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Jeanpaul Medina Solano

jeanpaul-medina-solano JEANPAUL MEDINA SOLANO (Nayib/Young Emilio/Jeremy) Born in New Jersey to Colombian parents, Jeanpaul was attracted to the tropical rhytms of salsa music. At the early age of 3, he began dancing salsa where his dance teacher saw his great talent, blessing him with the nickname “Happy Feet.” For two consecutive years, in 2016 & 2017, he came in 1st place at the World Latin Dance Cup in the Soloist & Couples categories. Also in 2017, Jeanpaul and his Team “Peque Flow” won the first season of “Pequeños Gigantes, USA.” Jeanpaul would like to thank his mom, mentor, family and friends for endless love and support. IG: jphappyfeet


Ana-Sofia Rodriguez

ana-sofia-rodriguez ANA-SOFIA RODRIGUEZ (Little Gloria) Born in Brooklyn to Puerto Rican and Mexican parents, Ana-Sofia is thrilled to be making her National Tour debut with On Your Feet! Off-Broadway: Show & Tell, Annie Warbucks, Madeline’s Christmas. TV: “Sesame Street,” “La Voz Kids.” Film: Ceviche, Back to Alaska, La Sangre en Nuestras Venas. Thank you to Tamara Markowitz, Barry Kolker, Amelia, Gulia, Joseph, Robert, Coty, BAA, KOTA, BYE, NCC, DMO, Telsey, TROIKA and the On Your Feet! team. All my love to my parents, Natalia, Iverys, Mrs. Clark, my family and friends for supporting my dreams! IG: @anasofiany


Carmen Sanchez

CARMEN SANCHEZ (Little Gloria) comes from a Cuban family that has dedicated themselves to show business. Having a choreographer for a mother and a musician for a father, Carmen has spent most of her life on the stage. Her first professional performance was during the last season of “The Voice Kids,” where she made it to the finals with her coach Daddy Yankee. In addition to the training she receives from her parents, Carmen takes classical ballet and jazz training in Las Vegas at Nevada School of Dance, while taking private singing lessons with her teacher Marien Aguilera.


Jordan Vergara

jordan-vergara-2017 JORDAN VERGARA (Nayib/Young Emilio/Jeremy) has been dancing salsa since he was 4 years old, placing first in multiple dance competitions nationally. His love of music and dance has helped him travel and showcase his talents here and abroad. Jordan is happiest the most when he’s on stage dancing and the crowd is cheering and having a good time. You’re in for a treat once you see his fast footwork on stage. IG: @jordanvergaraofficial.


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Dayton.com – 03/06/2019

“Case in point: ‘Conga,’ the infectious Act 1 finale that will send you into intermission with a big smile, especially after seeing youngster Jeanpaul Medina Solano salsa like there’s no tomorrow. Don’t hesitate to join him and the entire company dancing in the aisles to one of the most iconic pop tunes ever written.”

LL Curtain Call – 02/07/2019

“At the reviewed performance, young Jeanpaul Medina Solano kept up with the adult dancers by literally shaking a leg and ending his steps with a cartwheel.”

Cherry and Spoon – 01/23/2019

“…some superstars in the making in the child actors who play the young Estefans and various other children (alternating Jeanpaul Medina Solano and Jordan Vergara, Ana-Sofia Rodriguez and Carmen Sanchez).”

JHP Entertainment – 01/18/2019

“Speaking of scene-stealers, the younger members of the cast include Jeanpaul Medina Solano and Jordan Vergara sharing responsibilities as Young Emilio (and various other young boys throughout the show) and Ana-Sofia Rodriguez and Carmen Sanchez alternating as Little Gloria.”

Nashville Noise – 01/17/2019

“These dancers are impeccable from start to finish but one mini dancer in particular caught our eyes. Nine-year-old Jeanpaul Medina Solano stole the show when it came to his fast feet.”

BroadwayWorld National Tours – 01/16/2019

“…Ana-Sofia Rodriguez proves herself a star in the making in the role of Gloria as a young girl, and Jeanpaul Medina Solano very nearly steals the show with his fleet-footed performance as Nayib, Jeremy and young Emilio, proving that versatility comes in all shapes and pint-sized packages.”

