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Tyler Dunn

tyler-dunn TYLER DUNN (Tam alt.) Tyler is thrilled to be making his professional debut in Miss Saigon. He got his start modeling at just one year old. He has appeared in ads for Pampers, Crayola, Old Navy and his latest, Nike. Tyler is currently in kindergarten and can talk your ear off about cars! He thanks his Mom and Dad, and Zuri Talent Agency for this amazing opportunity to travel with Miss Saigon. Follow @tymasondunn


Haven Je

HAVEN JE (Tam alt.) Haven is excited to be making her professional debut with this amazing cast! Her parents met on tour with this show almost 20 years ago – making her the first “Saigon baby” to play the role of Tam! Thanks to Tara Rubin Casting and Cameron Mackintosh Ltd. “HUGGIE, HUGGIE, SQUEEZE” to Mama, Dada, Harper and her puppy Kaia! @officialhavenje


Fin Moulding

fin-moulding FIN MOULDING (Tam alt.) Fin is thrilled to be on tour with Miss Saigon, which is her first tour and first show ever. Fin is four years old and lives with her mommy in New York City and sometimes Los Angeles. Fin loves dancing, singing and books. Thank you to grandparents, family, friends who are like family, and mommy. backstage.com/finmoulding


Adalynn Ng

ADALYNN NG (Tam alt.) Adalynn is excited to make her professional debut as Tam. She got her start as a print model in ads such as The Children’s Place, Nickelodeon and Jordache. In addition to acting and singing, Adalynn enjoys spending time with her family and friends. Thanks to her family, friends and Talent Agency Nouveaux for their support.



KDHX – 05/01/2019

“Tyler Dunn elicits much sympathy as the shy, bright-eyed Tam (a role shared with three other young actors)…”

Lansing City Pulse – 03/14/2019

“The rest of the cast, including…Ryder Khatiwala as Kim’s son, Tam, are essential in their limited roles.”

Broadway World Buffalo – 02/27/2019

“…Tam, played beautifully by Jace Chen…”

Buffalo News – 02/27/2019

“Add to the mix, Jace Chen, one of four children who alternate in the role of Tam, who gets tossed about the stage like a sack of flour. He is as adorable a child as any who has ever appeared on any stage.”

Buffalo Rising – 02/27/2019

“The kid(s) who play Tam, the 3-year-old son of Chris and Kim is (are) unbelievably cute.”

Cleveland.com – 02/01/2019

“Tyler Dunn, one of four darlings alternating the role, has perfected the art of remaining perfectly still while being sung at and slung around like a sack of potatoes. He earnes the loudest applause at Wednesday’s curtain call.”

BroadwayWorld Cleveland – 01/31/2019

“Young Jace Chen was appealing as Kim and Chris’s son. (The part is multi-cast so different audiences will see different Tams.)”

CarolinaCurtainCall.com – 01/18/2019

“…on this evening played by the winsome youngster Tyler Dunn…”

The Rogers Revue – 12/16/18

“I will admit that the performance I saw, Tam was played by Fin Moudling, who was absolutely adorable and had the audience giving Tam a standing ovation!”

Chicago Theatre & Concert Reviews – 11/20/2018

“And little Jace Chen (alternating with four other child actors) is heartbreaking and totally focused, innocently portraying Tam, Kim and Chris’ son.”

Around the Town Chicago – 11/17/2018

“I am not certain which of the five children played Tam (the child) so I will mention them all: Jace Chen, Ryder Khatiwala, Fin Moulding, Melanie Ramirez and Sarah Ramirez. On opening night, Ryder did the role. Great stage presence!”

Vmedia Backstage – 10/15/2018

“First grader Jace Chen is a charm as the tiny, innocent Tam.”

For All Events – 10/12/2018

“Special credit, not incidentally, belongs to the child actor who portrays Tam (Fin Moulding on opening night, four others on different evenings and matinees), who’s cruelly labeled a ‘half-breed.’ She’s totally believable in a wordless but clinging, emotionally agonizing role.”

The Mercury News – 10/12/2018

“Four-year-old Fin Moulding is adorably impassive as Kim’s child Tam, alternating in the role with four other kids.”

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    Vincent Crocilla

    Vincent-Crocilla VINCENT CROCILLA (Les alt.) is 9 years old and lives in Southern New Jersey. He is thrilled to be joining this amazing production and to be a part of the national touring cast of Newsies. He has been performing in the theater since the age of 5 and his regional credits include: Les Misérables (Gavroche), South Pacific (Jerome), Inherit the Wind (Timmy) and The Music Man (Winthrop). Vincent would like to thank his parents and brother Gianluca, Carson Adler Agency, Mona Greenberg, Director Jeff Calhoun and the entire creative team for this opportunity.

    Anthony Rosenthal

    Anthony Rosenthal ANTHONY ROSENTHAL (Les alt.) Anthony has wanted to be a Newsie since seeing the original cast on Broadway two years ago. He is currently a resident of Seattle, where he started his training at PNB in Seattle, and was in “Swan Lake”. He's was in the 5th Avenue Theatre’s production of “Oliver!”, and productions with Book-it Repertory and Village KidStage.

