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Carly Gold

carly-gold CARLY GOLD (Small Alison) is thrilled to make her professional debut! Heartfelt thanks and overwhelming gratitude to the Fun Home creative team for this amazing opportunity; Jamie Pillet/Victoria Kress/Bonnie Shumosky – Abrams Artists; Ellyn Marsh, Janine Molinari. Special thanks to Mom, Dad, family and friends for their endless love and support. Dreams are worth dreaming!


Jadyn Schwartz

JADYN SCHWARTZ (Small Alison at certain performances) is honored to play this special role in her National Tour debut! She’s grateful to the Fun Home creative team for this amazing opportunity. Special thanks to Alyson Isbrantsen, Jason Bercy & Jillian Cimini. Love and thanks to Mom, Dad, Jules, Jilly, family and friends for your love and support. Instagram: @jadynschwartz


Henry Boshart

HENRY BOSHART (John) is grateful for this opportunity to make his professional debut! Many thanks to Dave McKeown and Shirley Grant Management, Trapper Felides, Random Farms Theater and the entire Fun Home Family. Love to Charlie, Amelia, Mom & Dad, Grandparents, teachers and friends for believing in me and supporting my dreams.

Luké Barbato Smith

LUKÉ BARBATO SMITH (Christian) is thrilled to join the cast of Fun Home. He recently appeared at the Kennedy Center in Debbie Allen’s Freeze Frame… Stop the Madness. Luké can be seen in commercials for the Ford GT, Wendy’s, DirecTV, Disney and more. His television credits include The Goldbergs and Tyrant.

Noelle Hogan

NOELLE HOGAN (Understudy Small Alison, John, Christian) is so excited and grateful to be making her National Tour debut in this beautiful show! TV: HBO Succession. Special thanks to Nancy Carson and Karen Lampiasi/LTM. Unending love and thanks to my Mom, Dad, sister, brothers, dance teachers at Brava Dance and friends! Following my dreams! For Grandfather.


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Broadway World Nashville – 10/12/2017

“When small Alison and her two siblings put together a lavish song and dance number for their make-believe TV commercial for the funeral home, their positive spirit can be felt through the audience, who were easily won over by the playful debauchery of Gold, Christian (Luké Barbato Smith) and John (Henry Boshart), who all boast impressive voices for their young ages and the dance moves to match.”

Tennessean – 10/11/2017

“Carly Gold also charms as the precocious Small Alison, serving up one of the evening’s most well-crafted songs, ‘Ring of Keys.’ Gold, who shares the role with Jadyn Schwartz, also teams up with young Henry Boshart and Luké Barbato Smith for the funky ‘Come to the Fun Home.’”

Carolina Curtain Call – 09/29/2017

“Small Alison (10 years old) is embodied by the spunky Carly Gold”

Arts + Culture TX – 09/18/2017

“Small Alison (a bouncy Carly Gold, making her first professional debut), a little girl who yearns to fly”

Dallas Morning News – 09/18/2017

“Gold, a tiny, but mighty child actress, unerringly channels the spirit of a girl who adores the father who lifts her up in the sky with their ‘flying’ game, bu is determined to fly beyond the narrow conventions of the world where he’s set his flag.”

Dallas News – 09/14/2017

“Gold, a tiny, but mighty child actress, unerringly channels the spirit of a girl who adores the father who lifts her up in the sky with their ‘flying’ game, but is determined to fly beyond the narrow strip and conventions of the world where he’s set his flag.”

Theater Jones – 09/14/2017

“the boundlessly energetic, creative, and curious youngster, played by Carly Gold with appropriate innocent energy and well-projected pre-adolescent soprano voice…”

BroadwayWorld Phoenix – 09/11/2017

“Small Alison, played by Carly Gold is absolutely adorable and carries herself with childlike vulnerability, but matured confidence.”

Talkin’ Broadway – 09/07/2017

“As Small Alison, Carly Gold is a knock out and utterly delightful. With well thought out line delivery, facial expressions and inflections, we see the hurt she feels every time her father yells at her when he doesn’t think she is living up to the perfect image he has of her, and also the excitement she exhibits at many times. Her performance of ‘Ring of Keys,’ the song she sings when she sees the delivery woman in a diner and knows that they are somehow connected, is a soaring, sensational and thrilling moment of beauty and self-discovery.”

