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Sebastian Maynard Palmer

SEBASTIAN MAYNARD PALMER (Fletcher) Attends 5th Grade. P.S. 40 NYC, School of American Ballet, Peridance Capezio Center and American Tap Foundation. Previously: “Person of Interest” (TV), Babes in Arms (Musicals Tonight), print, internet and TV commercials, Kinky Boots National Tour. Sebastian studies violin, clarinet, hip-hop and Tap. Special thanks to Calia and Aunt Jessie.

Kevelin B. Jones III

KEVELIN B JONES III (Fletcher) The Flint, Michigan native began his journey after being awarded “Best Overall Child Singer” at the 2016 AMTC Shine Conference.  He’s performed for the Idlewild Music Festival, celebrity basketball game and local youth theatre.  This dedicated young man is grateful to God and ready to perform.


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The Flash List – Date Unknown

“Kevelin B. Jones III makes a strong ‘triple threat’ mark onstage as Rachel’s son Fletcher (alternately played by Broadway’s young Douglas Baldeo).”

GR Mag – 03/07/2018

“The talent doesn’t stop with Rachel’s son, Fletcher (Kevelin B. Jones III). From busting some impressive hip-hop moves during ‘How Will I Know’ to delivering a charming rendition of ‘Jesus Loves Me,’ Fletcher is a youthful delight…”

Post-Gazette – 02/28/2018

“a lovable son (Kevelin B. Jones III as Fletcher)”

Times Union – 01/30/2018

“Kevelin B. Jones III brings a pretty voice to the singer’s son”

WPRO News Talk 630 99.7FM – 01/12/2018

“Finally, Kevelin B. Jones III, who plays Marron’s young son Fletcher, is an astounding talent with a beautiful voice, which we are lucky enough to hear a couple of times during the show and at length during the post-bows dance off”

Edge Media Network – 01/11/2018

“Jones as the child is a fantastic singer…”

BroadwayWorld Rhode Island – 01/10/2018

“Kevelin B. Jones III as Fletcher, Rachel Marron’s 10-year-old son is clearly a star in the making and he has the voice and moves of a young Michael Jackson.”

Providence Journal – 01/09/2018

“…a impressive showing from young Kevelin B. Jones III…”

Deseret News – 12/07/2017

“Kevelin B. Jones III, as 10-year-old Fletcher, Rachel’s son, has impressive vocal chops as well”

Front Row Reviewers Utah – 12/06/2017

“Fletcher, played so charmingly and fabulously by Kevelin B. Jones III (double cast with Sebastian Maynard-Palmer)”

CityArts Magazine – 11/17/2017

“…Rachel’s son Fletcher (Kevelin B. Jones III, a truly marvelous young singer)…”

MomStart – 11/17/2017

“We also found the actor that played Rachel’s son Fletcher to be extremely talented. …he’s played by two different children, Kevelin B. Jones III (Idlewild Music Festival) and Sebastian Maynard-Palmer (Tour: Kinky Boots). I’m sure they are equally talented. … My daughter again really wants me to make sure you all know that they boy, was a really good dancer. He was very convincing as a cute little boy. Which yes that sounds silly but it is what it is. He is just adorable.”

BroadwayWorld Portland – 11/08/2017

“Other highlights include Kevelin B. Jones III (the talented young actor who plays Rachel’s son)”

Buffalo Vibe – 10/25/2017

“…Kevelin B. Jones III as her 10-year-old son, light up the stage whenever they appear…Kevelin B. Jones III as Fletcher is a delight and steals every scene he is in. He sings and dances with the best of them, and has a sweetness about him that is endearing.”

Buffalo Theatre Guide – 10/24/2017

“Kevelin B. Jones III plays Rachel’s son Fletcher, and his young talent is definitely one to be reckoned with. He plays with the big wigs on stage is not afraid to shine. He is fantastic.”

Encore Michigan – 10/23/2017

“It is also a joy to watch the scenes between Farmer and Fletcher, Rachel’s 10-year-old son, played by Flint native Kevelin B. Jones III. They have an immediate strong relationship and they both play well off each other. Jones makes sure that Fletcher is his mother’s son. He has great dance moves and can belt out his songs with the best of them. He’s got a charisma that makes you care not only about him but about his family and their safety. Fletcher raises the stakes for everyone and Jones is good at making that happen. He also shines when he gets his moment in the spotlight as a musical performer.”

Lansing State Journal – 10/18/2017

“Rachel’s son Fletcher (excellent and charming Kevelin B. Jones III of Flint)”

Snoop’s Theatre Thoughts – 10/09/2017

“There’s also a strong performance from young Jones as Fletcher”

Ladue News – 10/07/2017

“Kevelin B. Jones III delighted the opening-night crowd with some fancy dance moves and musical stylings as 10-year-old Fletcher”

Broadway World St. Louis – 10/06/2017

“Sebastian Maynard-Palmer (or Kevelin B. Jones III depending on what night you’re attending) is cute as a button as Rachel’s son Fletcher, and shines early during a rehearsal of ‘I Wanna Dance with Somebody.’”

