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Phoebe Koyabe

phoebe-koyabe PHOEBE KOYABE (Alana Beck) Phoebe was born in rural France and raised in the suburbs of Phoenix, Arizona. She is thrilled to be making her professional debut in the first national tour of Dear Evan Hansen. Playing Alana in Dear Evan Hansen is a dream come true. She would like to thank all the people who believed in her and helped her along the way, her family, teachers, Jamie, Victoria and Sam at Abrams, Tara Rubin Casting, and the Evan Hansen Team.


Review Quotes

Time Out Chicago – 02/26/2019

“…the overachieving Alana (a pitch-perfect Phoebe Koyabe)…”

Chicago Theatre and Concert Reviews – 02/16/2019

“Phoebe Koyabe makes her professional debut as Alana Beck, Evan’s geeky schoolmate who hitches her blind allegiance to Evan and his secret friendship with Connor Murphy. She helps him keep his buddy’s memory alive with the money-raising Connor Project. Together Goldsmith and Koyabe round out the cast of high school students and add vocal dimension to the company.”

Chicago Sun-Times – 02/14/2019

“And Koyabe makes you understand just why Alana is compelled to make Connor’s death about herself.”

BroadwayWorld Arizona – 01/29/2019

“And, Phoebe Koyabe, a home-grown talent from Chandler, shines as Evan’s type-A accomplice in the campaign for The Connor Project.”

Equality 365 – 01/29/2019

“…and Alana (played by Phoebe Koyabe). These two actors do good jobs of showing the way different people feel like outcasts, nerds or geeks. They are the epitome of someone everyone in the audience knew in high school, and we can all identify with them in some way or another.”

BroadwayWorld Seattle – 01/26/2019

“And Jared Goldsmith and Phoebe Koyabe were wonderful as Evan’s classmates and friends who get dragged up into this confusion.”

Talkin’ Broadway – 01/26/2019

“…while Phoebe Koyabe as Alana…contribute strongly, adding pathos and undertones of despair to roles that are basically comic relief.”

BroadwayWorld Los Angeles – 01/10/2019

“School busybody Alana Beck (the terrific Phoebe Koyabe) … Koyabe’s Alana is a stunning portrait of a girl who also wants to be seen, even though her constant in-your-face presence seems to suggest she already is, which just goes to show just how skewed our perceptions are of people. Her role actually got my attention much more on this go-round, and it felt like a pleasant new discovery.”

Aisle Seat Review – 12/17/2018

“Phoebe Koyabe does a fine job as Alana Beck, one of Evan’s classmates and a self-appointed busybody who both encourages his subterfuge and later exposes it.”

Theatrius – 12/16/2018

“Phoebe Koyabe excels as Alana, the super-focused A student, who grabs the chance to log in another extra-curricular activity. Touchingly, Alana wants to help others who feel invisible, like her.”

Bay Area Plays – 12/13/2018

“…a spirited turn by young Phoebe Koyabe…”

Bay Area Reporter – 12/11/2018

“Phoebe Koyabe brings out subtle shades of motivation in Alana, the awkward, overachieving schoolmate who turns grieving Connor into a social media phenomenon.”

7×7 – 12/10/2018

“Phoebe Koyabe and Jared Goldsmith both do terrific work in the supporting roles of high school students Alana and Jared, both as foils for Evan’s intense introversion.”

Theatrius – 12/10/2018

“Phoebe Koyabe excels as Alana, the super-focused A student, who grabs the chance to log in another extra-curricular activity. Touchingly, Alana wants to help others who feel invisible, like her.”

VMEdia Backstage – 12/09/2018

“…Alana, played by the awesome Phoebe Koyabe.”

San Francisco Examiner – 12/07/2018

“The teens’ overachieving schoolmate Alana (nicely strident Phoebe Koyabe) creates The Connor Project, an online memorial and burgeoning business enterprise.”

Theater Dogs – 12/07/2018

“And the other teenagers…Phoebe Koyabe as Alana, an ambitious senior unafraid of creating opportunities for herself—are equally as effective…”

Broadway World Arizona – 11/29/2018

“And, Phoebe Koyabe, a home-grown talent from Chandler, shines as Evan’s type-A accomplice in the campaign for The Connor Project.”

Observations Along the Road – 11/10/2018

“Rounding out the cast were…Phoebe Koyabe as Alana Beck. Both were very strong, particularly in the ‘Good For You’ and the ‘Disappear’ numbers.”

