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Christian Harmston

CHRISTIAN HARMSTON (Gustave alt.) Christian is excited to make his National Tour Debut! Most recently seen in The Metropolitan Opera’s The Exterminating Angel. Regional: Fun Home (John/Theatre Alliance), Mary Poppins (Michael/CTG), A Christmas Carol (Tim/Triad Stage). Christian would like to thank Dan Callaway and Amber Engel for vocal and acting training, as well as Lindsay Levine, L.B. Reich and BDF for believing in him! Hugs and kisses to his dad, mom, sister and friends for their love and support.


Jake Heston Miller

JAKE HESTON MILLER (Gustave alt.) is thrilled to make his National Tour debut! Most recently seen as Fletcher Blake in the co-production tour of Disney’s Freaky Friday (Signature Theatre, La Jolla Playhouse, Cleveland Playhouse and Alley Theatre). New york: Radio City Music Hall Rockette’s Summer Spectacular, Soloist USTA US Open, School of Rock Promo tour. Regional: Oliver in Oliver! (Arena Stage), Tiny Tim in Scrooge No More! (Busch Gardens). Voice Over: Eep the mouse in Mother Goose Club, Mighty I.T., Kobe Bryant’s MuseCage. Love to J4 and my village. Thank you Eddie at Take3, Elysabeth, Joe, Tara Rubin Casting and this amazing creative team. Follow @jakesings05


Review Quotes

The Broadway Blog – Date Unknown

“…musically gifted ten-year-old Gustave (played alternately by Casey Lyons and Jake Heston Miller). … Miller, who performed the child’s role on opening night in San Jose, is a bell-clear singer—up to the standards of the adult leads—and has acting chops to boot: His carefully modulated facial expressions felt genuine in the midst of the musical pomp, adding a warm touch of psychological relatability.”

Tulsa World – 10/31/2018

“Young Miller (who alternates in the role with Christian Harmston) sings with a pleasing pure tone and surprising power…”

Des Moines Register – 10/17/2018

“Gustave, played by Jake Heston Miller, gave a brilliant performance that belied his young age…”

Encore Michigan – 10/12/2018

“…Jake Heston Miller, the young star taking his turn playing Gustave that night.”

Lansing City Journal – 10/12/2018

“…the most impressive of the evening was the young Jake Heston Miller who was the understudy for Gustave, Christine’s son. He not only displayed a striking tenor voice, but also was an excellent actor with his demanding role.”

Lansing City Pulse – 10/10/2018

“But the show’s breakout role really is Gustave, a 10-year-old of questionable parentage who coincidentally also ‘hears the music.’ For as bleak as this show often is, Miller is like a bright beam of youthful optimism. Gustave is not street smart per say, allowing complete strangers to guide him through the twisted underworld of Coney Island attractions. But Miller can sing like an angel … an angel of music perhaps?”

Broadway World Philadelphia – 10/03/2018

“Alternating these roles are played by Christian Harmston and Jake Heston Miller. Both boys are outstandingly talented…”

Midwest Rewind – 09/24/2018

“I think most people would agree that Jake Heston Miller, who plays Gustave, son of Christine Daae, steals your heart almost instantly. His musical talent coupled with his innocent curiosity made him the perfect choice for this part”

Critical Blast – 09/22/2018

“…and young Christian Harmston stole scenes and hearts, receiving loud accolades at his curtain call.”

Ladue News – 09/21/2018

“All of the principals demonstrate very good singing voices, and it was especially rewarding to hear young Jake Heston Miller showcase his beautiful, high voice as Gustave on opening night (he alternates with Christian Harmston in the role)”

Sophisticated Living – 9/21/2018

“…talent during the second act is beyond noteworthy, as is that of Miller, a 12-year-old who sends chills through the audience with his ‘Angel of Music’ sidebar in the first act alone.”

Perform Ink Kansas – 08/15/2018

“…and Jake Heston Miller is incredible for one so young.””

The Column Online – 08/10/2018

“And one of the most enchanting voices in the show comes unexpectedly from Jake Heston Miller, the boy soprano wonder who plays Gustave.”

Gen Pink – 08/03/2018

“Jake Heston Miller is a stand out as the young Gustave, with a touching performance and crystalline voice that rivals his adult cast members’.”

The Column Online – 07/29/2018

“Along with the young Gustave (the extremely talented Jake Heston Miller)…”

Culture Map Dallas – 07/26/2018

“…their cherubic son Gustave (Jake Heston Miller, a true highlight with an angelic voice; he alternates with Christian Harmston).”

Dallas News – 07/26/2018

“…Jake Heston Miller, who alternates with Christian Harmston as Christine’s son, Gustave, brings an angelic voice and presence that’s radiant as hope.”

