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The Column Online – 03/22/2018

“I must apologize to the actors cast as the Llewellyn Davies children. These roles are multiple cast and I was not able to discern who was performing last evening. I know how important it is to read your name in print. The actors I saw were all very good (the song ‘We’re All Made of Stars’ was one of many great moments). And the actor who played Peter was touching and real. Thank you to all of you.”

The Oklahoman – 03/18/2018

“…there are some really lovely, stripped-down moments as well, especially the boys’ ukulele, washboard and woodblock ditty ‘We’re All Made of Stars.’”

On Milwaukee – 02/22/2018

“…young Peter (adorable 10-year-old Turner Birthisel)…and Birthisel shine in their heartfelt number, ‘When Your Feet Don’t Touch the Ground”

Detroit Free Press – 02/13/2018

“Those boys, by the way, are one of the highlights of the show. On opening night, they were played by Connor Casey, Colin Wheeler, Bergman Freedman and Turner Birthisel with…effortless innocence”

Downriver Sunday Times – 02/08/2018

“The children in the cast are tremendously talented…”

Boomer Magazine – 01/31/2018

“And the chance to hear angelic children’s voices is always a plus – especially the touching duet with Mr. Barrie and young Peter, two of the show’s best voices (played by Will Ray and Turner Birthisel, respectively)…”

Sifter/TV Jerry – 01/31/2018

“…their ‘We’re All Made of Stars’ is one of the show’s highlights”

Baewatch – 01/24/2018

“The four child actors in the roles of Sylvia’s children are some of the best I’ve seen in touring Broadway productions. …they all play their characters in earnest.”

BroadwayWorld Palm Beach – 01/04/2018

“Tighe has wonderful chemistry with the four Llewelyn Davies children. … The four children, as well as their pet dog, steal bits of scenes here and there with their undeniable charm and talent. … The most memorable musical moment for me was the heartfelt second act duet between J.M. Barrie and Peter ‘When Your Feet Don’t Touch the Ground’ in which the actor playing Peter unleashes a surprisingly strong and lovely voice”

Palm Beach Daily News – 01/03/2018

“Turner Birthisel, Wyatt Cirbus, Tyler Patrick Hennessy and Colin Wheeler played the rambunctious boys on Tuesday night with aplomb. Birthisel brings conviction to the key role of Peter, the disillusioned child with whom Barrie develops the closest bond”

El Nuevo Herald – 12/29/2017

“Aunque los que más sorprenden, por sus pocos años (en un conjunto de excelentes profesionales) son sin duda los niños Turner Birthisel (Peter), Colin Wheeler (George), Bergman Freedman (Jack) y Tyler Hennessy (Michael), que dejan a todos boquiabiertos con su número ‘We’re All Made of Stars.’”

SparkPeople – 12/27/2017

“The four boys are especially fine playing boys who just happen to be singers, dancers, actors and pirates while Casey as Peter holds his own in a fine duet with Tighe called ‘When Your Feet Don’t Touch The Ground’”

South Florida Insider – 12/26/2017

“The young actors whom played the four brothers were outstanding. This was never more evident than their performance of ‘We’re All Made of Stars.’ Of course when child actors are involved there is always the ‘awe’ factor. These young people are the real deal. Skilled actors and singers who will no doubt win your heart.”

The Free Weekly – 12/21/2017

“Connor Jameson Casey as Peter in Tuesday’s opening night show breaks your heart as his innocence grapples with the painful realities of life—culminating in the moving ‘When Your Feet Don’t Touch the Ground’ with Barrie. Colin Wheeler, too, as George Davies earns a few moments in the spotlight with a well-placed line signaling at his own pain, as well as charming vocals in the harmony-rich ‘We’re All Made of Stars’ performed by the four brothers.”

Encore Michigan – 12/14/2017

“Casey brings a convincing melancholy to Peter, and he mirrors what has been happening in Barrie’s professional life. His Peter asks the probing questions that create change in Barrie’s outlook. All of the children do an excellent job, exuberantly playing and also capturing the quiet moments effectively.”

Lansing City Pulse – 12/14/2017

“The Llewelyn Davies children—Connor Jameson Casey as Peter, Colin Wheeler as George, Wyatt Cirbus as Jack and Tyler Patrick Hennessy as Michael—are polished professionals themselves. The children may change roles each night, but their performances feel unique.”