Nashville Parent – 01/16/2019

“The show chronicles the early years depicting Gloria as a young girl (wonderfully portrayed by Ana-Sofia Rodriguez)…Finally, big kudos to Jeanpaul Medina Solano. He plays young Emilio, Jeremy and Nayib (Gloria and Emilio’s son). This kid is insanely gifted, delivering mind-blowing dance talent at such a young age. It’s no wonder his dance teacher dubbed him ‘Happy Feet’ at an early age. Winner of the World Latin Dance Cup (soloist division) two years in a row, it’s a real treat to see this young man tear up the stage. If you have kids interested in dance, Solano will undoubtedly provide a great source of new inspiration!”

Herald-Tribune – 12/27/2018

“…a very young Glorita (an expressive Ana-Sofia Rodriguez)…there is nothing subtle about Jeanpaul Medina Solano’s tap-dancing, mimicking/mocking and scene-stealing as a little kid who shows up in sometimes surprising sequences.”

Northwest Arkansas Democrat Gazette – 12/08/2018

“Two other standouts worth mentioning, though, are Carmen Sanchez who played young Gloria at the WAC’s opening night, and Jordan Vergara as the Estefans’ son Nayib as well as young Emilio. Sanchez’s vocals and Vergara’s fast feet both had the desired effect in earning oohs and aahs from the crowd.”

BroadwayWorld Arizona – 11/07/2018

“A tip of the kippah to Jeanpaul Medina Solano for his energetic dancing as bar mitzvah boy Jeremy.”

Talkin’ Broadway Phoenix – 11/07/2018

“…Ana-Sofia Rodriguez sings brightly as the younger version of Gloria; the young Jeanpaul Medina Solano dances up a storm in a few small roles…”

BroadwayWorld Seattle – 10/24/2018

“And I must give kudos to Ana-Sofia Rodriguez and Jeanpaul Medina Solano as Young Gloria and Gloria and Emilio’s son Nayib respectively. Especially to Solano whose feet apparently do not obey the laws of physics.”

The Mercury News – 09/13/2018

“Carmen Sanchez has some powerhouse vocals as little Gloria (alternating with Ana-Sofia Rodriguez)…Jordan Vergara really tears up the floor as a kid at whose bar mitzvah the band is playing. (Alternating with Carlos Carreras, he also portrays the couple’s son and young Emilio.)”

BroadwayWorld Los Angeles – 08/27/2018

“A special shout-out to the two pint-sized members of the ensemble: Jordan Vergara who plays young Nayib Estefan, young Emilio Estefan, and a young man named Jeremy; and Carmen Sanchez who plays Little Gloria.”

LA Dance Chronicle – 08/23/2018

“Finally, a big shout out to Jordan Vergara, (Young Emilio) who crushed the dance floor with his fancy footwork and uninhibited performance.”

Los Angeles Times – 08/23/2018

“Two double-cast youngsters do their best to steal the show. Carmen Sanchez is a super-cute treat as little Gloria, while Jordan Vergara tears up the stage as a bar mitzvah boy.”

StageScene LA – 08/22/2018

“…Carmen Sanchez is a petite charmer as Little Gloria, and Jordan Vergara (Nayib, Jeremy, and Young Emilio) shows that song-and-dance stars can come in small packages.”

Get Boulder – 08/13/2018

“We see the young Gloria as portrayed by Ana-Sofia Rodriguez and the scene-stealing Carlos Carreras who dances into everyone’s heart.”

Times of San Diego – 08/03/2018

“…young Carmen Sanchez, who plays ‘Little Gloria,’ has a killer, very adult voice…fabulous young Jordan Vergara in several roles. He’s been dancing salsa since he was 4—and it shows; those are some really fast feet.”

San Diego Union-Tribune – 08/03/2018

“Other standouts are…Jordan Vergara as the fleet-footed, maracas-shaking boy Jeremy…”

BroadwayWorld San Diego – 08/02/2018

“Jordan Vergara, who played a variety of kid roles throughout the show, is a spectacular dancer who wowed the audience with his fast footwork.”