Houston Press – 07/19/2018

“But the main thrust of the story is focused on Christine and that musical kid. Luckily, both were fantastic. Miller nearly stole the show as Gustave, singing with a high, clear voice and buying into what was happening onstage…”

Houston Chronicle – 07/18/2018

“…her son, Gustave (a brilliant, show-stealing Jake Heston Miller).”

Houston Press – 07/18/2018

“But the big surprise was little Jake Heston Miller as Gustave. What a performer. What a voice. What a natural on stage. In the show’s time frame of ten years passing, I can see him as the next Phantom. The show’ll still be on Broadway, why not? He’s got the pipes, the presence, that unquenchable showbiz pizzazz. Who knows, by that time there may even be another sequel.”

Twin Cities Pioneer Press – 06/27/2018

“And young Jake Heston Miller delivers their son’s songs with a crystalline tone.”

Nashville Parent – 06/22/2018

“It’s a delight to experience the talent of Jake Heston Miller as Gustave. This marks the first national tour for the young actor. His other credits include Disney and a few regional productions. Miller is a natural on stage, and his pure, angelic voice is one of the highlights of the show.”

Williamson Herald – 06/21/2018

“Their voices were beyond excellent, even down to young Gustave, (Jake Heston Miller), Christine’s young son, who beautifully hit some incredibly high notes. His acting and stage presence were also excellent, and truly amazing for his age.”

Tennessean – 06/20/2018

“Young Jake Heston Miller is fantastic as Christine’s son, Gustave (he shares the part with Christian Harmston). His tender duet with Picerno (‘Look With Your Heart’) is terrific.”

Carolina Curtain Call – 06/14/2018

“Jake Heston Miller, playing Christine’s son, Gustave, is also a major talent with stunning high notes in ‘Beautiful/The Beauty Underneath,’ which briefly riffs on the classic title ‘Phantom of the Opera’ song. This kid is destined for greatness!”

BroadwayWorld Buffalo – 06/06/2018

“Their child Gustave (played by a clear voiced Jake Heston Miller)…”

Buffalo News – 06/06/2018

“Jake Heston Miller delivered a stunning, focused performance as young Gustave”

Buffalo Vibe – 06/06/2018

“Jake Heston Miller, as Gustave, is very strong as the ten-year-old son of Christine and Raoul…”

Totally Buffalo – 06/06/2018

“Jake Heston Miller, who plays her son Gustave, is shockingly talented.”

In The Spotlight Inc. – 06/01/2018

“…her angelically voiced son Gustave (Christian Harmston).”

Hartford Courant – 05/30/2018

“Jake Heston Miller (who was on Tuesday) and Christian Harmston alternate in the role of young Gustav, who implores in an angelic voice that ‘Father never plays with me.’”

The Southington Observer – 05/30/2018

“Jake Heston Miller, who plays Christine’s young son Gustave, also was delightful. His boy’s soprano was freakishly strong and he gave the older vocalists a run for their money.”

Seattle Gay News – 05/18/2018

“However, Christian Harmston, who played Gustav, the 10 year old, is clearly an outstanding upcomer.”

Fairly Spiritual – 05/09/2018

“As far as voices go, every actor holds their own, but special praise must be given to Christian Harmston, portraying the 10-year-old Gustave. It appears he shares the role throughout the show’s run with Jake Heston Miller. Christian’s role is demanding from both a staging and vocal perspective. He masterfully succeeds at being the forever caught-in-the-middle boy with the angelic voice for music.”

Let’s Play OC – 04/29/2018

“Jake Heston Miller as Gustabe is so talented. He plays the lovable and curious 10 year old son.”

Los Angeles Times – 04/26/2018

“They have a young son, Gustave, whose flawless vocal tones create doubts as to his parentage. Jake Heston Miller elevates this character from pawn to major figure in the swirling maelstrom of a plot.”

Stage Scene LA – 04/24/2018

“…and speaking of glorious voices, I may never have heard a boy soprano as heavenly as Miller’s.”

Los Angeles Daily News – 04/20/2018

“…and, as young Gustave, Casey Lyons (alternating with Jake Heston Miller), who displays so much stage presence that he will probably be playing the Phantom in a decade or two.”

Santa Monica Mirror – 04/17/2018

“…a very talented Jake Heston Miller who alternates with Casey Lyons…”

Signal Tribune – 04/13/2018

“The boy Gustave, played by two actors, Lyons and Miller, adds his own pristine notes to the mix.”

BroadwayWorld Los Angeles – 04/10/2018

“I cannot say enough about the brilliance of Jake Heston Miller’s performance as the young son Gustave. He is marvelously focused and should have a great career ahead of him.”

