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Henry Boshart

henry-boshart-2018 HENRY BOSHART (Charlie Bucket alt.) Fun Home National Tour (John), Untitled Netflix series recurring role. Many thanks to Dave McKeown and Shirley Grant Management, Monica, Badiene, Trapper, Denise and the entire Charlie creative team for this magical opportunity. All my love to Charlie, Amelia, Mom & Dad, family, friends and teachers for believing in me and supporting my dreams.


Collin Jeffery

collin-jeffery-2018 COLLIN JEFFERY (Charlie Bucket alt.) Collin is over the moon to be part of this production! International Tour: Kinky Boots (Young Charlie). Regional: A Christmas Story, the Musical (Randy); Five Points, stage reading (Junior). Thanks to the entire Charlie team and to Nancy, Bonnie, Emily, and Anne. Much love to Mom & Dad, Chrissy, Micky, and Brianna, family and friends, especially DCT, WST, Ms. Deb & IP.


Rueby Wood

rueby-wood (1) RUEBY WOOD (Charlie Bucket alt.) Rueby is 11 years old, based in Central New York, and excited to be a part of the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory tour. Recent credits include Mary Poppins (Michael Banks, Syracuse Stage), Wizard of Oz (Syracuse Stage), Oliver (Oliver), Narnia (Tumnus). In his spare time, Rueby performs magic tricks, designs short films (“Extraordinary”, YouTube), reads, and cooks.


Review Quotes

Cherry and Spoon – 03/07/2019

“Three children alternate in the role of Charlie; I saw Rueby Wood and he more than held his own as the only child in the cast full of talented professionals. He’s the heart of the show.”

Twin Cities Arts Reader – 03/06/2019

“At opening night this was Rueby Wood, a talented boy with energy and charisma, and more to the point excellent chemistry with Benjamin Howes’ Willy Wonka.”

In The Spotlight – 02/21/2019

“On opening night 10-year-old, Henry Boshart gave a sweet, winning account of the role.”

The Westfield News – 02/20/2019

“Henry Boshart played Charlie on opening night; he shares the role with two other actors, and his performance was accomplished.”

Triangle Arts and Entertainment (author Nicole Noel) – 02/15/2019

“…Charlie Bucket (played by the adorable Rueby Wood)…”

The Triangle Explorer – 02/15/2019

“Charlie Bucket was played by Rueby Wood on Tuesday night. His portrayal of Charlie brought a kindness and optimism that was refreshing to see in a character that is usually portrayed more downtrodden due to his life of poverty.”

Broadway World Raleigh – 02/13/2019

“But the biggest thing this production has going for it comes in a pint-sized package called Charlie. On opening night, 11-year-old Rueby Wood gave a hearty performance as Charlie Bucket, a poor kid with an inventive, albeit one-track, mind. His endearing and winsome performance will tug at the heart and wear you down until you too are a believer that with a little imagination, anything is possible.”

Triangle Arts and Entertainment (author Susie Potter) – 02/13/2019

“Likewise, Tuesday’s Charlie, as portrayed by young Rueby Wood, was purely perfect in his role. While Charlie is often portrayed as a sad, downtrodden character – understandable due to the poverty he lives in – Wood creates a spunky, wonderfully optimistic Charlie that audiences easily fall in love with.”

UMD The Writer’s Bloc – 01/30/2019

“It is in disguise as the candy store owner that Wonka first meets our hero Charlie Bucket (played by Rueby Wood at this performance). Wood sings with wide eyes and a voice as pure as the heart of his character as he gives new life to Charlie Bucket. Although Charlie is typically played as a shy, sweet mannered boy, Wood’s version of the character is confident, fierce (although still sweet mannered) and happy – a bold but welcome change that exemplifies Charlie’s internal fighting spirit and desire to be good. … As the fifth and final Golden Ticket is found under the wrapper of Charlie’s Wonka Wiffle Scrumptious Fudgemallow Delight bar, Wood wows with his rendition of ‘I’ve Got a Golden Ticket’ and reminds audiences of the joy and energy that made Charlie and the Chocolate Factory an icon of childhood dreams.”