AZ Central – 09/06/2017

“In the tween role of Small Alison, Carly Gold (alternating with Jadyn Schwartz) delivers the soaring paean to butch style ‘Ring of Keys’”

My Statesman – 08/10/2017

“Carly Gold as Small Alison…are every bit as strong as Shindle, and together the three actresses create a deeply moving and heart-wrenchingly intimate portrait of the whole Alison.”

Broadway World Los Angeles – 08/04/2017

“a curious young 10-year-old (played by the adorable Carly Gold)…Gold’s Small Alison is clearly having a blast with her little bros Christian (Luké Barbato Smith) and John (Henry Boshart) during the too-cute ‘Come To The Fun Home’…Even the show’s signature ballad ‘Ring of Keys’ has a layer of buoyant joy bursting from its belted notes….Pint-sized Gold sounds delightful in every song, particularly in ‘Ring of Keys,’ the show’s signature ‘aha’ moment.”

Los Angeles Times – 08/03/2017

“Of the trio, the younger Gold becomes the most memorable, brimming with childish enthusiasm as she goads her father (Robert Petkoff) into giving her an ‘airplane ride.'”

Social Thrills – 08/03/2017

“The three kids including small Alison, played by the delightful CARLY GOLD, were all exuberant! Never seeming to miss a beat or a note, the three delivered a performance that was equal to their senior counterparts.”

Geek Girl Authority – 08/02/2017

“I feel like I have to mention Abby Corrigan and Carly Gold, though, who respectively played ‘Medium Alison’ and ‘Small Alison.’…Stand out musical numbers: The three Bechdel kids singing a song they’ve written to advertise the family’s funeral home, complete with 70s-style choreography…Small Alison singing about recognizing the beauty in a butch delivery woman…”

OC Register – 08/02/2017

“Gold’s Small Alison is a reasonably happy kid, with Gold delivering the ingenuous charm and innocence of any 10-year-old girl. That makes her scenes heartbreaking – notably, how the overbearing Bruce stifles the child’s love of drawing cartoons.”

Stage Scene LA – 08/01/2017

“Three extraordinary actresses breathe life into a young lesbian’s journey from childhood to mid-life…Carly Gold plays 10-year-old Small Alison, raised with her two younger male siblings (Luké Barbato Smith as Christian and Henry Boshart as John) in the family-run funeral home…Splitting a single leading role among them, Fun Home’s three female stars are all absolutely mesmerizing under Sam Gold’s nuanced direction. The enchanting Gold reveals the pluck and heart of a future feminist fighter, giving Dad back as good as she gets….and tykes Smith and Boshart’s blend cuteness, spunk, and charm (and some fancy footwork as well).” ”

Talkin’ Broadway – 07/22/2017

“The tour cast is strong…Gold is a tiny, old soul child actress, and she nails little Alison’s paean to her first female crush, with the show’s hit number ‘Ring of Keys.’…The child actors who play the now-you-see-them, later-you-don’t siblings of young Alison are hilarious and naturals, as kids playing kids usually are.”

Culture Catch – 07/17/2017

“Carly Gold gives a very sweet and endearing performance as Small Alison. Breaking from the role traditionally reserved for child characters, Gold shines with the more meaningful number ‘Ring of Keys’ where the youngests of the Alisons first becomes aware of her attraction towards women in this song of confusion and budding self-awareness…‘Come to the Fun Home’ is a definite high point and a welcomed, light-hearted relief from the more weighing subject matter.”

Broadway World Seattle – 07/14/2017

“Gold and Corrigan each inhabit Alison in her different stages perfectly making the arc as a whole all that much more palpable…And as Alison’s younger brothers John and Christian, Henry Boshart and Luke Barbato Smith are delightful.”

Art on My Sleeve – 07/03/2017

“Gold is every bit as exuberant and appealing as her Broadway counterpart”

BroadwayWorld Charlotte – 06/30/2017

“[Carly] Gold is every bit as exuberant and appealing as her Broadway counterpart”

Artsy Charlotte – 06/29/2017

“Carly Gold as Small Alison is aware of the characters’ highs and lows, and effectively delivers them. When she’s excited, you can’t help but smile. And when she’s not, you’re not either. She forces you to feel every emotion she throws into the air. You’ll picture the girl next door and fall in love while wanting to be her protector.”