Vizion Magazine – 12/14/2017

“The boys in this production brought great energy to the show, including Michigan’s own Connor Jameson Casey. Casey, who is originally from Ann Arbor, makes his Broadway debut as George, Peter, and Jack—alternating roles depending on the performance.”

A2 View – 12/13/2017

“All four of the Llewelyn Davies children are outstanding, including Ann Arbor’s own Connor Jameson Casey. The children rotate from performance to performance, but these are lovely full-bodied performances that never become too cute or too cloying.”

Lansing State Journal – 12/13/2017

“The four boys are not just inserted in the show (Connor Jameson Casey, Wyatt Cirbus, Tyler Patrick Hennessy, Colin Wheeler) for fun, eye candy. They are important characters in many of the scenes—singing, dancing and acting—and they do a spectacular job.”

Revue WM – 12/13/2017

“The four boys…alternate roles throughout the run and they really bring it, going toe-for-toe with all the adult actors, never missing a beat. There are plenty of plays with one or two child actors, but few have one that carries as much of the show’s emotional weight as Peter does. Ann Arbor native Casey is at times heartbreaking to watch—get your tissues ready during one of the show’s most poignant numbers, the duet ‘When Your Feet Don’t Touch the Ground’—but also switches easily into Peter’s lighter moments, when he gets to be the kid he actually is.”

Greater Lansing Ubiquitous Theatre – 12/12/2017

“The boys were wonderful—especially Connor Jameson Casey as Peter, a role that demands more than the boyish cuteness and energy of his charming brothers, including struggles with what it means to grow up and face life’s troubling realities. … We also saw Colin Wheeler, Wyatt Cirbus and Tyler Patrick Hennessy—adorable and talented, all.”

The Daily Gazette – 12/06/2017

“Turner Birthisel, Colin Wheeler, Wyatt Cirbus and Tyler Patrick Hennessy light up the stage as the Davies boys.”

The Inquirer – 11/22/2017

“All four young actors—Turner Birthisel as Peter, Colin Wheeler as George, Wyatt Cirbus as Jack, and Tyler Hennessy as Michael—are superb. They maintain perfect English accents, they develop individual characters for their roles, and they can sing.”

League of Cincinnati Theatres – 11/14/2017

“Similarly, the Davies children were also strong actors and singers. The children Peter (Connor Jameson Casey), George (Bergman Freedman), Jack (Wyatt Cirbus), and Michael (Tyler Patrick Hennessy) acted naturally like ordinary children who could beautifully harmonize when needed. Their solo song ‘We’re All Made of Stars’ was a high point in Act II.”

Talkin’ Broadway – National Tour – 11/11/2017

“Six young performers rotate in the roles of the Llewelyn Davies boys; showcased at the performance attended were Colin Wheeler (Peter), Connor Jameson Casey (George), Bergman Freedman (Jack), and Turner Birthisel (Michael). Each is versatile and very talented.”

KSTP TV – 11/03/2017

“It should come as no surprise that the stars of ‘Finding Neverland’ are children. Connor Jameson Casey (Peter), Colin Wheeler (George), Wyatt Cirbus (Jack), and Tyler Patrick Hennessy (Michael) did a phenomenal job…They truly shined in the second act performing, ‘We’re All Made of Stars.’”

BroadwayWorld Louisville – 10/25/2017

“The four Davies boys (who alternate roles every performance) were wonderful and charming. On opening night Connor Jameson Casey was on as Peter, which is arguably the most developed child character in the show. Many times I found myself moved by his raw emotion”

My Mommy Nest – 10/25/2017

“There are also four young boys who portray the Llewellyn Davies clan and their spirit and energy lit up the stage! Connor Casey, Colin Wheeler, Wyatt Cirbus, and Tyler Hennessy put so much life and emotion into these four young boys”

On The Aisle With Tom Alvarez – 10/19/2017

“Particularly noteworthy were the charming performances of the multi-talented quartet of young actors who played the lively Davies brothers. Connor Casey played Peter, Colin Wheeler was George, Wyatt Cirbus was Jack and Tyler Hennessy was Michael.”

