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Jacob Moran Books Feature Film, Bella Fraker in Alliance Theatre Animated Short “SIT-IN,” and more!

Alum Jacob Moran (School of Rock) has booked a supporting role in a feature film! Tour alum Bella Fraker (School of Rock) voices a character in Alliance Theatre’s new animated short about the sit-ins of the Civil Rights movement! Check it out below. Alum Lily […]

Here is a bunch of pictures and video from the kids of The Lion King, Motown, and Pippin!
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We have more pictures from the kids of Motown and Pippin! Here you'll find Leon C. Outlaw Jr. and Reed
First, we want to send all of our thoughts and prayers to #EmilysEnsemble! For those of you who don't know,
Elf is coming to San Francisco! The national tour has been added to the SHN lineup, which also includes tours
Today we have pictures from the kids of Motown hanging out in Chicago and the kids of Pippin at their