DC Metro Arts – 01/24/2019

“With a winning young actor in the lead role, any ticket to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is good as gold. Eleven-year-old Rueby Wood made the perfect Charlie Bucket the night we attended at Baltimore’s Hippodrome Theatre.”

BroadwayWorld Baltimore – 01/23/2019

“As manic as Wonka is, Rueby Wood as Charlie Bucket is just as quietly charming and earnest. Wood’s constant state of wonder mirrors his mentor Wonka. Wood allows Charlie’s imagination to shine.”

Lynn Happens – 01/12/2019

“The role of Charlie is played by three different actors. For the performance I reviewed Charlie was performed by Henry Boshart. He delivers his performance with a lot of conviction and child-like imagination.”

Post City Toronto – 12/18/2018

“[Other high points] included the performance of little Charlie Bucket, would-be chocolatier, who on this night was played wonderfully by Henry Boshart. What a charmer.”

The Bay Observer – 12/07/2018

“I was particularly impressed with pint sized dynamo Henry Boshart (who looks about 11 years old), who portrays the title character (in rotation with two other youngsters). Boshart fills the role with full authority, vocally strong, sturdy acting and self assurance, indicating a future theatre career.”

The Slotkin Letter – 12/05/2018

“As Charlie, Rueby Wood has confidence and sweetness for days. He plays Charlie’s innocence, his moral centre without being prickly about it and his boyishness. Plus he sings beautifully.”

Oakville News – 12/02/2018

“…the child playing Charlie at my performance, Henry Boshart, is a talented young man. He moves with confidence onstage in the most focused performance of anyone.”

BroadwayWorld Toronto – 11/23/2018

“As Charlie, Boshart was one of the most talented child actors I’ve ever seen on the stage. Everything from his singing to his acting was top-notch.”

Mooney on Theatre – 11/23/2018

“Henry Boshart, the show’s star in the title role, appeared to be merely a few years older than my kiddo. The Broadway size talent in this pint-sized star is truly awe-inspiring. With precocious stage presence, Boshart has no trouble holding the room’s attention. This is a big sing for a little kid and he demonstrates excellent vocal technique, with very stable, supported singing throughout all parts of his range. He does not sacrifice performative playfulness for vocal control either. His dramatic interpretation is also superbly mature. Even though Charlie is poor with nothing of value to call his own, we never once feel sorry for him as played by Boshart. His conviction that he is blessed with a loving and supportive family shone through every word and note.”

Toronto Guardian – 11/22/2018

“The role of Charlie Bucket is a demanding one that has the child actor on stage pretty much the entire show. Boshart captured our hearts the night we attended (rotating in the role include Collin Jeffery and Rueby Wood). His duet with Weisberg near the end of the show is breathtaking and spot on.”

Philly 2 Philly – 11/08/2018

“…Charlie, played by the exceptional Henry Boshart—the show’s true standout. As the down-on-his-luck Bucket, Boshart immediately captures the heart of the audience, and convinces you there’s nothing more you want to see than for him to get that Golden Ticket and somehow find a better life than he deserves for himself and his family.”

The Inquirer – 11/07/2018

“…here, the story line warms with the radiant performances of Young and Boshart, whose young voice sparkles.”

BroadwayWorld Cincinnati – 10/27/2018

“Boshart had the perfect child-like wonder that made all of Charlie’s dreaming, creating, and excitement so believable. Boshart’s voice equally matches his tremendous acting ability. He sings a touching song in Act I where he is composing a letter to Wonka requesting creations to help his mother and elderly grandparents. This was another tear-jerking moment. Boshart delivers such an honest and sweet performance as Charlie. If you get to see him, you are in for quite a treat!”

Behind the Curtain Cincinnati – 10/26/2018

“Tuesday evening Henry Boshart played Charlie Bucket and handled the demands of the role well.”

