simba (alternating between Joziyah Jean-Felix and Ramon Reed) and Young Nala (alternating between Danielle W. Jalade and Gloria Manning) are the best of friends. They light up the stage with giving playful energy and heart tugging emotion into the roles.”

BroadwayWorld National Tours – 02/21/2018

“This current tour also boasts a lion’s share of talent (I had to), with Young Simba (alternating between Joziyah Jean-Felix and Ramon Reed) and Young Nala (alternating between Danielle W. Jalade and Gloria Manning) bringing their characters to life on stage with ease and grace well beyond their years. Each channels the playful innocence that lies at the heart of their character and owns the naivete of Nala and Simba in their early years. Reed also provides a powerful performance that evokes great emotion surrounding the death of his father in the wildebeest stampede…”

Orlando Sentinel – 02/18/2018

“The little girl seated next to me squealed her approval of the child performers on Wednesday night, and I agreed (without the squealing). As lion cubs Simba and Nala, Joziyah Jean-Felix and Danielle W. Jalade (who share the roles with other performers) have charisma and stage presence to spare”

Orlando Weekly – 02/16/2018

“Both young Simba (Joziyah Jean-Felix, alternating with Ramon Reed) and his adult counterpart…bring a charming boyish bounce”

Orlando Senteniel – 02/15/2018

“As lion cubs Simba and Nala, Joziyah Jean-Felix and Danielle W. Jalade (who share the roles with other performers) have charisma and stage presence to spare”

Broadway World National Tours – 12/15/2017

“Young Simba was played at this performance by the rambunctious Ramon Reed, who was joyous to watch as he learned to roar.”

Buffalo News – 12/15/2017

“The 11-year-old sitting with me was in awe of the entire production, but she was especially taken with the children appearing as young Simba and Nala. Joziyah Jean-Felix and Ramon Reed alternate as Simba; Danielle W. Jalade and Gloria Manning are Nala.”

DC Metro Theatre Arts – 11/19/2017

“Where on Earth do the producers find these marvelous kid performers? Young Simba (Joziyah Jean-Felix, alternating with Ramon Reed) and Young Nala (Danielle W. Jalade, alternating with Gloria Manning) prove agile, joyous guides who coax us—in ‘I Just Can’t Wait to Be King’—to see the world again through the innocent eyes of childhood.”

UMD The Writer’s Bloc – 11/18/2017

“Young Simba (Joziyah Jean-Felix, Ramon Reed) and Young Nala (Danielle W. Jalade, Gloria Manning) were perfectly charming as they rode around on giant birds and snuck through the elephant graveyard” – 10/31/2017

“Young Simba, was played with joyful energy by Ramon Reed for the performance I attended. He shares the role with Joziyah Jean-Felix.”

Visionary Minds – 10/31/2017

“Young Nala and Simba, Danielle Jalade (10) and Joziyah Jean-Felix (12) parents must be so proud of their hardwork and dedication in this show. The ‘I Just Can’t Wait To Be King’ number showed how talented they are and that they can carry a scene with or without adults as if they have performing experience beyond their years.”

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