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Thatcher Jacobs

thatcher-jones THATCHER JACOBS (Jason alt.) Thatcher is honored to make Falsettos his national tour debut. Youth productions include: Best Christmas Pageant Ever the musical, A Christmas Story the musical, Gypsy, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. Special thanks to First Stage professional theatre in Milwaukee, WI. Thanks to Mara Entertainment, my parents, friends and family for this incredible opportunity.

Jonah Mussolino

JONAH MUSSOLINO (Jason alt.) Broadway: A Bronx Tale (Young Calogero). National tour: Les Misérables (Gavroche). Other Credits: Gypsy (Newsboy-Gallery Players and LaGuardia), Ragtime (Edgar-Gallery Players). Champion ballroom dancer. Thanks to Mom, Dad, Talia, Mema, Barry Kolker, Bill Perlman, Tara Rubin Casting, creative team, Amelia DeMayo, Mark Schneider, family & friends.



All About the Stage – Date Unknown

“Thatcher Jacobs kills it in this role!”

Chicagoland Theater Reviews – Date Unknown

“But for sure everyone in the ensemble has outstanding vocal chops. Thatcher Jacobs (who alternates with Jonah Mussolino) does fine work as Jason, an important and demanding. Congratulations to Jacobs for credibly playing a kid as a kid.”

Cultural Weekly – Date Unknown

“…Thatcher Jacobs, outstanding in his many moods…”

Talkin’ Broadway – 06/01/2019

“…the appealing performance of Thatcher Jacobs (who alternates with Jonah Mussolino) as Marvin’s ten-year-old son Jason.”

Chicago Theatre and Concert Reviews – 05/31/2019

“Alternating the role of Jason with Jonah Mussolino, Thatcher Jacobs brings the appropriate rebellious, tween angst to Jason. His spunky persona and clear, male soprano vocals add much to the musical numbers, particularly in ‘The Miracle of Judaism.'”

Chicago Tribune – 05/31/2019

“…the fabulous young Thatcher Jacobs sings the score exquisitely.”

Chicagoland Musical Theatre – 05/31/2019

“Young Thatcher Jacobs sings the heck out of the role of son Jason…”

Daily Herald – 05/31/2019

“…played by Thatcher Jacobs on opening night with a haunted thoughtfulness…”

Broadway World Chicago – 05/30/2019

“Jacobs is delightful as Jason, proving himself to be quite the professional and talented vocalist while displaying the complicated emotional terrain of a young man whose family life feels rather unstable.”

Chicago Sun-Times – 05/30/2019

“The young Jacobs is also solid, proving his mettle with ‘Jason’s Therapy’ and creating a character who is precocious without being cutesy, wry without seeming prematurely cynical.”

Stage and Cinema – 05/30/2019

“…and Thatcher Jacobs’ remarkable Jason (who shares the role with Jonah Mussolino), younger but wiser than the rest…”

Los Angeles Downtown News – 04/23/2019

“…an impressive turn by Thatcher Jacobs…The adults act like children, so it makes sense that the most sensible one is the child, Jason, who would rather play chess by himself than make friends. He’s angry with his dad, but there’s a longing, shown with subtle effectiveness by Jacobs, that he wants to love his father.”

It’s Not About Me – 04/22/2019

“Thatcher Jacobs, (who performed the shared role of the young son on opening night,) more than holds his own among the grown-ups, which is far from always the case. I was shocked to discover that this is his first major musical role; his performance is so mature and professional.”

People’s World – 04/22/2019

“…and man, does that Thatcher Jacobs have a bright future in theatre if he pursues it—I’m sure the same could be said of his alternate Jonah Mussolino…”

Onstage Blog – 04/20/2019

“What makes this show so enjoyable to watch is the talent. Each actor and actress have a unique gift, including precocious Jason (Thatcher Jacobs).”

Pasadena Art & Science Beat – 04/19/2019

“…played with a naturalistic enthusiasm by Thatcher Jacobs on opening night…”

Entertainment Weekly – 04/18/2019

“Jacobs nearly runs away with the whole show as young son Jason. He’s vibrant, and his pointed wit, which seems beyond his years, makes him the most dynamic performer on the stage. His youth lends him an authenticity that makes his scenes feel the most palpably alive, effortlessly blending humor and pathos as each moment requires.”

Los Angeles Times – 04/18/2019

“As Jason, Thatcher Jacobs (appearing at Wednesday’s opening, one of two young actors in the role) combines a strong boy soprano voice with just the right eye-rolling, give-me-a-break, preteen attitude.”

Stage Scene LA – 04/17/2019

“…Jacobs’s adorably spunky Jason…”

48 Hills – 03/30/2019

“…Thatcher Jacobs, miraculous, alternating perofrmances with Jonah Mussolino…”

Jim Gladstone – 03/28/2019

“And Thatcher Jacobs doesn’t play a generic kid-in-the-middle here—his Jason is prickly and specific, wriggling away from his father’s embrace, defiantly throwing himself into Walkman-assisted Bar Mitzvah studies to avoid secular reality, and forging relationships with Whizzer and Mendel that feel simpler and safer than his bond with Marvin.”

Vmedia Backstage – 03/25/2019

“…the energized Thatcher Jacobs and Jonah Mussolino…Both young actors Mussolino and Jacobs are on stage most of the two acts and bring a lot to the book. Their songs ‘My Father’s a Homo / Everyone Tells Jason to See a Psychiatrist’, ‘Miracle of Judaism’ and ‘Father and Sons’ are show stoppers….The young pre teens Jacobs and Mussolino as Jason tend to steal the show from the more seasoned adult actors.”

SFIST – 03/22/2019

“Also, young Jonah Mussolino is very impressive as Jason (Thatcher Jacobs also plays the role at some performances), which is no minor role for a kid.”

Sac Cultural Hub – 03/14/2019

“Other show standouts included…Thatcher Jacobs in his national tour debut…”

Lavender Magazine – 02/22/2019

“Young Jacobs delights with caustic precocity. He alternates performances with another child actor, Jim Kaplan.”

Talkin’ Broadway Minneapolis/St. Paul – 02/21/2019

“Thatcher Jacobs, one of the two young actors cast as Jason, is terrific. He easily holds his own with the adult cast members, singing with full, pleasing voice throughout, dancing agility and expressing the immense range of emotions Jason experiences as his family falls apart, then reconstructs itself, only to fall apart again. When he is told to decide whether or not he wants to have his bar mitzvah in the face of loss, his anger is completely authentic; he just about broke my heart.”

Cherry and Spoon – 02/20/2019

“…and little Thatcher Jacobs (sharing the role with Jim Kaplan) totally holds his own with the grown-ups.”

The Column Online – 02/13/2019

“Thatcher Jacobs as Jason is a powerhouse. In the musical he plays the age of 10 and 12. Even though it’s only a 2-year difference there is a big transformation that happens in children between these ages. He physically and vocally captured this shift. He also serves as the voice of reason and frequently communicates the audience’s thoughts. It’s as if he’s the conscience for all the characters at one point or another. This is perhaps the most complex role in the musical. His performance is effortless. He is a revelation.”

Dallas Voice – 02/13/2019

“All the performances are spot-on, though it might be Jacobs as young Jason who steals the show from more seasoned adult actors.”

Theater Jones – 02/13/2019

“Child actor Thatcher Jacobs maneuvers with impressive and energetic perfection in the hugely demanding role of the boy Jason (he alternates in the role with Jim Kaplan)…”

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