Charlotte Observer – 06/28/2017

“Carly Gold captures the confusion and energy of Young Alison, whose antics with two young brothers (including a mock commercial for the family’s funeral home – the ‘Fun Home’ of the title) illustrate their quirky childhood’s camaraderie. Gold’s performance of ‘Ring of Keys’ is another emotional pivot, as the girl, whose relationship with her father is growing more strained, finally sees someone she can identify with: a female delivery driver whom adult Alison describes as ‘old school butch.'”

Two on the Aisle – 06/22/2017

“The three actors playing Alison at different ages are all terrific: Carly Gold as ‘Small Alison’…”

On Stage Blog – 06/21/2017

“Thankfully, the pretend commercial for the family business performed by the three children in the cast ‘Come to the Fun Home’ adds a bit of levity; the memorable ‘Ring of Keys’ is also performed beautifully by the youngest Alison…Carly Gold…did very well in the role of Small Alison; clearly a professional she remained a child for the part”

Philly Gay Calendar – 06/16/2017

“Listed for this performance in the program was Carly Gold as a spunky Small Alison who touchingly sung “Ring of Keys” when she realizes her connection to a very butch delivery woman. Singing this song, small Alison first called her “beautiful” then “handsome.” … Jadyn Schwartz is an alternative Small Alison for some performances.”

Broad Street Review – 06/15/2017

“Carly Gold plays Small Alison, who, with brothers Christian (Luke Barbato Smith) and John (Henry Boshart) reveal the simple joys mixed with mounting confusion in their small-town home….Young Alison sings one of the 100-minute show’s best songs, “Ring of Keys,” which beautifully reveals a defining childhood moment of attraction…the Alison trio’s subtle harmonies…”

Philly – 06/15/2017

“and preadolescent “Small Alison” (Carly Gold, with Jadyn Schwarz at some performances). All three actresses are marvelous, though starkly different….And Gold, more feminine than butch, has cuteness and charm to spare.”

Talkin’ Broadway – 06/15/2017

“Carly Gold…strongly convey Alison’s personal development as a child”

DC Metro Theater Arts – 06/14/2017

“The three ages of Alison are portrayed with three-dimensional complexity and sensitivity by the consistently excellent Kate Shindle as the present-day 43-three-year-old, Carly Gold as the ten-year-old child, and Abby Corrigan as the young-adult college student. Each delivers a believable range of feelings, psychological insight, and powerful vocals that capture her essence and growth, her highs and lows, and her honest and intimate appraisal of herself and her family. … And Gold displays her enormous talent as the Small Alison, stealing our hearts with her captivating charm, prodigious emotional and psychological depth, and masterful vocals; her prescient “Ring of Keys” is a highlight of the show. … Luké Barbato Smith and Henry Boshart as Alison’s younger brothers Christian and John provide moments of ingenuous amusement as they join their family in singing a “Welcome to our House on Maple Avenue,” spin in circles to don a jacket, then offer some morbid laughs as they hide with their sister in an empty casket, dance around it with abandon, and invite us, in a mock commercial for the family business, to “Come to the Fun Home” (their disturbing name for the funeral home inherited and directed by their father).”

Go Home Philly – 06/14/2017

“The cast is exceptional. From Small Alison performing a hilarious commercial parody dancing and singing with her brothers (played by youngsters Luke Barbato Smith and Henry Boshart) about their family’s funeral home … Last night at the Forrest Theatre, Gold as Small Alison absolutely rocked every single song; it’s so incredible to see such passion and emotion in musical theatre. She’ll be going places for sure.”

Vizion Magazine – 06/08/2017

“Her fun loving and innocent childhood counterpart, played by Jadyn Schwartz, wows audiences with her ability to bring the young narrator to life with dramatic emotion.”

Lansing State Journal – 06/07/2017

“Carly Gold as the youngest Alison gets to sing the anthem of the show, “Ring of Keys”, and the young singer/actress wins over the audience.”

Greater Lansing Theater – 06/07/2017

“Carly Gold was remarkable as the child Alison, and really brought the FUN to Fun Home when joined by her brothers Luke Barbato Smith and Henry Boshard.”