Omaha World-Herald – 10/12/2017

“Other standouts are Connor Jameson Casey as Peter”

The Milford Daily News – 08/11/2017

“Sylvia’s young sons, George, Peter, Jack and Michael (on press night played by Colin Wheeler, Connor Jameson, Turner Birthisel and Tyler Patrick Hennessy, who all play their parts in a wonderfully joyful way)…”

Broadway World Boston – 08/11/2017

“The talents of the four boys are considerable, especially when you consider that they (and Wyatt Cirbus and Bergman Freedman who did not perform on opening night) each cover one of three of the four roles at any given performance. They are triple threats who sing, dance, and act like a family, endearing themselves without being cloying.”

Wicked Local Somerville – 08/11/2017

“Sylvia’s young sons, George, Peter, Jack and Michael (on press night played by Colin Wheeler, Connor Jameson, Turner Birthisel and Tyler Patrick Hennessy, who all play their parts in a wonderfully joyful way)”

Boston Globe – 08/10/2017

“The four Llewelyn Davies children were played on opening night by Connor Jameson Casey, Colin Wheeler, Turner Birthisel, and Tyler Patrick Hennessy. They each provide admirable performances, and Birthisel in particular gets a chance to stand out with his assured vocals on the all-kid number ‘We’re All Made of Stars.’”

WBUR – 08/10/2017

“On opening night in Boston, Colin Wheeler, Connor Jameson Casey, Turner Birthisel and Tyler Patrick Hennessy acquitted themselves naturally, supplying not only vocals and twanging ukulele but also human percussion for the plucky ‘We’re All Made of Stars.’ Moreover, as sensitive Pan namesake Peter, Casey nicely underplayed confused childhood anguish and dueted manfully with Tighe.”

Pillow Talk – 08/05/2017

“The children in this production are outstanding – and all of them rotate roles – their performances reach the level of seasoned professionals.”

Naugatuck Patch – 08/02/2017

“The children of Sylvia Llewellyn Davies were played by a rotating cast of young boys including Turner Birthisel, Connor Jameson Casey, Wyatt Cirbus, Bergman Freedman, Tyler Patrick Hennessy and Colin Wheeler, many in their tour debuts. I couldn’t begin to figure out which young performer covered each son and which two had opening night off, but all did well playing the boisterous young boys and one actor played ukulele onstage for the poignant ‘We’re All Made of Stars.'”

TheaterJones – 07/18/2017

“Connor Jameson Casey, Turner Birthisel, Wyatt Cirbus, Tyler Patrick Hennessy play the boys who inspire ‘the lost boys.’ In a production full of accomplished triple-threat performers, these guys still know how to play. Whether the haughty dinner scene with its fun time-stop gimmick or their own backyard jam session, they breathe a bit of unpredictability into what is otherwise a slightly stuffy evening.”

TheatreBloom – 06/29/2017

“They are the pirates of Kensington Gardens, the Llewellyn Davies children: George, Peter, Jack, and Michael (at this performance Colin Wheeler, Connor Jameson Casey, Turner Birthisel, and Tyler Patrick Hennessy respectively.) And what a rowdy and spirited bunch of youngsters they are! Wheeler, as the oldest, has his moment to shine when he starts off ‘We’re All Made of Stars,’ strumming his little string instrument and encouraging the others to join in. This quartet of young performers is exceptionally exuberant, radiating hope and light all throughout the production, even if it does take the Peter character a while to join the others. Connor Jameson Casey, as the aforementioned glum and sullen Peter, is quite the versatile performer, giving a strongly grounded performance when it comes to emotional fortitude and certainty. With a cherubic sound, Casey accompanies the J.M. Barrie character through several duets, including ‘When Your Feet Don’t Touch the Ground,’ arguably the most moving number in the performance.”

BroadwayWorld Baltimore – 06/28/2017

“This reviewer was particularly impressed with the maturity and talents of the child actors who had a considerable amount of choreography and songs to sing, and acquitted themselves admirably.”

MD Theatre Guide – 06/28/2017

“His duet with Connor Jameson Casey as Peter the night this performance was reviewed in ‘When Your Feet Don’t Touch the Ground’ is especially tender and emotional…The Llewellyn Davies kids who form the focus of the story were portrayed ably at this reviewed performance by Colin Wheeler as George, Turner Birthisel as Jack, Tyler Patrick Hennessy as Michael and Connor Jameson Casey as Peter for whom Peter Pan is named after. They even take a turn in producing and performing their own little play that magnifies the cuteness factor.”

BroadwayWorld Ft. Lauderdale – 06/25/2017

“The four children, as well as their pet dog, steal bits of scenes here and there with their undeniable charm and talent.”

