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Henry Boshart

henry-boshart-2018 HENRY BOSHART (Charlie Bucket alt.) Fun Home National Tour (John), Untitled Netflix series recurring role. Many thanks to Dave McKeown and Shirley Grant Management, Monica, Badiene, Trapper, Denise and the entire Charlie creative team for this magical opportunity. All my love to Charlie, Amelia, Mom & Dad, family, friends and teachers for believing in me and supporting my dreams.


Collin Jeffery

collin-jeffery-2018 COLLIN JEFFERY (Charlie Bucket alt.) Collin is over the moon to be part of this production! International Tour: Kinky Boots (Young Charlie). Regional: A Christmas Story, the Musical (Randy); Five Points, stage reading (Junior). Thanks to the entire Charlie team and to Nancy, Bonnie, Emily, and Anne. Much love to Mom & Dad, Chrissy, Micky, and Brianna, family and friends, especially DCT, WST, Ms. Deb & IP.


Rueby Wood

rueby-wood (1) RUEBY WOOD (Charlie Bucket alt.) Rueby is 11 years old, based in Central New York, and excited to be a part of the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory tour. Recent credits include Mary Poppins (Michael Banks, Syracuse Stage), Wizard of Oz (Syracuse Stage), Oliver (Oliver), Narnia (Tumnus). In his spare time, Rueby performs magic tricks, designs short films (“Extraordinary”, YouTube), reads, and cooks.


Review Quotes

The Bay Observer – 12/07/2018

“I was particularly impressed with pint sized dynamo Henry Boshart (who looks about 11 years old), who portrays the title character (in rotation with two other youngsters). Boshart fills the role with full authority, vocally strong, sturdy acting and self assurance, indicating a future theatre career.”

The Slotkin Letter – 12/05/2018

“As Charlie, Rueby Wood has confidence and sweetness for days. He plays Charlie’s innocence, his moral centre without being prickly about it and his boyishness. Plus he sings beautifully.”

Oakville News – 12/02/2018

“…the child playing Charlie at my performance, Henry Boshart, is a talented young man. He moves with confidence onstage in the most focused performance of anyone.”

BroadwayWorld Toronto – 11/23/2018

“As Charlie, Boshart was one of the most talented child actors I’ve ever seen on the stage. Everything from his singing to his acting was top-notch.”

Mooney on Theatre – 11/23/2018

“Henry Boshart, the show’s star in the title role, appeared to be merely a few years older than my kiddo. The Broadway size talent in this pint-sized star is truly awe-inspiring. With precocious stage presence, Boshart has no trouble holding the room’s attention. This is a big sing for a little kid and he demonstrates excellent vocal technique, with very stable, supported singing throughout all parts of his range. He does not sacrifice performative playfulness for vocal control either. His dramatic interpretation is also superbly mature. Even though Charlie is poor with nothing of value to call his own, we never once feel sorry for him as played by Boshart. His conviction that he is blessed with a loving and supportive family shone through every word and note.”

Toronto Guardian – 11/22/2018

“The role of Charlie Bucket is a demanding one that has the child actor on stage pretty much the entire show. Boshart captured our hearts the night we attended (rotating in the role include Collin Jeffery and Rueby Wood). His duet with Weisberg near the end of the show is breathtaking and spot on.”

Philly 2 Philly – 11/08/2018

“…Charlie, played by the exceptional Henry Boshart—the show’s true standout. As the down-on-his-luck Bucket, Boshart immediately captures the heart of the audience, and convinces you there’s nothing more you want to see than for him to get that Golden Ticket and somehow find a better life than he deserves for himself and his family.”

The Inquirer – 11/07/2018

“…here, the story line warms with the radiant performances of Young and Boshart, whose young voice sparkles.”

BroadwayWorld Cincinnati – 10/27/2018

“Boshart had the perfect child-like wonder that made all of Charlie’s dreaming, creating, and excitement so believable. Boshart’s voice equally matches his tremendous acting ability. He sings a touching song in Act I where he is composing a letter to Wonka requesting creations to help his mother and elderly grandparents. This was another tear-jerking moment. Boshart delivers such an honest and sweet performance as Charlie. If you get to see him, you are in for quite a treat!”

Behind the Curtain Cincinnati – 10/26/2018

“Tuesday evening Henry Boshart played Charlie Bucket and handled the demands of the role well.”

Northwest Herald – 10/12/2018

“Our Charlie was played by Henry Boshart, who has all the enthusiasm and excitement of someone who is pure of heart.”