Northwest Herald – 10/12/2018

“Our Charlie was played by Henry Boshart, who has all the enthusiasm and excitement of someone who is pure of heart.”

Candid Candace – 10/11/2018

“The cast was outstanding and each perfect for the characters they portrayed but little Charlie Bucket, played by Henry Boshart, was a standout.”

DADaPalooza – 10/11/2018

“There are three actors playing Charlie (which makes sense, as it is quite a demanding role)…The boy we saw, Henry Boshart, was really great.”

Buzz Center Stage – 10/06/2018

“Henry Boshart is charming as the titular Charlie, providing that rare but happy balance in a child actor that is neither too precocious and polished, nor too amateur. I’d be curious to see how the other two Charlies in this traveling show do, but Boshart does a fine job. His chemistry with James Young’s cuddly yet curmudgeonly Grandpa Joe seems real, as does his connection with Weisberg’s Wonka.”

Chicago Now (review by Rick and Brenda McCain) – 10/06/2018

“Henry was adorable as Charlie the amateur tinkerer with an imagination to fill the Oriental Theatre twice over on opening night. We watched this pint-size actor intrigue us for 2 hours and 20 minutes even though you probably know the story you couldn’t help but to root for him to get the last ticket, beat out the other four contestants and win the grand prize.”

Chicago Parent – 10/05/2018

“Henry Boshart, splitting the role of Charlie Bucket with two other children, is a rootable hero, worthy of that lifetime supply of candy.”

Chicago Theater and Arts – 10/05/2018

“Henry Boshart (Collin Jeffery and Rueby Wood alternates) steals the show as the downtrodden Charlie Bucket. He dreams of a better life for himself, his widowed mom and four beloved grandparents. He’s adorable, high energy with a sweet singing voice.”

Around the Town Chicago – 10/04/2018

“We were witness to the adorable Boshart on opening night. A cutie-pie loaded with talent.”

Chicago Now (review by Candace Jordan) – 10/04/2018

“The cast was outstanding and each perfect for the characters they portrayed but little Charlie Bucket, played by Henry Boshart, was a standout.”

Chicago On Stage – 10/04/2018

“…the endearing Henry Boshart in this performance…”

Chicago Sun-Times – 10/04/2018

“But it’s Boshart’s guileless affability as Charlie that anchors the production. He’s adorable, he can sing with the intensity of a 120 percent pure cocoa candy bar and he never slips into treacle. You’re rooting for him throughout.”

Chicago Theatre & Concert Reviews – 10/04/2018

“The titular Charlie Bucket was portrayed with heart and honesty, on the opening night of this National Tour, by Henry Boshart. This young man is a multitalented actor with an impressive list of credits. (At alternate performances, Charlie is played by Collin Jeffery and Rueby Wood who, one assumes, are all just as equally talented)….The cast is excellent to competent. As mentioned, Henry Boshart makes a great Charlie.”

The Fourth Walsh – 10/04/2018

“…Charlie Bucket (played by the outstanding Henry Boshart, one of three young actors performing the title role)…And Boshart channels all the enthusiasm of his luck finally changing in the infectious ‘I’ve Got a Golden Ticket.'”

Stage and Cinema – 10/04/2018

“…on opening night, adorable Henry Boshart…”

Chicago Concert Reviews – 10/03/2018

“…the constantly daydreaming pauper boy Charlie (played at this particular performance by the tremendous Henry Boshart)…”

George Walsh – 10/02/2018

“Henry Boshart plays the plucky Charlie Bucket convincingly”

Buffalo Rising – 9/27/2018

“It must be said that all of the principals on stage were very skilled, including…Henry Boshart (on the night I went) as young hopeful Charlie Bucket…”

Buffalo News – 9/26/2018

“Three boys share the role of Charlie on the tour. Henry Boshart was on stage this night and seemed to be a natural in the part, a good foil for Wonka’s wisecracks and wordplay, like when he’s referred to as a ‘little wrapper sniffer’ in one of Wonka’s throw-away lines.”