Eira Reviews – 06/04/2017

“the vocal score was brilliant and there was a couple of absolute stand out moments for me through the show. “Come to the Fun Home” – John, Christian & Small Alison, the ‘siblings’, played by Henry Boshart, Luke Barbato Smith and Carly Gold were fantastic, the dancing the vocals and the choreography — they pulled it off with magnificence — well done!!…What a way to end a show — very atypical of musical theatre, we ended with “Flying Away (Finale)” — Alison, Medium Alison & Small Alison. A triumph of a trio, their voices blended in fabulous harmony, they sang with heartfelt emotion and I was physically moved. Congratulations Kate Shindle, Abby Corrigan and Carly Gold, you were a sensation!”

Broadway World Kansas City – 05/31/2017

“And speaking of Small Alison, Carly Gold’s honesty in singing “Ring of Keys” left tears in my eyes and several audience members holding their partners a little tighter as she sings about seeing someone for the first time who she felt a deep connection with because they were whom she wants to be like.”

Perform Ink – 05/31/2017

“Carly Gold as Small Alison is full of light and seemingly boundless energy. She has a beautifully clear voice and handles complicated music with aplomb. Her big solo is “Ring of Keys” where Small Alison sees for the first time, a lesbian, who is “handsome,” and feels both in awe of and deeply connected to her. Seeing that moment of connection was incredibly moving.”

Kansas City Star – 05/30/2017

“Carly Gold, so tomboyishly adorable you want to take her home…Small Alison also has a jawdroppingly touching moment when she sings “Ring of Keys,” about encountering a mannish woman in a diner and realizing that she’s drawn to this unconventional individual:”

Houston Chronicle – 05/21/2017

“…a charming Carly Gold…”

Houstonia Magazine – 05/19/17

“…Carly Gold, giving a performance beyond her years…”

BroadwayWorld Houston – 05/18/17

“Carly Gold is Little Alison (some performances played by Jadyn Schwartz), and she gives a spunky take on the youngest and most vulnerable stage of the character…Henry Boshart and Luke Barbato Smith get to be cute as buttons as Alison’s brothers, and they dance and sing as well as their adult counterparts. There’s no weak link, and everyone delivers honest and earnest performances of a very challenging work.”

Culture Map Houston – 05/18/17

“…the glorious Carly Gold…”

Houston Chronicle – 05/18/17

“…a charming Carly Gold…”

The Hoya – 05/02/17

“Shindle is captivating as the smart and funny but haunted Alison, while the three younger cast members — Baldacchino as Small Alison, and Pierson Salvador and Lennon Nate Hammond as her brothers Christian and John — never fail to delight.”

DBK News – 04/24/17

“…the very talented Alessandra Baldacchino…”

MD Theatre Guide – 04/22/17

“Baldacchino not only had a voice powerful beyond her years but her acting and the complex feelings she was able to deftly express incredibly impressed this reviewer.”

The Writer’s Blog – 04/22/17

“In such an intense show, the young children helped lighten the mood a little bit. Small Alison and her two brothers, Christian and John (Pierson Salvador and Lennon Nate Hammond, respectively), have a large, flashy number in which they try to create a commercial for their “fun home.” They bring an element of fun and innocence, combined with intense choreography and acrobatics. Their childhood playfulness helped keep the characters young and hopeful as they are forced to deal with their changing world.”

Broadway World DC – 04/21/17

“”Ring of Keys” (delivered with an emotionally nuanced performance by Alessandra Baldacchino)…the extremely capable Alessandra Baldacchino…”

DC Theatre Scene – 04/21/17

“…the kids have “Come to the Fun Home,” and, it must be said, that stopped the show as well. In it, Baldacchino is joined by Lennon Nate Hammond and Pierson Salvador. It’s a delight to see child actors being allowed to have fun in such a charming way, without being pushed in a manner that makes one uncomfortable.”

DC Metro Theater Arts – 04/20/17

“From her opening solo in “It All Comes Back” to one of my favorites – the heartfelt, heartwarming “Ring of Keys” – Alessandra Baldacchino wowed me as Small Alison. Though young, Baldacchino has a powerful voice that you just know you’ll be hearing much more of in the future on the Great White Way…Pierson Salvador and Lennon Nate Hammond play Christian and John Bechdel, respectively. These kids, as Alison’s younger siblings, threaten to walk away with the show in their big number with Baldacchino’s Small Alison, “Come to the Fun Home.” Their singing rocked and I’m still chuckling over their awesome dance moves.”