Los Angeles Daily News – 07/17/2018

“…it gives us a chance to watch one of the show’s two undisputable bright lights: the performance of the 9-year-old, beaming Carlos Carreras. He appears as the bar mitzvah boy, dancing in a trio with Gloria and her grandmother, for ‘Conga.’ Fortunately, the bar mitzvah boy is invited to the Italian wedding, and then the Shriners’ convention, as his dancing gets bigger, though we couldn’t hope for any better.”

It’s Not About Me – 07/13/2018

“As fabulous as every single performer truly is, my absolute favorite is little Carlos Carreras. OMG—not only is he adorable, he can really dance. And sell the comedy of it all!!! I was absolutely in love with that little boy! He’s the cutest thing ever, and boy, can he dance!”

On Stage Blog – 07/13/2018

“Little Gloria played by Ana-Sofia Rodriguez and Carmen Sanchez brought joy to the streets of Miami with her soulful voice.”

Broadway World Los Angeles – 07/12/2018

“…and the child actor playing Young Emilio (Carreras shares the role with Jordan Vergara) steals every scene he’s in with his dynamite dancing ability.”

Daily Bruin – 07/11/2018

“However, the number’s real showstopper was the young Carlos Carreras. Playing the young bar mitzvah celebrant and Estefan’s son Nayib, Carreras danced enthusiastically – tapping and cartwheeling his way into audience members’ hearts.”

On Stage & Screen – 07/11/2018

“A mention must also be given to the young Carlos Carreras who played several child roles, including Gloria and Emilio’s son, on opening night and captivated the crowd with his stellar dance moves.”

Stage and Cinema – 07/11/2018

“Most exciting was youngster Carlos Carreras (alternating with Jordan Vergara), whose nimble rhythmic grinding in a number of roles – including a move-busting Bar Mitzvah boy – electrified the house…Ana-Sofia Rodriguez, alternating with Carmen Sanchez, plays Little Gloria…”

Observations Along the Road – 07/08/2018

“Giving standout performances as the child versions of the leaders were Carmen Sanchez as Little Gloria and Jordan Vergara as Young Emilio and Nayib. Super strong voices, super strong movement – they were just astounding.”

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette – 06/13/2018

“Youngster Carlos Carreras plays it like a pro, whether dancing or tearing up as the Estefans’ son, Nayib, and a young Emilio, but most memorably as a bar mitzvah boy named Jeremy.”

DC Metro Theater Arts – 06/07/2018

“Special mention should be made of…young Carlos Carreras as a variety of scene-stealing youngsters.”

The Baltimore Sun – 06/06/2018

“And the appearance of a very young conga practitioner (Jordan Vergara on opening night) provides a fun jolt.”

Berkshire Edge – 05/31/2018

“Ana-Sofia Rodriguez plays the young Gloria most effectively…A young boy, Carlos Carreras, playing a Jewish bar mitzvah boy…who gets caught up in the ‘Conga’ craze after the song is released, and he dances with so much fervor and emotional impact that he could stop the show if the music wasn’t so relentless.”

Gwendolyn Rice – 05/20/2018

“…the entire cast are upstaged consistently by the young performer Carlos Carreras, who dances through multiple roles with expert salsa moves and an unabashed love for the limelight.”

The Cap Times – 05/16/2018

“…their son, Nayib (played Tuesday by the exceptional young dancer Carlos Carreras).”

The Sleepless Critic – 05/12/2018

“From a ‘can’t-help-but-sing’ child doing chores in Cuba, portrayed sweetly by Ana-Sofia Rodriguez…Carlos Carreras as Jeremy wows as an enthusiastic Gloria Estefan fan that can’t help but dance.”

Press & Guide – 05/08/2018

“At the May 2 performance, the children in the cast were played by the talented and versatile Carmen Sanchez as young Gloria, and Jordan Vergara as Nayib, Jeremy and young Emilio.”

The Oakland Press – 05/03/2018

“A special shout-out is due…to Jordan Vergara, a scene-stealer who’s one of two youths playing young Emilio, the Estefans’ son Nayib and Bar Mitzvah boy Jeremy.”