Buffalo Theatre Guide – 9/26/2018

“Henry Boshart is fantastic as Charlie. The level of professionalism that this young man has is stellar and his stage presence and persona are great. He takes to the stage and as the only child performer in the show, deserves to be there. He sings incredibly well, and does not disappoint.”

Buffalo Vibe – 9/26/2018

“Such is the dilemma faced by eleven-year-old Charlie, played with earnest sweetness and sincere resolve by Henry Boshart, who shares the role with two other boys…”

Totally Buffalo – 9/26/2018

“Little Charlie Bucket – played by Henry Boshart – was simply amazing. The little guy with a big voice – brings you right into his world. The poor, but honest little boy who is just too good to be greedy was extremely lovable.”

Tour Schedule

Event Information:

  • The Lion King

    The Lion King


    Bios | Reviews | Schedule

    Jamaal "JJ" Batteast

    jamaal-jj-batteast JAMAAL "JJ" BATTEAST (Young Simba alt.) is a talented 11 year old 6th grader from Carol stream IL. He feels bless to live out one his dreams on Broadway as young Simba! This is JJ's first major production. He feels honored and blessed to be apart of this first class experience and is marveled by where this journey goes. Supported by his loving parents, grandparents Moore/McClay/Smith, Mt. Vernon church family, his sisters, family and friends!

    Nya Cymone Carter

    Nya Cymone Carter NYA CYMONE CARTER (Young Nala alt.) is a 10 year old, Fifth Grade dance major from East Orange, NJ. Elated to join The Lion King Tour, she looks forward to this new and exciting experience. Nya is loved and adored by her parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends.

    Tre Jones

    Tre Jones TRE JONES (Young Simba alt.) is ecstatic to be making his Broadway debut as Young Simba in The Lion King! He is an 11 year old actor from Springfield, VA. He is grateful to God for this blessing and thanks his parents, grandparents, teachers and his many relatives and friends for the love and support in making his dream come true.

    Mikari Tarpley

    mikari-tarpley MIKARI TARPLEY (Young Nala alt.) Born to entertain, this 10 year old straight A student from Smyrna, GA is thrilled to be on tour with The Lion King. She thanks her parents and teachers for giving her the skills to perform. She gives higher thanks to God for her gifts so that she can shine her light for all of the world to see!

    Alexandra Underwood

    alexandra-underwood ALEXANDRA UNDERWOOD (Young Nala alt.) Actor’s Fund: Mr. Magoo’s Christmas Carol; Regional: A Christmas Carol (Ford’s Theater); TV: Person of Interest; Film: Dance Off. Alexandra, 11, is thrilled to join the “Pride” as Young Nala. Grateful to God, Mom, Dad, Nana, Grandparents, Nancy Carson, Binder, and for the love and prayers of family and friends. Lexi’s “ultimate dream” has come true! IG: @ultimatedreamer2803 web:

    Review Quotes

    South Florida - 01/12/15

    "...Simba (a bouncy Jordan A. Hall alternating with Tre' Jones)..."

    Florida Theater On Stage - 01/10/15

    "Jordan A. Hall (alternating with Tre Jones) is a bundle of gleaming energy as Young Simba."

    Miami Herald - 01/10/15

    "As young Simba, Hall has charisma and dancing skills to burn, so that you do miss him when the grown-up Remy (who’s a fine singer-dancer-actor) takes his place."

    SFL Insider - 01/09/15

    "The role of the Young Simba is played by Jordan A. Hall and a young Nala is Nya Cymone Carter. Both are perfectly cast and charismatic emanating their youthful playfulness in both spoken narrative and song. I Just Can’t Wait To Be King, is a huge colorful number that highlights both performers and brings a sense of wonderment and fun to the audience."

    Show Biz Chicago - 12/01/14

    "...and Tre’ Jones, an 11-year-old actor from Virginia, nailing the role of the inquisitive and lively young Simba."

