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Jace Chen

jace-chen-2018 JACE CHEN (Tam alt.) Jace is thrilled to reprise the role of Tam, which he played throughout the 2017 Broadway revival of Miss Saigon. Jace is in first grade and loves dancing, skiing, and swimming. Many thanks to family, CP Talent Management, JGD Agency and Tara Rubin Casting for this amazing opportunity. @mrjacechen


Ryder Khatiwala

ryder-khatiwala RYDER KHATIWALA (Tam alt.) Ryder is delighted to be making his Broadway debut in Miss Saigon. He is in Pre-K, loves ballet, hip hop and soccer. You will often find Ryder singing while cooking dinner for his dinosaurs.


Fin Moulding

fin-moulding FIN MOULDING (Tam alt.) Fin is thrilled to be on tour with Miss Saigon, which is her first tour and first show ever. Fin is four years old and lives with her mommy in New York City and sometimes Los Angeles. Fin loves dancing, singing and books. Thank you to grandparents, family, friends who are like family, and mommy. backstage.com/finmoulding


Melanie Ramirez

melanie-ramirez-2018 MELANIE RAMIREZ (Tam alt.) Melanie is making her national tour debut alongside her twin sister, with the support of her parents, big brother Jay, and Shirley Grant Management. The girls were recently in a Hyundai commercial that aired during the Superbowl. She is very excited to be on stage with this amazing cast! @ramirez_twins1017


Sarah Ramirez

sarah-ramirez SARAH RAMIREZ (Tam alt.) With the support of her parents, her big brother Jay, and Shirley Grant Management, Sarah Ramirez is making her national tour debut alongside her twin sister. The girls were recently in a Hyundai commercial. She is thrilled to be joining such an amazing cast! @ramirez_twins1017



Chicago Theatre & Concert Reviews – 11/20/2018

“And little Jace Chen (alternating with four other child actors) is heartbreaking and totally focused, innocently portraying Tam, Kim and Chris’ son.”

Around the Town Chicago – 11/17/2018

“I am not certain which of the five children played Tam (the child) so I will mention them all: Jace Chen, Ryder Khatiwala, Fin Moulding, Melanie Ramirez and Sarah Ramirez. On opening night, Ryder did the role. Great stage presence!”

Vmedia Backstage – 10/15/2018

“First grader Jace Chen is a charm as the tiny, innocent Tam.”

For All Events – 10/12/2018

“Special credit, not incidentally, belongs to the child actor who portrays Tam (Fin Moulding on opening night, four others on different evenings and matinees), who’s cruelly labeled a ‘half-breed.’ She’s totally believable in a wordless but clinging, emotionally agonizing role.”

The Mercury News – 10/12/2018

“Four-year-old Fin Moulding is adorably impassive as Kim’s child Tam, alternating in the role with four other kids.”

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