Miami Herald – 06/15/2017

“four adorable singing kids…the appeal of the brothers (played by a rotating cast of boys)”

Greasy – 06/14/2017

“The 4 boys are especially fine being boys who just happen to be singers and dancers as naturally as they are pirates and whatever else their imaginations bring to their every day play.”

SFL Insider – 06/13/2017

“each person in the ensemble including all the children in the play were extremely talented, especially Ben Krieger who plays Peter.”

Broadway World Orlando – 06/08/2017

“The shining stars in the production are the Llewelyn Davies boys played by Finn Faulconer, Mitchell Wray, Jordan Cole and Ben Krieger as Peter. Krieger was especially amazing – he has a beautiful voice and the acting chops to match!”

Beauty and the Beets – 06/07/2017

“for me it was the young cast of children that was the most impressive. I was taken back by their stage presence, their comedic one-liners, and their ability to draw the audience in with emotion gut wrenching acting.”

Culturess – 06/07/2017

“The brightest star in production is Peter, played by Ben Krieger. His character has the biggest transformation in the show. From the inward, unsure boy to the imaginative young man filled with confidence, this young actor played the part powerfully.”

Mix 105.1 – 06/07/2017

“Barrie…meets Sylvia Llewelyn Davis…and her boys George (Finn Faulconer), Peter (Ben Krieger), Jack (Mitchell Wray) and Michael (Jordan Cole) while strolling through Kensington Park with his dog. It is immediately noticeable that young Peter has lost his belief in fun since the death of his father…The role of Peter is not only vocally demanding, but the nuanced acting required to make the character authentically come to life is impressively delivered by the young Krieger. When he is onstage, no matter how many others share the stage with him, it’s hard to take your eyes off him. He’s that good.”

Orlando Weekly – 06/07/2017

“the kids are all terrific”

Orlando Sentinal – 06/06/2017

“On opening night at Orlando’s Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts, a quartet of young actors and a shaggy canine added sparkle … But how about those kids? … Keep an eye on Finn Faulconer, Mitchell Wray, Jordan Cole and especially Ben Krieger, who played Peter on opening night. These youngsters can sing — and were bright spots”

Triangle Explorer – 05/26/2017

“[The young actors] did a fantastic job with complex performances and vocals beyond their years. On Tuesday night, Mitchell Wray played Peter, with Finn Faulconer as George, Tyler Hennessy as Jack; and Jordan Cole rounded out the foursome as Michael. All the more impressive is the fact that the boys rotate their roles meaning they have to be prepared for different lines and opposite cues on varying nights as they fill the different roles each night.”

Talkin’ Broadway – 05/25/2017

“The roles of her four sons are shared among numerous boys in the cast, and the actors at the performance I saw stole the show: Jordan Cole as Michael, Finn Faulconer as George, Tyler Hennessy as Jack, and Mitchell Wray as the world-weary Peter.”

Herald Sun – 05/24/2017

“The boys did a great job, with Wray as Peter, a boy who, rather than never growing up like the Peter Pan character, instead is urged by Barrie to rediscover his childhood.”

Triangle Arts and Entertainment – 05/24/2017

“And the boys, it must be said, are absolutely fabulous- one of the best parts of the show. Mitchell Wray is particularly endearing as the troubled Peter while Jordan Cole is absolutely adorable in his portrayal of little Michael.”

My AJC – 05/17/2017

“Ben Krieger imbued his Peter with credible conflict; Finn Faulconer sang beautifully as George; Mitchell Wray demonstrated grace and maturity as Jack; and Jordan Cole rounded out the foursome as the adorable Michael.” – 05/10/2017

“The four Llewelyn Davies boys, led by Ben Krieger as the pensive Peter, are adorably precocious.”

Broadway World San Antonio – 05/03/2017

“The children in the show were a real hit as well. In the performance, Peter was played by Ben Krieger, George was played by Finn Faulconer, Jack was played by Mitchell Wray, and young Michael was played by Tyler Patrick Hennessy. Each of the boys showed their individual abilities and talents that made you fall in love with their characters. However, young Ben Krieger as Peter really was able to shine when he sang “When Your Feet Don’t Touch the Ground” with Tighe. The connection between the characters was evident but the connection between the two actors seemed very clear. They both enjoyed what they were doing as they shared the moment onstage.”

Broadway World Houston – 04/26/2017

“”Play” is a crowd-pleaser with the four boys giving a natural and endearing performance.”