Washington Post – 04/20/17

“…the equally effective Alessandra Baldacchino as Small Alison…Performed by Alessandra with the two other adorable actors who play Alison’s brothers, Pierson Salvador and Lennon Nate Hammond, “Come to the Fun Home” is their risible enactment of a pretend TV spot for the Bechdel Funeral Home.”

Studio City Patch – 03/15/17

“Alessandra Baldacchino reprises her Broadway role as “Small Alison.” With her vibrant voice and captivating presence, she’s destined to go far.”

Huffington Post – 03/10/17

“Baldacchino is a sprightly and saucy presence, and young Hammond and Salvador help the kids steal the show.”

Daily News – 03/03/17

“And each performances is exquisite, from young Baldacchino’s emotionally intricate solo…”

LA Downtown News – 03/03/17

“…an impressive and captivating Alessandra Baldacchino…The show-stealer is “Come to the Fun Home,” a homemade pretend commercial sung by Small Alison and her brothers John and Christian (Lennon Nate Hammond and Pierson Salvador). With a melody reminiscent of classic Motown, the kids’ jingle, complete with choreographed dance, is fun and funny.”

Los Angeles Beat – 03/01/17

“I must add that Alessandra Baldacchino, considering her young age, absolutely blew me away with her vocal power and acting chops.”

Stage Raw – 03/01/17

“…Baldacchino transforms from a fun-loving child into one who starts to understand the dysfunction within her family.”

Liberty Voice – 02/24/17

“The early showstopper, “Come to the Fun Home,” is a faux commercial jingle for the Bechdel Funeral Home. It is performed in and around a casket with gusto by a charming Baldacchino with Lennon Nate Hammond and Pierson Salvador as her siblings.”

On Stage Blog – 02/24/17

“…Baldacchino, whom I also saw on Broadway when she was an understudy, gives an adorable and surprisingly sophisticated performance…”

Hollywood Reporter – 02/23/17

“The early show-stopper is “Come to the Fun Home,” a Jackson Five pastiche performed in and around a casket by a robust trio of kids — Baldacchino, Lennon Nate Hammond and Pierson Salvador as siblings goofing around.”

Los Angeles Times – 02/23/17

“…delightful Alessandra Baldacchino…

“Ring of Keys” is perhaps the most famous song in a show that, in keeping with its seamless vision, doesn’t even provide a list of titles in the program. Sung with adorable fervor by Baldacchino, the number is about Small Alison’s identification with a butch delivery woman whose difference thrills her and reminds her of her own. By the time this song arrives, we already know so much about Alison, having seen her at various stages of her life. But still we listen and eagerly learn more about her story, which will grow large enough to encompass her father’s tragedy and her own brilliant survival.”

Stage Scene LA – 02/22/17

“The entrancing Baldacchino reveals the pluck and heart of a future feminist fighter…tykes Salvador and Hammond complete the cast with an irresistible blend of cuteness, spunk, and charm.”

Bay Area Reporter – 02/02/17

“…Alessandra Baldacchino (at most performances) as precocious young Alison is also a delight…”

Talkin’ Broadway – 01/31/17

“Alessandra Baldacchino plays small Alison, Abby Corrigan plays medium Alison, and Kate Shindle plays the adult Alison; they all have excellent voices…”

SF Examiner – 01/28/17

“…little Alessandra Baldacchino is endearing in the role.”

East Bay Times – 01/27/17

“All three incarnations of Alison have the power to captivate but Baldacchino is a showstopper…”

Theater Dogs – 01/27/17

“Alessandra Baldacchino as young Alison conveys childish enthusiasm confronting the reality of an erratic father, and her performance of “Ring of Keys” is nothing short of thrilling.”

Broadway World Denver – 01/19/17

“Baldacchino brings Small Alison provides a beautiful intricacy that most child roles are missing. My waterworks kicked off during her performance of “Ring of Keys”…and I didn’t really stop until curtain call.”

Denver Post – 01/12/17

“Alessandra Baldacchino as Small Alison nails her endearing number, “Ring of Keys,” a child’s moment of gay cultural awareness.”