Talkin’ Broadway Boston – 04/21/2018

“I don’t think anyone wowed the audience as much as Carlos Carreras, the youngster playing multiple roles (Estefan’s son Nayib, a bar mitzvah boy, and young Emilio). His stage presence and rapid-fire dance moves must be seen to be believed. (Jordan Vergara alternates in the role). Ana-Sofia Rodriguez as Little Gloria (alternates with Carmen Sanchez) has gobs of talent and displays maturity beyond her years.”

Boston Globe – 04/19/2018

“…featuring some precociously fancy footwork by young Carlos Carreras; remember that name…”

Wicked Local Truro – 04/19/2018

“The break-away, scene-stealing star of the show is the tiny dancer, Carlos Carreras, as the swirling, twirling bar mitzvah boy, stepping along with Gloria at one of the band’s early gigs.”

Times of Northwest Indiana – 03/29/2018

“The role of young Gloria was played by the delightful Amaris Sanchez with Kevin Tellez, who sports swift dance moves, portraying Nayib/Jeremy and young Emilio.”

Picture This Post – 03/28/2018

“Another show stealer is Kevin Tellez, an ensemble member who played three roles, including young Emilio, who dances his heart out in several scenes.”

Chicagoland Musical Theatre – 03/27/2018

“…complete with Kevin Tellez as a fast-footed bar mitzvah boy…”

Urban Matter – 03/26/2018

“Mention must be made of young Kevin Tellez who plays several roles with fancy footwork that will astound you.”

Around the Town Chicago – 03/24/2018

“The cast of players/ensemble members are perfect for every role: …Amaris Sanchez (as young Gloria- on alternate dates Carmen Sanchez) and Kevin Tellez as young Nayib and others (select performance, these roles are done by Jordan Vergara). Tellez is an amazing dancer and has a robust smile”

Dallas News – 03/01/2018

“…a shout-out to young salsa champ Jordan Vergara (who alternates with Kevin Tellez) as the Estefans’ young son, Nayib, and other roles…”

Encore Michigan – 02/14/2018

“The two children—the young Gloria and Nayib—the Estefan’s son—both do a stellar job. Amaris Sanchez is full of energy and shows us that early on Gloria had a great voice that made people around her happy. Jordan Vergara has some incredible dance moves and it’s not surprising to learn from his biography that he’s been winning salsa dance contests since he was four years old.”

Democrat & Chronicle – 02/07/2018

“…the national touring musical opens with a precociously talented Little Gloria (Carmen Sanchez) singing for her neighbors. …a stand-out performance by Kevin Tellez as Jeremy, the Bar Mitzvah Boy, young Emilio and the Estefan’s son Nayib.”

Edge Media Network – 02/02/2018

“Supporting players [Amaris] Sanchez as little Gloria and Jordan Vergara who plays Nayib, Jeremy and young Emilio both shine.”

News Talk WPRO 99.7FM – 02/01/2018

“And Jordan Vergara, who plays the Estefans’ son along with a couple of other bit parts, can really dance.”

DC Theatre Scene – 01/12/2018

“There are a couple of impressive kids in the cast, who were particular audience favorites. As with many younger performers, a pair of children share those roles, and so I wasn’t sure if it was Amaris Sanchez or Carmen Sanchez who gave us the charming younger Gloria, or if it was Kevin Tellez or Jordan Vergara who played, among other roles, a hilarious boy dancing with the band as it plays for his bar-mitzvah.”

UMD The Writer’s Bloc – 01/12/2018

“The audience is quickly introduced to young Gloria, (the talented Carmen Sanchez in this performance) and her family in Miami…”

BroadwayWorld Raleigh – 01/03/2018

“Not to mention some nice juvenile performances from Amaris Sanchez as Little Gloria and Jordan Vergara in the roles of Nayib, Young Emilio, and Jeremy.”

Triangle Arts & Entertainment – 01/03/2018

“Amaris Sanchez, as young Gloria, is bright and entertaining, with a booming voice that will take her far if she remains onstage and a gangly preteen way of moving that makes her especially endearing.”