Broadway World Los Angeles – 10/22/2018

“Koyabe and Goldsmith add wonderful comedic touches.”

South Pasadenan – 10/22/2018

“Everything is top notch as is the entire cast with…Phoebe Koyabe as Alana Beck…”

Entertainment Weekly – 10/21/2018

“Phoebe Koyabe maybe does the best work I’ve seen yet as Alana Beck, Evan’s plucky classmate who takes the Connor-memorial effort too far in order to bolster her own visibility and sense of purpose.”

Los Angeles Times – 10/21/2018

“Koyabe’s Alana widens the scope of teenage tribulations.”

Hollywood Reporter – 10/20/2018

“Another newcomer making a terrific debut is Phoebe Koyabe as Alana Beck, an Elle Woods type who monetizes Connor’s suicide for maximum social media gain and her own popularity.”

LA Excites – 10/20/2018

“Phoebe Koyabe, lastly, offers lots of vim and vigor to the character of Alana Beck, an aspirational student who helps engineer the Evan-Connor social media pomp, yet is also perceptive enough to doubt it when inconsistencies are discovered in the faux-buddy story.”

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  • Pippin


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    Stephen Sayegh

    STEPHEN SAYEGH (Theo alt.) is so excited to be joining the Tour of Pippin. Theater credits include: A Little Princess, Oliver, Christmas Carol. Other credits include: Super Bowl XLVIII, Saturday Night Live, Sesame Street. Stephen would like to thank his teachers Amelia, Gulia, Mark and Thommie and also Take 3, TM Talent. I love you Mom, Dad and Emma.

    Lucas Schultz

    Lucas Schultz LUCAS SCHULTZ (Theo alt.) Thrilled to join the magic in Pippin debut! National tour: Mary Poppins (Michael Banks), A Christmas Story (Swing). Regional: Goodspeed, Mame (Peter), Other: Oliver (Oliver), A Christmas Carol (Tiny Tim), NYMF - Wikimusical. Commercial and print. Thank you to Diane Paulus, Duncan Stewart, Dave at SGM, James Horan, and my family.


    Tour Schedule

    no event

    Review Quotes

    Broadway ShowBiz - 04/01/15

    “...her nine year old son, played by Lucas Schultz, is a charmer."

    Miami Herald - 04/01/15

    “...Lucas Schultz (who alternates with Stephen Sayegh) is petulant then vulnerable as Catherine’s son Theo..."

    Peace Center - 03/19/15

    “On Tuesday night, Lucas Schultz (who alternates with Stephen Sayegh) was a forthright and winsome Theo, Catherine’s son."

    BroadwayWorld Nashville - 03/11/15

    “Schultz brings much talent to the stage and plays well off Reese and Lips."

    Nashville Parent - 03/11/15

    “Other standout performances include...young Lucas Schultz as Catherine’s son, Theo"

    BroadwayWorld National Tours - 03/05/15

    “...and her adorable fatherless son, Theo (Lucas Schultz.)"

    Norwalk Reflector - 02/10/15

    “...young son Theo (played ably by Lucas Schultz in the production I saw)..."

    Fredericksburg - 12/25/14

    “Young Lucas Schultz, who played Catherine’s son, Theo, on press night, did a fine job of acting and singing. Zachary Mackiewicz alternates with Schultz in the role."

    DC Metro Arts - 12/18/14

    “...Theo (Zachary Mackiewicz, who was marvelous at Wednesday night’s reviewed performance, alternates in the role with Lucas Schultz)..."

    HB Independent - 11/12/14

    “Lucas Schultz and Zachary Mackiewicz share the role of her bratty 10-year-old son, Schultz being quite effective opening night."

    StageScene LA - 11/12/14

    “Add to the aforementioned all-around superb Massey, Arnaz, and Rubenstein the show-stopping brilliance of The Voice’s Sasha Allen as Leading Player along with fabulous support angelically-voiced Lucas Schultz alternating with Zachary Mackiewicz as Theo, and you’ve got quite possibly the most extraordinary Pippin principals ever."

    LA Times - 10/22/14

    “...and her son, Theo (Lucas Schultz, who was marvelous at Wednesday's reviewed performance, alternates in the role with Zachary Mackiewicz)."

    SF Gate - 09/25/14

    “a sweet-voiced Lucas Schultz steals the finale as Catherine’s young son Theo"

    Art and Entertain Me - 09/25/14

    “supported by the stellar cast...and intermittently Lucas Schultz and Zachary Mackiewicz as her son Theo."

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