Star Tribune – 12/14/16

“…an adorable Alessandra Baldacchino…”

Twin Cities Arts – 12/14/16

“The delivery by the younger cast doesn’t disappoint – Alessandra Baldacchino shines as Small Alison, especially in the innocuously named but key “Ring of Keys.” There are also unexpected gems like the morbidly funny children’s trio “Welcome to the Fun Home,” which simply has to be seen and heard to understand.”

Twin Cities Pioneer Press – 12/14/16

“…winsome, earnest Alessandra Baldacchino…”

On Stage Blog – 12/08/16

“Baldacchino’s small “Alison” is funny and drew a long applause from the audience with the song “Ring of Keys”.”

BroadwayWorld Detroit – 12/02/16

“Alessandra Baldacchino plays Small Alison. She is endearing and sweet on stage with a pure voice. Her childlike wonder is a joy to watch and her talent is abundant. The moments when Shindle, Corrigan, and Baldacchino are all on stage together are some of the best moments of the show as they are the most fascinating to watch and the musically the most interesting to hear.”

The Oakland Press – 11/30/16

“The vehicle that makes “Fun Home” ultimately succeed is the telling of the story by three Alison’s…Alessandra Baldacchino’s spitfire 10-year-old Small Alison…”

BND – 11/22/16

“Alessandra Baldacchino, recreating the young role she played on Broadway, is a natural, and shines on the potent “Ring of Keys,” smart beyond precociousness.”

Stage Left – 11/22/16

“…Alessandra Baldacchino is utterly engaging as Small Alison. There’s fine work here as well by Lennon Nate Hammond and Pierson Salvador as Young Alison’s brothers John and Christian…”

BWW St. Louis – 11/21/16

“…Alessandra Baldacchino (the role is shared with Carly Gold) was simply adorable as small Alison… Lennon Nate Hammond (John) and Pierson Salvador (Christian) are solid as Alison’s younger siblings”

Playback STL – 11/19/16

“…the absolutely phenomenal Alessandra Baldacchino…”

Snoop’s Theatre Thoughts – 11/19/16

“The performers are all top-notch, as well, led by the three Alisons…the thoughtful, playful, brash Baldacchino as Small Alison…and there are also fine performances from Salvador and Hammond as Christian and John”

STL Today – 11/16/16

“And Small Allison (Alessandra Baldacchino) puts her whole heart into the show’s best song, “Ring of Keys,”…”

Splash Magazine – 11/13/16

“[Shindle’s] balanced as a fully-realized person by the stellar performances of her younger selves, Alessandra Baldacchino”

Loyola Phoenix – 11/10/16

“Small Alison (the sweet, tough and lovable Alessandra Baldacchino)…Baldacchino plays the youngest Alison, a tomboy who prefers a jean jacket and sneakers to a dress. In the song “Ring of Keys,” she sings about an immediate bond she feels with a butch delivery woman, who she notices while out with her father.”

NWI Times – 11/10/16

“…one of the most whimsical, “fun” songs in the production is “Come to the Fun Home,” performed by Small Alison and her brothers. The audience is fully engaged as the children romp around the stage, using a coffin as a prop and singing about life in their unique home.”

Chicago Tribune – 11/09/16

“The rest of the cast includes the amazing young and vibrant vocal and acting abilities of Alessandra Baldacchino as Alison in her earliest years, including her antics with her younger brothers John, played by Lennon Nate Hammond, and Christian, played by Pierson Salvador. When these three share the stage to sing and swagger in the musical number “Come to the Fun Home,” it’s a show-stopping sensation.”

Talkin’ Broadway – 11/08/16

“The present day Alison is shown as the sum of experiences at Alison’s earlier stages in life, which are shown vividly in the energetic and stunning performances of Alessandra Baldacchino as “Small Alison” (who understudied the role on Broadway)…Alison’s brothers are played charmingly by Pierson Salvador and Lennon Nate Hammond”

Chicago Theater Beat – 11/07/16

“As Small Alison, Alessandra Baldacchino is adorable without being cloying or cutesy, and with “Ring of Keys” unleashes a voice that will make you recall every sky-high hope you had as a child. In one spot-on scene, Small Alison is mesmerized by “The Partridge Family,” the family that most children of the 1970s yearned to be adopted by.

For all the darkness, Fun Home is lit with humor. As Alison’s rambunctious little brothers, Lennon Nate Hammond and Pierson Salvador are responsible for much of it. Their fake funeral home commercial “Come to the Fun Home,” (performed with Baldacchino) is a highlight of the production.”