BroadwayWorld South Carolina – 12/27/2017

“Other standout performers include…Kevin Tellez as Gloria’s son, Nayib. Young Tellez also shows off some impressive dance moves of his own near the end of act one in a scene that had several audience members literally dancing in the aisles.”

Cleveland Scene – 12/14/2017

“And one young performer, Kevin Tellez (rotating with Jordan Vergara), is a nonstop dynamo, dancing up a storm in a couple different roles.”

Chagrin Valley Today – 12/07/2017

“Lastly, keep your eyes peeled for Kevin Tellez as ‘Bar Mitzvah Jeremy’ who does an amazing dance sequence.”

Mike’s Daily Jukebox – 12/04/2017

“Two of the breakout stars of the play which added some comic relief and outrageous breakdance moves were brought by…and Kevin Tellez (who played 3 characters! – young Emilio, Gloria’s son Nayib, and Jeremy).”

AMFM Magazine – 11/22/2017

“Special mention for Jordan Vergara, who plays Gloria’s son Nayib as well as the young Emilio. He dances with rhythm and joy, and boundless energy.”

The University News – 11/20/2017

“If I must point out someone amongst the entire cast, it would have to be Amaris Sanchez, an elementary school-aged girl who played young Gloria. In the few scenes she had, a big strong voice came out of a tiny body to sing Gloria Estefan’s ‘Tradicion’ all while performing energy-filled choreography.”

Ladue News – 11/14/2017

“Kevin Tellez and Jordan Vergara take turns in the crowd-please role of energetic and loose-limbed Nayib, while Amaris Sanchez and Carmen Sanchez nicely rotate in the role of Gloria as a young girl.”

BroadwayWorld St. Louis – 11/09/2017

“Their younger selves are wonderfully portrayed by Amaris Sanchez/Carmen Sanchez (Gloria) and Jordan Vergara/Kevin Tellez (Nayib, Emilio, Jeremy), either of whom you’ll see depending on the performance you attend.”

St. Louis Post-Dispatch – 11/08/2017

“Their junior versions, played on opening night by Amaris Sanchez and Jordan Vergara, are just adorable. (The children also play other roles; Sanchez sings beautifully and Vergara is a knockout dancer. They alternate in their roles with Carmen Sanchez and Kevin Tellez.)”

Run DMT – 10/27/2017

“Even young Gloria (Amaris and Carmen Sanchez) produce vocals that simply stun the crowd.”

Tampa Bay Times – 10/25/2017

“Other notable performances include…Amaris Sanchez, who showed a big voice as the young Gloria (and played hurt with a wrapped foot) on Tuesday.”

Attractions Magazine – 10/18/2017

“The young Gloria (Amaris Sanchez) and Emilio (Kevin Tellez) stole the show every time they were on stage”

Off On The Go – 10/18/2017

“…you can’t help but be captivated by the sounds of young Gloria (Amaris Sanchez) and the World around her.”

Miami Herald – 10/09/2017

“Carmen Sanchez (alternating with Amaris Sanchez) shines as Little Gloria, the girl who can’t stop singing, and Jordan Vergara (alternating with Kevin Tellez) is a dancing powerhouse as the bar mitzvah boy Jeremy, the Estefans’ son Nayib and Young Emilio.”

Berkshire Fine Arts – 10/06/2017

“‘Conga’ comes at the conclusion of the first act. A youngster who portrays several part (the opening crowd saw the vibrant Kevin Tellez) emerges from a chorus, takes center stage and showcases his fast, furious, fancy footwork, wowing many with his lively dancing…Little Gloria (a tender-voiced Amaris Sanchez on opening night) sensitively sings a song in Spanish, during which she expresses her feelings to her father, who is stationed in Vietnam. You may not be able to understand the lyrics, but it’s clear from Sanchez’s vocal expression that her character harbors loving feelings for her dad.”

The Buffalo News – 09/23/17

“Two young performers made a huge impact at Saturday’s performance (they rotate at select shows): Amaris Sanchez as Little Gloria and Kevin Tellez as Young Emilio and other roles. They are often the highlights in their scenes, and exhibit the soul and sparks of their characters’ eventual legacies. In an uneven evening, their performances remind us of the youthful spirit that still sings and dances in the Estefans’ enduring music.”

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