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Kai Calhoun

kai-calhoun KAI CALHOUN (Young Berry Gordy/Michael Jackson/Stevie Wonder alt.) is excited about his first appearance with Motown. He is in 7th grade and can usually be found making videos for his YouTube channel. Kai is grateful for his Mom, his older brothers, his Papa and family. He is very grateful for Mrs. Frost and Vincent for encouraging his love of acting.


Chase Phillips

chase-phillips CHASE PHILLIPS (Young Berry Gordy/Michael Jackson/Stevie Wonder alt.) is excited about his first national tour! As a native of Louisville, KY he’s had roles performing with Lincoln Performing Arts School, Actors Theatre and the Youth Theatre Troupe of Louisville. Chase feels blessed to have the support of his family, church and friends.


Review Quotes

The Gazette – 03/02/2018

“The showstopper, however, is seventh-grader Kai Calhoun in his star turn as newcomer Michael Jackson, fronting the Jackson 5. Calhoun has the moves, attitudes, voice and personality down pat, and his every strut and pose drew squeals of delight and bursts of applause from Friday’s audience. Remember his name; we’ll be hearing more from this dynamo as his career grows.”

Calgary Herald – 02/21/2018

“The musical achieves the same kind of explosive excitement…when young Chase Phillips as Michael Jackson fronts the Jackson Five with ABC.”

Gig City – 02/14/2018

“The astonishing, pint-sized, can’t-take-your-eyes-off-him young Michael Jackson – alternately played by Kai Calhoun and Chase Phillips – explodes on stage and pretty well wipes everything else right off it.”

BroadwayWorld National Tours – 02/08/2018

“Other special mentions include Chase Phillips as Young Berry Gordy/Stevie Wonder/Michael Jackson for his impressive vocals and enthusiasm during songs such as ‘I Want You Back’”

Enter Here Canada – 02/07/2018

“…a standout performance was undoubtedly the young Michael Jackson, played by Chase Phillips (who shares the role with Kai Calhoun) who completely embraced his character from vocals to dance moves.”

Vancouver Observer – 02/07/2018

“But what really brought a tear to many a Boomer eye was the fireplug energy of young Chase Phillips reincarnating the frenetic falsetto of young Michael Jackson way back in the innocent early days of the Jackson Five”

VancouverScape – 02/07/2018

“Talented youth performers Kai Calhoun and Chase Phillips are on the roster for portraying young Berry Gordy, Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson”

The Spokesman-Review – 01/25/2018

“And when Kai Calhoun came on stage as young Michael Jackson, resplendent in a beaded purple fringe vest and matching fedora, much like the one Jackson wore for the Jackson 5’s iconic appearance on ‘The Ed Sullivan Show,’ well, the audience on Wednesday night whooped it up like they were watching the real thing.”

VC On Stage – 01/25/2018

“Of note is fifth grader Chase Phillips, who gives a precocious performance as the pint-sized dynamo Michael Jackson (Phillips was cast by Gordy himself, showing he can still spot talent.)”

Desert Sun – 01/17/2018

“…and seventh-grader Kai Calhoun is a crowd-pleaser in multiple roles as the young Berry, the young Stevie Wonder and especially the young Michael Jackson”

Zeta Tijuana – 01/01/2018

“Claro que los momentos en que el joven Michael Jackson sale a escena, en voz de Kai Calhoun y Chase Phillips, son dignos de recordar…”

San Diego Gay & Lesbian News – 12/29/2017

“Thirteen-year-old Kai Calhoun is a find as the young Berry Gordy, Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson…Calhoun is terrific.”

San Diego Story – 12/29/2017

“…Chase Phillips’ ear-to-ear grin defines his Steve Wonder…”

Stage Scene LA – 12/19/2017

“…seventh-grader Kai Calhoun wins hearts and earns cheers as a Jackson 5-era Michael…”

Chicago Sun Times – 10/05/2017

“Seventh-grader Kai Calhoun has the audience in stitches as he works his magic as the prodigious young Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder.”

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    North Charleston, SC

    North Charleston Performing Arts Center

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