Third Coast Review – 11/07/16

“Small Alison has two adorable brothers: Christian and John (Pierson Salvador and Lennon Nate Hammond. Their charming song-and-dance number in and around a coffin is a predictable show-stopper.”

BWW Chicago – 11/06/16

“One of the “fun” moments is her fond recollection of Small Alison and her two brothers (Pierson Salvador and Lennon Nate Hammond) making up a Jackson 5-inspired song about their father’s funeral home — which they call Fun Home.”

Chicago and Musical Theatre – 11/06/16

“…Lennon Nate Hammond and Pierson Salvador, both adorable…Alessandra Baldacchino is phenomenal as Small Alison, belting out” Ring of Keys.” It’s one of the show’s most culturally groundbreaking songs…”

Lolly Gag Blog – 11/06/16

“And as for Alessandra Baldacchino’s Small Alison, her pint-sized stature belies a large stage presence, never more evident than in the show-stopping number “Ring of Keys,” her startled ode of adoration towards a diner delivery gal.”

Around the Town Chicago – 11/04/16

“Small Alison is played by Alessandra Baldacchino, who is adorable and packs a wallop when she sings.”

Chicago Sun Times – 11/04/16

“…the excellent Alessandra Baldacchino…”

Daily Herald – 11/04/16

“…preteen Alison (the bright, determined Alessandra Baldacchino)…Pierson Salvador and Lennon Nate Hammond are charming as younger brothers Christian and John.”

Perform Ink – 11/04/16

“Pierson Salvador and Lennon Nate Hammond are adorable as Alison’s brothers Christian and John—and all three Bechdel children supply what is indeed the most “fun” moment in the show, “Come to the Fun Home”…”

Indy Week – 10/28/16

“…Alessandra Baldacchino’s Small Alison is whip-smart.”

The News & Observer – 10/26/16

“As the young Alison, Alessandra Baldacchino’s spunky energy is engaging…”

Triangle Arts and Entertainment – 10/26/16

“Baldacchino in the youngest version of Alison is also excellent, and one of her funniest moments comes in the hysterical “Come to the Fun Home,” in which young Alison and her brothers perform an in-coffin (pretend) commercial for their father’s funeral home.” – 10/26/16

“Alessandra Baldacchino, who plays small Allison, was also the understudy for the role on Broadway. She really shines during “Ring of Keys,” but I think my favorite scenes for her were when she interacted with Allison’s two brothers. The trio’s “Come to the Fun Home” is one of the most memorable and lighthearted scenes in the show.”

Talkin’ Broadway Cleveland – 10/11/16

“…[Baldacchino] plays the emotions correctly and communicates Young Alison’s emotions to the audience.”

Cool Cleveland – 10/09/16

“…a bouncy Alessandra Baldacchino…Alison’s life journey include Small Alison’s little brothers John (Lennon Nate Hammond) and Christian (Pierson Salvador). The trio gets well-deserved laughs in the ironically titled “Come to the Fun Home” as they jump in and out of a showroom casket (one of the family businesses is running a funeral home).” – 10/07/16

“…a straightforward and winning Alessandra Baldacchino…”

Cleveland Jewish News – 10/07/16

“As Small Alison at age 9, Alessandra Baldacchino is magnificent. Honest in her expression of emotion and authentic in her relationships with her bothers – played well by Pierson Salvadore and Lennon Nate Hammond – Baldacchino captures all the complexities of this character. She is also blessed with a lovely voice that absolutely crushes the song “Ring of Keys,” where Small Alison recognizes herself in a butch delivery-woman who walks by.” – 10/07/16

“Baldacchino, who was an understudy for the Broadway production, makes “Ring of Keys” a highlight…” – 10/06/16

“Alessandra Baldacchino is adorable as Small Alison in her blue jeans, awkward haircut and striped ’70s shirt, an exuberant little girl trying to appease the obsessive expectations of her father. Small Alison and her brothers — played by Pierson Salvador and Lennon Nate Hammond — are hilarious singing the ultra-perky Jackson 5-style Come to the Fun Home, an imaginary advertisement they’ve created for the family funeral home.

Young Baldacchino also shines in Ring of Keys, a beautiful, innocent song of self-awareness that is one of the tenderest moments in the show.” –>

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