    Ben Cook

    Ben Cook BEN COOK (Ensemble) Broadway: Billy Elliot, Ragtime. National tour: Billy Elliot. Regional: The Kennedy Center, Folger Shakespeare, Ford’s Theatre. TV: "30 Rock", "Veep", "House of Cards" (season 3). Thanks to my family, MSA, CESD, Linda Townsend.


    Review Quotes

    Out And About Magazine - 03/04/15

    “...Anthony Rosenthal – a terrific little pro – who alternates with Vincent Crocilla..."

    Theatre World Internet Magazine - 02/28/15

    “Audience favorite was nine-year-old Anthony Rosenthal (alternating with Vincent Crocilla) as Davey’s younger brother steals a few scenes."

    Marin Scope - 02/26/15

    “This motley crew joins a huge ensemble of backward-flipping and forward-spinning athletes, including ...Benjamin Cook...How they can sing and simultaneously do handsprings is beyond my comprehension."

    BWW San Francisco - 02/21/15

    “...[Anthony] Rosenthal was adorably fierce and very funny. As the youngest cast member, he more than held his own."

    Talkin' Broadway - 02/21/15

    “Anthony Rosenthal, alternating with Vincent Crocilla, is a charmer playing 9-year-old Les."

    SF Gate - 02/19/15

    “...and the thoroughly delightful, precociously talented Anthony Rosenthal alternating in the role of Davey’s feisty little brother Les."

    Miami Herald - 02/04/15

    “You have cute kids (particularly Anthony Rosenthal, who alternates with Vincent Crocilla as Les, the littlest newsboy..."

    Camp Broadway - 02/02/15

    “Nine year-old Vincent Crocilla was playing Les at this particular Matinee (he alternates with Anthony Rosenthal) and was a crowd favorite! This adorable little newsboy captured the hearts of the audience as soon as he threw out the famous “Les Puppy Dog Face”."

    BWW Orlando - 01/29/15

    “...Vincent Crocilla as his little brother Les...all add important layers to the newsboys. Crocilla is a comedic highlight..."

    Show Biz N Flo - 01/28/15

    “...standout moves by Ben Cook..."

    The Charlotte Weekly - 01/09/15

    “...Les (played by the scene-stealing Anthony Rosenthal, in the performance reviewed)..."

    Around the Town Chicago - 12/18/14

    “This is, however, an ensemble show where the dancers and the work they do under the direction (Jeff Calhoun) and the wonderful choreography (Christopher Gattelli) is mind- blowing. It is hard to believe that they can do so much and still sing and say their lines."

    Chicago Theater Beat - 12/18/14

    “Of the newsies, standouts include Jeff Heimbrock as Brooklyn leader Spot Conlon and Ben Cook as Race – the latter’s dance and gymnastics skills and unparalleled charisma are equally dazzling."

    Talkin' Broadway - 12/18/14

    “...his kid brother Les (the charming Vincent Crocilla, alternating with Anthony Rosenthal)..."

    BroadwayWorld Baltimore - 12/04/14

    “Vincent Crocilla (Saturday & Sunday matinee) performs the requisite Little Fella role with precisely the right amount of adorability to make the kid lovable rather than cloying and not a hint of stiffness or SuperFake StageKid Syndrome."

    Louisville.com - 11/19/14

    “The real star of the show is Davey’s little brother Les played by Vincent Crocilla. This youngster has better comedic timing and delivery than many A-list actors. He was definitely an audience favorite and had the crowd in an uproar of laughter at every turn."

    Courier News - 11/19/14

    “Crocilla portrays Les with a completely adorable and spunky demeanor that rings with authenticity."

    Talkin' Broadway - 11/14/14

    “On the night I saw the show, Anthony Rosenthal played Les. He has as much energy, dancing skills and singing ability as his older and more experienced cast mates. Rosenthal brings a world of charm to the stage when he performs four times in a week."

    AXS.com - 11/06/14

    “Standouts were Anthony Rosenthal as Les who was precocious without being a pain."

    Broad Street Review - 11/06/14

    “The other scene stealer is Davey’s younger brother, Les, played on opening night by Vincent Crocilla, (who alternated with Anthony Rosenthal in the role). His stage presence and singing voice filled the vast space of the Academy."

    Morning Journal - 11/06/14

    “...and his spunkier younger sibling, Les (portrayed Nov. 5 by Vincent Crocilla, who shares the role with Anthony Rosenthal), who gets many of the show’s best lines"

    DelCoNewsNetwork - 10/31/14

    “Other standouts in the top-notch cast are Zachary Sayle as “Crutchie,” Steve Blanchard as “Joseph Pulitzer” and Vincent Crocilla, 9, of Vineland, N.J. as Les."

    NewsWorks.org - 10/31/14

    “and at Wednesday's performance I saw a startlingly talented little guy named Vincent Crocilla in the role of the youngest newsie, played by Anthony Rosenthal in alternating performances"

    Philly Network - 10/31/14

    “and featuring an extraordinary nine-year-old New Jersey actor, Vincent Crocilla"

    Concordy - 10/23/14

    “Ten-year-old Rosenthal does a great job portraying Les, with nice facial expressions and the true naïve confidence of a child."

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