    Around the Town Chicago - 11/17/14

    "Jordan A. Hall, who plays the young Simba, is excellent both as an actor and singer. Working without a puppet, he gracefully uses choreographed (by Garth Fagan) movements to cultivate meaning and emotion despite his small frame and though he was playing against veteran actors who had the advantage not only of experience, but heightened visibility from their height,costumes, and puppets. He also has a surprisingly powerful voice. "

    UWM Post - 11/17/14

    "The easiness and chemistry of Mufasa, played by L. Steven Taylor, and Jordan A. Hall as young Simba, is fluid and captivating."

    Broadway World - 11/14/14

    "By the same token, Jordan A. Hall and Nya Cymone Carter were a pure delight. Young actors provide audiences an innocence that no one but a child could present. Hall and Carter are an immensely talented pair. Being able to keep up with the ensemble of dancers and seasoned actors, gives these two an edge that so few child actors are able to have. And their recreation of the iconic lions was so on point that not even Jonathan Taylor Thomas could naysay. Simply put, they are a joy to behold."

    Urban Milwaukee Dial - 11/14/14

    "You have to admire this company, many veterans of the Lion King companies. They are following a set series of inflections, staging and timing while hidden largely behind makeup and costumes that work against originality. Yet again and again they deliver energy and personality that stir the whole enterprise. Such skill even travels to the youngest cast members who are following instructions, notably Jordan A. Hall as Young Simba and Nya Cymone Carter as Young Nala" - 09/24/14

    "The child-actors playing Simba and Nyla are extraordinarily gifted. Jordan A. Hall had such charismatic energy and a surprisingly powerful voice for such a small body. He carried the entire first act fluently and possessed the perfect chemistry for the father and son relationship between Mufasa and the young cub.

    Even young Nya Cymone Carter stood out as Nyla, with her irresistible fluidity of movements and cute personality. The dynamic duo was an adorable pair and a force of talent to reckon with." - 09/24/14

    "...talented Jordan A. Hall..."

    BWW Boston - 09/20/14

    "The roles of Young Simba (Jordan A. Hall, Tre' Jones) and Young Nala (Nya Cymone Carter, Tyrah Skye Odoms) alternate, but are energetically portrayed."

    Weymouth - 09/16/14

    "Jordan A. Hall, alternating the role with Tre Jones, lends the spunky young Simba a million-dollar smile."

    Boston Globe - 09/13/14

    "The role of young Simba will alternate at the Opera House; on opening night it was spunkily played by Jordan A. Hall"

    Rover Arts - 08/26/14

    "Besides the polished performances of the grown-up actors – many of them vets of the New York original - the skills of 10 year-old Jordan A. Hall as young Simba are amazing."

    Montreal Gazette - 08/22/14

    "The child performers who play the young Simba (Jordan A. Hall) and his playmate/sweetheart Nala (Nya Cymone Carter) are adorable scene stealers."

    Freelancer Star - 07/03/14

    "Little Simba, played with much glee by the adorable Jordan A. Hall, and Nala throw smiles everywhere with the infectious “I Just Can’t Wait to Be King.”"

    Freelancer Star - 06/30/14

    "lso impressive were the youngest members of the cast, Jordan A. Hall and Nya Cymone Carter, who on press night played young Simba and young Nala, respectively; they displayed solid song-and-dance skills and acting chops that held up well alongside their adult costars. "

    Tagging Magazine - 06/25/14

    "Most memorable are Simba, played by the adorable Jordan A. Hall who stalks and pounces his way into your heart." Washington DC - 06/23/14

    "As Simba, both Hall and Remy have the ability to move about the stage with the ease and energy that's necessary for such a physical role and have that kind of quality that makes you want to root for them to overcome all obstacles."

    DC Metro Theater Scene - 06/23/14

    "I have to say the darlings of the evening were young Simba (Jordan A. Hall) and young Nala (Nya Cymone Carter). The pair lit up the stage. Their performance of “I Just Can’t Wait to be King” was a ton of fun!"