Broadway World National Tours – 04/18/2017

“The child performers are among the best you could hope to see in any production. They are all excellent singers, actors and dancers and bring energy to the show. Ben Krieger is a particular standout as Peter. His vocals are impressive, and his skillful acting makes his character particularly sympathetic.”

Post Crescent – 04/18/2017

“The four boys George (Finn Faulconer), Jack (Mitchell Wray), Michael (Jordan Cole) and Peter (Ben Krieger) are nothing short of heartwarming. Krieger is especially worthy of note in his portrayal of Peter, the oldest of the boys. He shows acting and vocal chops well beyond his years — “When Your Feet Don’t Touch the Ground” being particularly noteworthy.”

San Diego Union Tribune – 04/06/2017

“The corps of child actors playing Sylvia’s sons are all poised and multi-talented, particularly Colin Wheeler as George and Ben Krieger as Peter.”

BroadwayWorld Los Angeles – 03/27/2017

“The young actors who played the Davies boys were also all wonderful, particularly Krieger as Peter (his beautifully-sung duet with Barrie in “When Your Feet Don’t Touch The Ground” is an emotional highlight).”

LA Times – 03/25/2017

“At Tuesday’s opening, Ben Kreiger played the sensitive Peter, abetted by Finn Faulconer, Mitchell Wray and Jordan Cole. Their performance of a play written by Peter will tug at the heart strings.”

Edge Media Network – 03/22/2017

“All four boys are totally charming with Krieger as Peter being the expected standout. His heartbreaking duet with Barrie “When Your Feet Don’t Touch the Ground” turned the audience into a teary mess and deservedly so.”

OC Register – 03/22/2017

“The boys are engagingly bright and polite, from Krieger’s Peter and Finn Faulconer’s surprisingly mature George to Jordan Cole and Mitchell Wray, who each are out-and-out adorable as little tykes Michael and Jack…”

SoCal Thrills – 03/21/2017

“…the boys in this show held their own, dazzling the audience with singing and musical prowess. I am impressed by any child who can play their own instrument and sing in front of an audience, let alone simultaneously pull on the heartstrings of over 1,800 audience-members. Ben Kreiger did an amazing job as Peter, the brother who needed the most influence to reach his inner-child. Kreiger’s vocal duets with Billy Harrigan Tighe were beautiful and pure.”

Stage Scene LA – 03/21/2017

“Ben Krieger’s Peter proves particularly touching in an Act Two scene opposite Tighe, Finn Faulconer scores bonus points for his banjo-strumming George, Mitchell Wray and Jordan Cole are marvelous too as Jack and Michael…”

Talkin’ Broadway – 03/15/2017

“the four boys who play Sylvia’s children (Ben Krieger, Jordan Cole, Finn Faulconer, and Mitchell Wray) are delivering beautiful portrayals…”

Daily News – 03/02/2017

“The four small lads…form a backyard band and sing a 1960s-sounding pop tune that, with the performers’ charming voices and intense concentration…”

LA Weekly – 03/02/2017

“…the kids deliver lively performances.”

PressPass LA – 02/28/2017

“…The four children are played with incredible charm and wit…”

CA Highways – 02/26/2017

“The Llewelyn Davies children are portrayed by multiple actors…All were cute and fun to watch and sang well. I was particularly impressed with them in the second act where one plays ukulele (and considering they rotate, this means that most play uke).”

Daily Titan – 02/26/2017

“Among the main stars and the phenomenal supporting cast, the boys steal the show every time they are in a scene.”

Broadway World Los Angeles – 02/23/2017

“The four children have tremendous chemistry together and give truth to the old adage: never grow up! They are: the aforementioned Krieger as Peter, Finn Faulconer as George, Mitchell Wray as Jack and Jordan Cole as Michael.”

Arts in LA – 02/22/2017

“…infectiously talented Jordan Cole, Finn Faulconer, and Mitchell Wray…the show-stopping production number “We’re All Made of Stars,” which features Krieger, Faulconer, Wray, and Cole in the most smile-inducing specimen of bonded sibling behavior since Seven Brides for Seven Bothers”

Hollywood Reporter – 02/22/2017

“And the children at this performance — Ben Krieger as Peter, Finn Faulconer as George, Mitchell Wray as Jack and Jordan Cole as Michael — were likable, too, pulling off complex bits and songs like pros. They definitely deserved a hand.”