Critical Blast – 10/05/2017

“…and Kevelin B. Jones III was a delight as Fletcher, Rachel’s son. This youngster has a sure future if his dynamic young voice doesn’t get corrupted by those harsh teenage years. Other audience may enjoy seeing Sebastian Maynard-Palmer, who splits the Fletcher part with Kevelin from night to night as enforced by labor law.”

St. Louis Limelight – 10/05/2017

“But I do want to take a moment to talk about the young man that played Fletcher, Rachel Marron’s 10-year-old son. Kevelin B. Jones II was phenomenal. This young man, who was awarded ‘Best Overall Child Singer’ at the 2016 AMTC Shine Conference, started singing and melted every heart in the audience. At such a young age, he possesses the ability to captivate a crowd and wow them with his performance.”

Broadway World South Carolina – 09/13/2017

“Other standouts include the charming Kevelin B. Jones III as Fletcher”

Dallas News – 07/21/2017

“Fletcher (the terrific Kevelin B. Jones III, alternating with Douglas Baldeo, who played young Lola in Kinky Boots on Broadway)”

The Daily Actor – 06/16/2017

“especially in scenes with Rachel’s young son, who was played by the talented Kevelin B. Jones III on opening night.”

Joshua The Reviewer – 06/16/2017

“Douglas Baldeo, who played Rachel’s son Fletcher, was a cute and attention grabbing child with a great voice and a joyful energy that added an extra touch to the performance.”

Village News – 06/16/2017

“But, ya gotta watch out for Rachel’s son, Fletcher, played by a scene-stealing Kevelin Jones, III. He is a polished pro embodied in a kid. (Douglas Baldeo plays the part of the 10-year-old son on alternate performances).”

San Diego Union Tribune – 06/15/2017

“Rachel’s son, Fletcher — portrayed impressively on opening night by the poised Kevelin B. Jones III, who got a huge (deserved) ovation — adds a warm family dimension to the saga.”

LA Times – 06/01/2017

“Douglas Baldeo is a nicely upbeat Fletcher…”

OC Register – 06/01/2017

“While the touring company worked well together, the other standouts were Jasmin Richardson as Marron’s sister, Nicki, and Douglas Baldeo, one of the two young actors who plays Marron’s son, Fletcher.”

Compton Herald – 05/10/2017

“…Fletcher, played aptly by Kevelin B. Jones, III.”

Daily News – 05/09/2017

“…the adorable and talented Kevelin B. Jones III…”

CA Highways – 05/07/2017

“Rounding out the Merron family was Jasmin Richardson as Nikki Marron and Douglas Baldeo as Fletcher (alternating with Kevelin B. Jones III). Both were powerhouse performers — great singers, great dancers, and as good a performance as this show allows. Baldeo was particularly remarkable in the closing montage.”

LA Post Examiner – 05/04/2017

“…the very young Kevelin B. Jones III gave a star level performance as Rachael Marron’s son Fletcher.”

Cherry Davis – 05/03/2017

“…lots of great singing…Kevelin B. Jones III…”

Stage and Cinema – 05/03/2017

“[Kevelin] Jones played [Fletcher] on opening night, and he is that rare wonder of a child performer: a kid who radiates real innocence and humor, but sings with the vocal mastery and clarity of an adult. He also dances. And steals just about every scene he’s in, seemingly with the happy complicity of the adult performers.”

Theatrius – 04/27/2017

“…talented and outgoing Douglas Baldeo…”

Davis Enterprise – 04/21/2017

“But the real scene stealer is young Douglas Baldeo (who alternates in the role with Kevelin B. Jones III) in the role of Rachel’s 10-year-old son, Fletcher. A rendition of “Jesus Loves Me,” which features Fletcher with his mother and aunt, is a sweet moment in the show.”

BroadwayWorld Sacramento – 04/19/2017

“The true star of the show was young Douglas Baldeo, who played Marron’s 10 year old son, Fletcher. Adorable, engaging, a true triple threat. I look forward to seeing what this young man accomplishes in the future.”

Lumination Network – 03/23/2017

“But one actor who might have stolen the show was Douglas Baldeo, who plays Rachel’s adorable son Fletcher. Baldeo is a triple threat: he can sing, dance and act, and he proved that on opening night.”

BroadwayWorld National Tours – 03/22/2017

“Douglas Baldeo makes his mark as Rachel’s son, Fletcher…”

Tennessean – 03/22/2017

“Young Douglas Baldeo charms as Rachel’s son, Fletcher.”