LA West Tribune – 04/10/2018

“…a very talented Jake Heston Miller who alternates with Casey Lyons.”

On Stage & Screen – 04/10/2018

“Lyons in particular had a lot of vocal and emotional heavy-lifting as Gustave, and handled the role with an ease and professionalism beyond his years.”

CA Highways – 04/09/2018

“A big surprise was Jake Heston Miller’s Gustave (he alternates with Casey Lyons). Miller was a very strong performer, with a lovely voice and great expression.”

Daily Bruin – 04/08/2018

“Twelve-year-old Miller also excels in his national tour debut as Gustave, impressively showcasing the pure voice of a naïve boy untouched by the unrelenting darkness surrounding him.”

San Diego Story – 03/30/2018

“…mourn with the great young Casey Lyons (who alternates with Jake Heston Miller) as his Gustave pines for a father figure.”

San Diego Union Tribune – 03/29/2018

“Jake Heston Miller, last seen locally in La Jolla Playhouse’s ‘Freaky Friday,’ is exceptionally focused and poised as young Gustave.”

Times of San Diego – 03/29/2018

“…young Gustave (a very impressive Casey Lyons at the performance I attended; he’s a young man with an already hefty list of musical theater credits).”

Las Vegas Review Journal – 03/22/2018

“The one bright spot in her life: her angelic son Gustave (Casey Lyons; Jake Heston Miller plays the role for some performances), who’s clearly inherited her musical gifts”

Broadway World San Francisco – 03/19/2018

“The one man in the production who achieves an interesting character arc and is played with grace is the boy, Gustave. The role alternates between Jake Heston Miller and Casey Lyons. Miller is a wide-eyed delight, absorbing the world around him with a child’s excited fascination and later processing a non-sexual coming out to an awareness of confusing parts of his nature and inner life.”

The Daily Journal – 03/17/2018

“Her family includes her young son, Gustave (the cherubic-voiced Jake Heston Miller, alternating with Casey Lyons)…”

Aisle Say San Francisco – 03/14/2018

“Her family includes her young son, Gustave (the cherubic-voiced Jake Heston Miller, alternating with Casey Lyons)…”

Hyde Park Herald – 02/28/2018

“Lyons sings like an angel, even when his frightened yet curiously excited Gustave is led to the dark side of Phantasma”

Northwest Herald – 02/20/2018

“The fantastic 13-year-old Casey Lyons is an innocent, purely delightful Gustave, and, when he channels his mother of 10 years ago, Lyons’ octave-range response to The Phantom’s ‘sing for me’ chills, and enchantment will consume you. Lyons is a scene-stealer (local connection – Casey played Oliver in the 2015 Woodstock Musical Theatre production at the Woodstock Opera House.)”

Chicago Now – 02/18/2018

“And dare we forget the pure sounds coming from the enchanted voice of Casey Lyons who plays Gustave, Christine’s son. His command and pitch were impressive for someone of his age”

Chicagoland Musical Theatre – 02/18/2018

“And Chicago native Casey Lyons is a boy (soprano) wonder as Gustave, Christine’s son”

Chicago Sun-Times – 02/17/2018

“their adorable son Gustave (Chicago’s angelic-voiced Casey Lyons)”

Chicago Theatre Addict – 02/17/2018

“And dare we forget the pure sounds coming from the enchanted voice of Casey Lyons who plays Gustave, Christine’s son. His command and pitch were impressive for someone of his age”

Chicago Tribune – 02/17/2018

“…Gustave (Casey Lyons, who is just fantastic).”

Around the Town Chicago – 02/16/2018

“…Gustave (tonight played by Casey Lyons, who has the voice of an angel and solid stage presence)…”

Chicago OnStage – 02/16/2018

“Christine’s son Gustave is played by a tandem of boys, Casey Lyons and Jake Heston Miller. On opening night, Chicago native Lyons’ beautiful voice was every bit as wonderful as any of the adults”

Chicago Theater and Arts – 02/16/2018

“the amazing vocalizations of Chicago native Casey Lyons as Gustave”

Chicago Theater & Concert Reviews – 02/16/2018

“The true discovery of the evening is young Casey Lyons, as Gustave (who alternates in the role with Jake Heston Miller). Master Lyons is another Windy City talent, with prior notable appearances as Michael Banks, in Mercury Theater’s ‘Mary Poppins,’ and as Harold Baxter in Drury Lane’s ‘Hazel: A Musical Maid in America.’ Here he dazzles with his lovely, clear, boy soprano, blending his voice with other castmates in ‘Mother, Please, I’m Scared,’ ‘The Beauty Underneath’ and ‘Streets of Coney Island.’ This little boy has a big career ahead of him in this pivotal role”