Santa Monica Observer – 02/22/2017

“But then there is one of the most amazing and gifted young performers on stage today, Ben Krieger as Peter. Ben has clearly found Neverland and there is no doubt but that his future will be brilliant.”

Stage and Cinema – 02/22/2017

“Particularly poignant [performers] are the changeable Davies children (on opening night: Ben Krieger as Peter, Finn Falconer as George, Mitchell Wray as Jack, and Jordan Cole as Michael).”

Review Journal – 02/15/2017

“…her darling sons (Ben Krieger, Finn Faulconer, Jordan Cole and Mitchell Wray were the opening night quartet), whose delightfully fanciful play helps ease these lost boys’ heartbreak at losing their father.”

East Bay Times – 01/25/2017

“The four young boys (Jordan Cole, Finn Faulconer, Ben Krieger and Mitchell Wray on opening night) actually do give Sammy a run for his money (or dog bone as the case may be) as they beguile the audience with their youthful energy, especially in the backyard band number “We’re All Made of Stars.”” – 01/20/2017

“Playing the four boys are a group of young performers who all have bright futures in the performing arts if they so choose. On the night I attended the Lost Boys included Ben Krieger (Peter), Finn Faulconer (George), Mitchell Wray (Jack–“There’s so many forks!”), and Jordan Cole (Michael–“Do you believe in fairies?”).”

SF Examiner – 01/19/2017

“The kids are more than all right. They are fantastic.

The brotherhood of Jordan Cole, Finn Faulconer, Mitchell Wray and Ben Krieger is genuine and enchanting. Stand-out Kreiger, as Peter, impressively holds his own dramatic weight and vocal chops in his scenes with Kern, becoming the emotional core of the night.”

Broadway World St. Louis – 12/16/2016

“Ben Krieger is delightful as Peter, the introverted boy that Barrie teaches to harness his imagination and become a kid again. Finn Faulconer is also quite good as George, Mitchell Wray is a delight as Jack, and Jordan Cole rounds out the group of cute and playful boys that inspire Barrie. There is a rotation for the boys so you may also see: Eli Tokash, Colin Wheeler, and Tyler Patrick Hennessy essaying the roles.”

Theater Dogs – 01/19/2017

“The real spark of the show comes from the young actors playing the four Llewelyn Davies children. At Wednesday’s performance, the roster included Finn Faulconer as George, Ben Krieger as Peter, Mitchell Wray as Jack and Jordan Cole as Michael. In Act 2, the brothers put on one of Peter’s plays (“We’re All Made of Stars”), and it’s by far the best song and scene in the show, with a natural charm and humor that eludes pretty much everything else before or after it.”

Critical Blast – 12/09/2016

“The real stars of the production, however, are the lads. Messrs. Krieger, Faulconer, Wray and Cole were fantastic, each given moments to shine, usually with a witty line, like inquiring of Mr. Frohman, “Do you believe in faeries?” The theatre veteran did a double-take with the audience and replied, “Young man, this is theatre!””

Playback STL – 12/09/2016

“…in Finding Neverland, the roles played by these boys were exactly what I would expect from children. Carefree and playful, these boys stole my heart. While there are seven boys touring with the company, on this night, Jordan Cole as Michael; Mitchell Wray as Jack; Finn Faulconer as George; and Ben Krieger as Peter all deserved the highest praise of the evening. While Finn Faulconer is the coolest name I have ever heard for an actor, keep an eye on Ben Krieger—this boy is going to be a massive star in the future.”

Ladue news – 12/08/2016

“The four Davies boys are alternately played throughout the show’s run at The Fox by Jordan Cole, Finn Faulconer, Tyler Patrick Hennessy, Ben Krieger, Eli Tokash, Colin Wheeler and Mitchell Wray. On opening night Tokash did a fine job portraying the overly serious Peter, still stinging from the death of his father; Falconer was the happy-go-lucky George; Wray played the amenable Jack; and Cole was the impish young Michael.”

STL Today – 12/07/2016

“And real acting chops come from the boys who play Sylvia’s sons. There are a number of them, but the opening-night quartet — Jordan Cole, Finn Faulconer, Eli Tokash and Mitchell Wray — are just super, with excellent diction and charm.”