Candid Candace – 10/11/2018

“The cast was outstanding and each perfect for the characters they portrayed but little Charlie Bucket, played by Henry Boshart, was a standout.”

DADaPalooza – 10/11/2018

“There are three actors playing Charlie (which makes sense, as it is quite a demanding role)…The boy we saw, Henry Boshart, was really great.”

Buzz Center Stage – 10/06/2018

“Henry Boshart is charming as the titular Charlie, providing that rare but happy balance in a child actor that is neither too precocious and polished, nor too amateur. I’d be curious to see how the other two Charlies in this traveling show do, but Boshart does a fine job. His chemistry with James Young’s cuddly yet curmudgeonly Grandpa Joe seems real, as does his connection with Weisberg’s Wonka.”

Chicago Now (review by Rick and Brenda McCain) – 10/06/2018

“Henry was adorable as Charlie the amateur tinkerer with an imagination to fill the Oriental Theatre twice over on opening night. We watched this pint-size actor intrigue us for 2 hours and 20 minutes even though you probably know the story you couldn’t help but to root for him to get the last ticket, beat out the other four contestants and win the grand prize.”

Chicago Parent – 10/05/2018

“Henry Boshart, splitting the role of Charlie Bucket with two other children, is a rootable hero, worthy of that lifetime supply of candy.”

Chicago Theater and Arts – 10/05/2018

“Henry Boshart (Collin Jeffery and Rueby Wood alternates) steals the show as the downtrodden Charlie Bucket. He dreams of a better life for himself, his widowed mom and four beloved grandparents. He’s adorable, high energy with a sweet singing voice.”

Around the Town Chicago – 10/04/2018

“We were witness to the adorable Boshart on opening night. A cutie-pie loaded with talent.”

Chicago Now (review by Candace Jordan) – 10/04/2018

“The cast was outstanding and each perfect for the characters they portrayed but little Charlie Bucket, played by Henry Boshart, was a standout.”

Chicago On Stage – 10/04/2018

“…the endearing Henry Boshart in this performance…”

Chicago Sun-Times – 10/04/2018

“But it’s Boshart’s guileless affability as Charlie that anchors the production. He’s adorable, he can sing with the intensity of a 120 percent pure cocoa candy bar and he never slips into treacle. You’re rooting for him throughout.”

Chicago Theatre & Concert Reviews – 10/04/2018

“The titular Charlie Bucket was portrayed with heart and honesty, on the opening night of this National Tour, by Henry Boshart. This young man is a multitalented actor with an impressive list of credits. (At alternate performances, Charlie is played by Collin Jeffery and Rueby Wood who, one assumes, are all just as equally talented)….The cast is excellent to competent. As mentioned, Henry Boshart makes a great Charlie.”

The Fourth Walsh – 10/04/2018

“…Charlie Bucket (played by the outstanding Henry Boshart, one of three young actors performing the title role)…And Boshart channels all the enthusiasm of his luck finally changing in the infectious ‘I’ve Got a Golden Ticket.'”

Stage and Cinema – 10/04/2018

“…on opening night, adorable Henry Boshart…”

Chicago Concert Reviews – 10/03/2018

“…the constantly daydreaming pauper boy Charlie (played at this particular performance by the tremendous Henry Boshart)…”

George Walsh – 10/02/2018

“Henry Boshart plays the plucky Charlie Bucket convincingly”

Buffalo Rising – 9/27/2018

“It must be said that all of the principals on stage were very skilled, including…Henry Boshart (on the night I went) as young hopeful Charlie Bucket…”

Buffalo News – 9/26/2018

“Three boys share the role of Charlie on the tour. Henry Boshart was on stage this night and seemed to be a natural in the part, a good foil for Wonka’s wisecracks and wordplay, like when he’s referred to as a ‘little wrapper sniffer’ in one of Wonka’s throw-away lines.”

Buffalo Theatre Guide – 9/26/2018

“Henry Boshart is fantastic as Charlie. The level of professionalism that this young man has is stellar and his stage presence and persona are great. He takes to the stage and as the only child performer in the show, deserves to be there. He sings incredibly well, and does not disappoint.”

Buffalo Vibe – 9/26/2018

“Such is the dilemma faced by eleven-year-old Charlie, played with earnest sweetness and sincere resolve by Henry Boshart, who shares the role with two other boys…”

Totally Buffalo – 9/26/2018

“Little Charlie Bucket – played by Henry Boshart – was simply amazing. The little guy with a big voice – brings you right into his world. The poor, but honest little boy who is just too good to be greedy was extremely lovable.”

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