Talkin’ Broadway – 03/15/2017

“…a delightful Douglas Baldeo…”

Triangle Arts and Entertainment – 03/15/2017

“The supporting cast is also good here, especially Douglas Baldeo’s charming, precocious portrayal of Fletcher, Rachel’s young son…”

Broadway World National Tours – 03/08/2017

“Douglas Baldeo…matched the moments of nostalgia with such ‘grown up” professionalism as if he has been singing all of his life (maybe he has). He reminded me of a young Michael Jackson.”

Charlotte Observer – 03/08/2017

“Douglas Baldeo, who plays Rachel’s 10-year-old son, had the woman behind me shouting, “He’s like a little MJ!””

Baltimore Post Examiner – 03/03/2017

“Other stand-outs are young Douglas Baldeo as Fletcher (the kid can really dance!)”

DC Metro Arts – 03/01/2017

“Young Douglas Baldeo alternates with Kevelin B. Jones III as the lively 10-year-old Fletcher…”

Entertaining Options – 02/23/2017

“Douglas Baldeo (Fletcher) stole every scene he was in with his youthful exuberance and remarkable talent.”

DC Theater Metro Arts – 02/22/2017

“Douglas Baldeo as Fletcher, Rachel Marron’s son, nearly stole the show, while singing and dancing in “How Will I Know.” The scenes with him and Farmer were touching…” – 02/15/2017

“As Rachel’s young son Fletcher, Douglas Baldeo (alternating in the role with Kevelin B. Jones III) is peppy in “How Will I Know” while projecting enough adorable innocence to elicit sympathy as the family is endangered.”

Bonnie’s Eye on Entertainment – 02/08/2017

“My favorite person on the stage was Douglas Baldeo, the young man who played Rachel’s son Fletcher. He was adorable with an awesome voice and stage presence.”

Bonnie’s Eye on Entertainment – 02/04/2017

“Of additional note is young Douglas Baldeo in the role of Rachel’s young son Fletcher. His scenes bring out the best acting in Cox and Mills, and the scene in which he sings “Jesus Loves Me,” leading to a trio with Cox and Richardson, is genuinely heartwarming.”

Buzz News Chicago – 02/03/2017

“Douglas Baldeo also does an incredible job as Rachel’s son, Fletcher. Baldeo has an amazing future ahead of him, the child actor displaying boundless vocal range and dancing his way into the hearts of theatre goers. One of the play’s most touching moments centered around a beautiful rendition of “Jesus Loves Me” performed by Cox, Richardson and Baldeo when Farmer hid the family at his father’s cabin in the country.”

Around The Town Chicago – 02/02/2017

“…the adorable Kevin B. Jones III (on alternate dates Douglas Baldeo takes on this role).”

Chicago Sun Times – 02/02/2017

“…the spirited, confident Kevelin B. Jones III…”

Showbiz Chicago – 02/02/2017

“Douglas Baldeo is an absolute delight to watch as Fletcher. Baldeo is so full of life and you can tell that there is nowhere he would rather be than on that stage. The kid is already a triple threat, he can dance, act, and boy can he sing.”

BroadwayWorld National Tours – 1/18/2017

“Douglas Baldeo plays the role of Fletcher, Rachel Marron’s son. His singing and dancing are phenomenal and really light up the stage.”

Post Crescent – 1/18/2017

“…the adorable Fletcher (Douglas Baldeo)…” – 1/14/2017

“Marron’s son Fletcher, (Kevelin B. Jones III) captures your heart with his sweet voice several times throughout the night.”

Star Tribune – 1/12/2017

“The show also includes a good dose of cuteness in the form of Kevelin B. Jones III as Rachel’s son, Fletcher. His “Jesus Loves Me” was charming.”

New York Times – 12/14/2016

“…Kevelin B. Jones III gave it his all and then some.”

Broadway World – 12/05/2016

“Douglas Baldeo as Rachel’s young son Fletcher is a real charmer.”

Curtain Up – 12/05/2016

“I also liked the spiffy performing by young Douglas Baldeo as Rachels dancing son Fletcher.”

The Guardian – 12/05/2016

“Douglas Baldeo, who plays Rachel’s son, Fletcher, and has the voice and dance moves of a young Michael Jackson. (Seriously, they should give this kid even more stage time. Maybe performing something off of My Love is Your Love?)” – 12/05/2016

“A big shout-out, also, to Douglas Baldeo (he alternates with Kevelin B. Jones III) a young fireball who has obviously been communing with the ghost of Michael Jackson.”

Out in Jersey – 12/05/2016

“Douglas Baldeo as Rachel’s young son Fletcher, an exuberant portrayal of a boy growing up in his mother’s world of music and performance.”

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