Chicago Theater Beat – 11/29/2016

“The Llewelyn Davies children – played on opening night by Ben Krieger (Peter), Finn Faulconer (George), Mitchell Wray (Jack) and Jordan Cole (Michael) are all real finds. They’re cute and funny without being cloying. They share roles with each other as well as with Eli Tokash (who covers George, Peter and Jack) and Tyler Patrick Hennessey, who plays Jack at some performances.”

Chicago Now – 11/28/2016

“The boys Ben Krieger (Peter), Finn Faulconer (George), Mitchell Wray (Jake) and Jordan Cole (Michael) were amazing. Their voices were divine, energy contagious, and they were all cute as buttons.”

Chicagoland Musical Theatre – 11/25/2016

“The Llewelyn Davies children are played by a host of talented boys, Jordan Cole, Finn Faulconer, Tyler Patrick Hennessy, Ben Krieger, Eli Tokash and Mitchell Wray. No matter what combination of actors, the performance will be top-notch. Their familiarity with the stage and each other exudes confidence and fun while also managing to harness the very real shades of grief.”

Chicago Theater Review – 11/24/2016

“And the children, in particular, steal this production, led by a very talented young Ben Krieger, as Peter, and include Finn Faulconer, as George, Mitchell Wray, as Jack and dear little Jordan Cole, as Michael.”

Chicago Tribune – 11/24/2016

“…scene-stealer Jordan Cole…”

Chicago Sun Times – 11/23/2016

“…depressed Peter (Ben Krieger), who could be something of his alter ego; and the more mischievous George (Finn Faulconer), Jake (Mitchell Wray) and Michael (Jordan Cole). These four young actors (who alternate with several other boys) are superb, and prove especially beguiling when they team up as a backyard band to sing “We’re All Made of Stars.””

Daily Herald – 11/23/2016

“…alternately played with ample cuteness by the six child actors Jordan Cole, Finn Faulconer, Tyler Patric Hennessy, Ben Krieger, Eli Tokash and Mitchell Wray…”

Showbiz Chicago – 11/23/2016

“The Davies Boys played by Ben Krieger (Peter), Finn Faulconer (George), Mitchell Wray (Jack), and Jordan Cole ( Michael) were all incredible. Their chemistry as brothers was wonderful and “We’re All Made of Stars” was a huge hit with the audience.”

Stage and Cinema – 11/23/2016

“Particularly poignant are the changeable Davies children (Finn Falconer, Ben Krieger, Eli Tokash, Mitchell Wray, Tyler Patrick Hennessy, and Jordan Cole).”

CSU Ohio – 11/22/2016

“…on opening night, the charming Finn Faulconer, Mitchell Wray, Jordan Cole and Eli Tokash…”

Cool Cleveland – 11/03/2016

“Opening night, Eli Tokash was outstanding as Peter. The young man showed great sensitivity and developed a clear concept of the importance of the role. The other boys for that night, Jordan Cole, Finn Faulconer and Mitchell Wray, were also excellent.”

News-Herald – 11/03/2016

“The actors playing the four Davies children on opening night — Eli Tokash as Peter, Mitchell Wray as Jack, Finn Faulconer as George and Jordan Cole as Michael — are enchanting. They are natural in their playfulness and handle all the key acting moments that come their way.”

Tribune Herald – 11/03/2016

“One of the most memorable musical moments also is one of the quietest: “We’re All Made of Stars,” a showcase for the four Davies boys (played by Eli Tokash, Finn Falconer, Mitchell Wray and Jordan Cole on opening night).”

Rochester City Newspaper – 10/28/2016

“Perhaps the most enjoyable number is “We’re All Made of Stars,” which is performed by the Llewelyn Davies brothers: Eli Tokash (Peter), Finn Faulconer (George), Mitchell Wray (Jack), and Jordan Cole (Michael). For young performers, the four showed an incredible aptitude onstage, easily keeping up with the adult performers around them.”

Democrat and Chronicle – 10/26/2016

“Maybe their adorable British accents help, but the boys are wonderfully believable as they argue, play and interact. (In this performance, they were Ben Krieger as Peter, Finn Faulconer as George, Mitchell Wray as Jack and Jordan Cole as Michael.) Krieger stole hearts in the duet with Kern, “When Your Feet Don’t Touch the Ground.””

Post Gazette – 10/19/2016

“Here, the sharper, sadder second act includes the duet “When Your Feet Don’t Touch the Ground,” impactful for its simplicity and showcasing the impressive voices of Mr. Kern and 12-year-old Ben Krieger.”

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