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Brody Bett

brody-bett BRODY BETT (alt. Michael Llewellyn Davies, Jack Llewellyn Davies) Brody is 8 years old. Previous roles include The Grand Duke (Cinderella), Curly the Lost Boy (Peter Pan), King of Hearts (Alice in Wonderland), Tiny Tim and Ghost of Christmas Future (A Christmas Carol) and Chip (Beauty and the Beast). He has perfect pitch, plays the piano and drums.


Seth Erdley

seth-erdley SETH ERDLEY (alt. George Llewellyn Davies, Peter Llewellyn Davies, Jack Llewellyn Davies) Seth is thrilled to make his national tour debut with Finding Neverland. Favorite credits: School of Rock (Zach Mooneyham), Pippin (Theo), and Oliver (Oliver). Thanks to Lauren, Dean, Lyn, Blythe and Mr. Marrs. Love and thanks to Dad, Mom, Emma, Ethan, my friends and family for your support. Phil. 4:13


Caleb Reese Paul

caleb-reese-paul CALEB REESE PAUL (alt. George Llewellyn Davies, Peter Llewellyn Davies, Jack Llewellyn Davies) Caleb is thrilled to be making his National Tour debut! Never-ending thanks to the cast and creative team, Stewart/Whitley Casting, NETworks, Shirley Grant Management, Bob Marks, Denise Simon, Janine Molinari, Hudson, family and friends, and everyone who believed along the way!; @calebreesepaul


Paul Schoeller

paul-schoeller-2018 PAUL SCHOELLER (alt. George Llewellyn Davies, Peter Llewellyn Davies, Jack Llewellyn Davies) Paul is honored to work with the cast and crew of Finding Neverland! National Tour: The Sound of Music (Friedrich). Regional: A Christmas Story (Ralphie); Seussical, Jr. (Jojo). Thanks to Lisa Calli and the FNL creative team. I thank God for giving me talent and my parents for supporting me.


Josiah Smothers

josiah-smothers JOSIAH SMOTHERS (alt. Michael Llewellyn Davies, Jack Llewellyn Davies) Josiah is excited to make his National Tour debut with the first Broadway show he ever saw! Josiah is a dancer/singer/actor at Studio Bleu Dance Center and a member of Chloe and Maud Arnold’s Jr. Tap Company. Josiah would like to thank his family, Mr. Dave, Shirley Grant Management, Miss Kim, and God for this opportunity. Follow him on Instagram or Facebook @itsjosiahsmothers


Ethan Stokes

ethan-stokes ETHAN STOKES (alt. George Llewellyn Davies, Peter Llewellyn Davies, Jack Llewellyn Davies) Ethan is from Wisconsin, and is excited to be making his National Tour debut. Favorite credits: Jungle Book KIDS (Mowgli), Seussical Jr. (Jojo) and Aladdin Jr. NYC workshop (Genie). Special Thanks to Treehouse Theater, iTheatrics, and Stewart/Whitley. Love to Mom, Dad, Allyson, Mackenzi, cats, grandparents, family and friends. Believe!



Broadway World Salt Lake City – 12/05/2018

“The children, who rotate their roles nightly, are phenomenal. At the reviewed performance, Ethan Stokes played George, Josiah Smothers played Jack, and Brody Bett played Michael. Seth Erdley gave an exceptional performance as Peter.”

Front Row Reviewers Utah – 12/05/2018

“Stokes, Erdley, Bett, and Paul each hold their own onstage, equals to those they work with. In a show with many great things about it, these young actors may be what’s best about Finding Neverland. Even in duets, some with one of the brothers, but Peter’s duets with Barrie, all boys clearly and strongly hit the notes, keep in character, and are thoroughly adorable.”

Front Row Reviewers Utah – 11/30/2018

“Breathing believability into the realistic aspect of this story are the fatherless children, the Davies brothers who inspire the creation of the Darling brothers and the lost boys, Ethan Stokes as George, Paul Schoeller as Peter, Caleb Reese Paul as Jack, and Brody Bett as Michael- a darling favorite of mine no pun intended. They encompass true boyhood. They are playful, funny, genuine, and comfortable onstage. And they rotate playing different brothers depending on the performance night, along with two other young performers Seth Erdley and Josiah Smothers. Talent flows from the ability to handle that rotation alone, but I haven’t even started talking about their singing voices. They are perfectly on pitch and sing beautiful harmonies number after number. I’ve never heard a better voice from a young man as I did tonight from Schoeller. He sings a duet with leading man Sullivan, and more than holds his own and carries powerful harmonies and emotion-impressive talent from one so young.”

The Spokesman-Review – 11/16/2018

“The young actors playing the Davies boys Thursday night – Stokes, Paul Schoeller, Caleb Reese Paul and Brody Bett – all deserve high praise. Each performed beautifully, and their performance of ‘We’re All Made of Stars’ was particularly moving.”

Broadway World National Tours – 10/17/2018

“Throughout the show there are many moments that tug on the heartstrings. In a cast composed primarily of adults, Caleb Reese Paul as Peter holds his own; especially in the scenes opposite Sullivan where the two interact directly. The cheeky We Own the Night was a particular favorite for me, and a nice break to a dull adult dinner party and a great example of the imagination of a child breaking through the world of the adults. When Reese Paul and the other Llewelyn Davies children prepare for their own backyard show with the song We’re all Made of Stars the cast’s youngest performers warm your heart with their energy and enthusiasm.”

GR Mag – 10/10/2018

“An extremely talented group of actors, the boys often stole the show with well-told jokes and brilliant vocals.”

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    Stephen Sayegh

    STEPHEN SAYEGH (Theo alt.) Bio coming soon!

    Lucas Schultz

    Lucas Schultz LUCAS SCHULTZ (Theo alt.) Thrilled to join the magic in Pippin debut! National tour: Mary Poppins (Michael Banks), A Christmas Story (Swing). Regional: Goodspeed, Mame (Peter), Other: Oliver (Oliver), A Christmas Carol (Tiny Tim), NYMF - Wikimusical. Commercial and print. Thank you to Diane Paulus, Duncan Stewart, Dave at SGM, James Horan, and my family.


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    Review Quotes

    Fredericksburg - 12/25/14

    “Young Lucas Schultz, who played Catherine’s son, Theo, on press night, did a fine job of acting and singing. Zachary Mackiewicz alternates with Schultz in the role."

    DC Metro Arts - 12/18/14

    “...Theo (Zachary Mackiewicz, who was marvelous at Wednesday night’s reviewed performance, alternates in the role with Lucas Schultz)..."

    HB Independent - 11/12/14

    “Lucas Schultz and Zachary Mackiewicz share the role of her bratty 10-year-old son, Schultz being quite effective opening night."

    StageScene LA - 11/12/14

    “Add to the aforementioned all-around superb Massey, Arnaz, and Rubenstein the show-stopping brilliance of The Voice’s Sasha Allen as Leading Player along with fabulous support angelically-voiced Lucas Schultz alternating with Zachary Mackiewicz as Theo, and you’ve got quite possibly the most extraordinary Pippin principals ever."

    LA Times - 10/22/14

    “...and her son, Theo (Lucas Schultz, who was marvelous at Wednesday's reviewed performance, alternates in the role with Zachary Mackiewicz)."

    SF Gate - 09/25/14

    “a sweet-voiced Lucas Schultz steals the finale as Catherine’s young son Theo"

    Art and Entertain Me - 09/25/14

    “supported by the stellar cast...and intermittently Lucas Schultz and Zachary Mackiewicz as her son Theo."

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