The Local Tourist – 02/16/2018

“And Gustave. Oh, Casey Lyons, you were stunning. This child, also a Chicago native, was phenomenal. His scene with The Phantom as the two discover the boy’s innate talent is gripping and jaw-dropping. I’m getting chills, again, just thinking of it”

BroadwayWorld Boston – 02/02/2018

“Lyons’ angelic voice and stage presence are impressive…”

The Boston Globe – 02/01/2018

“…young Gustave, well-played by the angelic-voiced Casey Lyons”

WBUR The ARTery – 02/01/2018

“As young Gustave, Casey Lyons is a wonderful find. He has a very natural air about him onstage and I loved listening to him sing”

Cleveland Jewish News – 01/12/2018

“Most importantly, the talent found for this touring production is impressive. The voices and acting performances – particularly those of Cortes, Picerno and young Miller – should meet the high expectations of the show’s fan-base…”

Akron Beacon Journal/ – 01/11/2018

“And the bright presence of young Gustave (stellar boy soprano Jake Heston Miller on Wednesday night) leaves us with a note of hope.”

BroadwayWorld Pittsburgh – 01/04/2018

“The role of Gustave (Casey Lyons) is nicely intertwined with the story of the Phantom, and his youthful voice adds a nice contrast to the booming voices of the adults in the room.”

WPRO News Talk 630 – 12/28/2017

“Jake Heston Miller as the young Gustave is an extremely adept actor and singer, especially given his age.”

BroadwayWorld Rhode Island – 12/27/2017

“Jake Heston Miller proves a rising star with an already remarkable vocal talent; as Gustave, he displays a lovely, warm rapport with Picerno’s Christine.”

Cape Cod Times – 12/27/2017

“Christine arrives with 10-year-old son Gustave (beautifully played and sung Tuesday by Jake Heston Miller)…”

Talkin’ Broadway – 12/15/2017

“I saw Casey Lyons, who nicely sang the treble soprano tessitura.”

News-Press – 12/07/2017

“And then there’s Jake Heston Miller as their son Gustave, a talented pianist and composer with an angelic singing voice”

BroadwayWorld Orlando – 11/23/2017

“At this performance, Gustave was played by Jake Heston Miller. This kid can sing some really high notes.”

Fan Sided – 11/22/2017

“Sung with her son, the talented Jake Heston Miller, the range of emotions is extensive. From lighthearted to foreboding, the mother and son evoke their bond in every note.”

Berkshire Fine Arts – 11/18/2017

“young Gustave (a sensitive, sweet-voiced and curious Jake Heston Miller during the reviewed performance)”

South Florida Gay News – 11/15/2017

“Most importantly, the cast—…and Casey Lyons (Gustave)—approach the task with gusto, singing their hearts out as melodies soar and digging deep into the most dramatic moments of the story.”

Broadway World Fort Lauderdale – 11/13/2017

“A young Casey Lyons, as Christine’s son Gustave, has the voice of an angel.”

Palm Beach Arts Paper – 11/11/2017

“Still, they are upstaged by young Jake Heston Miller (one of two Gustaves that rotate in the role), a very poised, natural child actor with a remarkably controlled upper register.”

EDGE Media Network – 11/10/2017

“For the opening performance, Casey Lyons sang the child’s role of Gustave and he did it very well.”

Florida Theatre On Stage – 11/08/2017

“Praise is also due Casey Lyons who switches off with Jake Heston Miller as Gustave. The boy has an angelic voice and is more convincing in his role than most child actors on stage.”

Hollywood Reporter – 11/08/2017

“And true to form, Lloyd Webber – ever the talent scout – has made another brilliant discovery, this time in Casey Lyons as the boy, whose angelic vocals and subdued acting are a marvel.”

Talkin’ Broadway – 11/06/2017

“At my performance, Jake Heston Miller took the role of young Gustave and was charming…with an ethereally beautiful boy soprano voice.”

Talkin’ Broadway Raleigh – 11/02/2017

“…and son Gustave (an amazingly talented Jake Heston Miller)…The real delight of the production is Jake Heston Miller as Gustave, Christine’s young son. A true talent through and through, with an amazing voice equal to that of the main protagonists, Mr. Miller also does not receive enough time on stage to showcase his talent. Gustave shares several songs with other characters but does not have one of his own, which is unfortunate.”

Triangle Explorer – 11/02/2017

“Little Gustave (played by Jake Heston Miller) brought a youthful energy to stage while demonstrating both strong acting chops and strong vocals alongside such older and accomplished singers.”

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