    DC Theater Scene - 06/23/14

    "Act I rides a lot on the young actor playing Simba, and Jordan A. Hall is magnificent, bringing all the needed emotion to the part. Whether it’s the playfulness of the song “I Just Can’t Wait to Be King” or the fright of being in the Elephant’s Graveyard and watching his father die, Hall captures all that writers Roger Allers and Irene Mecchi ever hoped."

    Whisk and Quill - 06/23/14

    "Most memorable are Simba, played by the adorable Jordan A. Hall who stalks and pounces his way into your heart. “I hate public pools,” he jokes after a dangerous dunk in the river"

    Honolulu Pulse - 1/17/14

    "Young Simba and Young Nala, played by Jordon A. Hall and Zyaisa Jadea Page opening night, charmed...there were also lovely moments, such as the dirge trio between Mkhize (Rafiki), Page (Young Nala), and Tryphena Wade (Sarabi)." - 12/9/13

    "Four young actors who “just can’t wait….” -- It’s more than just an “aw” factor. A pair of boys trade off the role of Young Simba with a pair of girls alternating as Young Nala. They are highly cute, rigorously prepared and a vital part of the action. Perched on dayglo giant birds, they lead the frisky “I Just Can’t Wait to be King,” and they likely inspire dreams of kids in the audience to try out this acting thing. Then they grow up to pursue this dream or a different one. Either way, generational continuity is wicked cool. Let’s see where the tour’s Jordan A. Hall, Nya Cymone Carter, Zyasia Jadea Page and Nathaniel Logan McINtyre are 10 years from now."

    BroadwayWorld Phoenix - 12/3/13

    "Simba and Young Simba (Jordan A. Hall and Dashaun Young) charm and smile with skill"

    BroadwayWorld LA - 11/25/13

    "Young Simba (alternated by Jordan A. Hall and Nathaniel Logan Mcintyre) is also a strong presence as are Nya Cymone Carter and Zyasia Jadea Page alternating as the young Nala."

    MySSNews - 10/12/13

    "The play is the story of Simba, the prince of the Prideland. It follows Simba and his friend Nala from being a lion cubs, portrayed by exceptional child actors (Jordan A. Hall or Nathaniel Logan McIntyre as Simba and Nya Cymone Carter or Zyasia Jadea Page as Nala)"

    White Rock Lake Weekly - 10/12/13

    "Both Zyasia Jadea Page as the young Nala on opening night, and grown Nala, Nia Holloway, are exceptional dancers with lovely voices. Playing Simba as a cub on Friday night, Jordan A. Hall is larger than life, especially for a child. Both his voice and dance abilities offer him a promising future in musical theater. Page’s performance is exceptional, and she is also poised for a long theatrical career."

    Coppell Student Media - 10/11/13

    "The very talented cast includes...Jordan A. Hall as the young Simba and many other superstar actors and actresses." - 10/8/13

    "Hall provides the energy needed for young Simba..." - 10/8/13

    "As Young Simba, Jordan A. Hall is adorable (he alternates in the role with Nathaniel Logan McIntyre)."

    Pegasus News - 10/7/13

    "In the performance reviewed, Jordan A. Hall played Young Simba. Hall’s nervous energy and boyish charm mostly transfers well into the character of young Simba. Watching Hall play onstage with young Nala is like watching two young children play and interact on a playground. In the scenes between Mufasa and him, Hall gives Simba the warm connection of a son wanting the approval of his father...His dancing and movement is skilled for his age and he has moments of fluidity and hesitancy as a young boy or cub would have in those circumstances.

    Zyasia Jadea Page plays Young Nala in the performance reviewed. Page is a performer who shows a lot of skill and potential for a child of about 11, playing the young female lioness and companion to Young Simba. In scenes in which she is dancing with the other lionesses, Page shows skills as a dancer, and the demeanor that she gives to the character of a child who wants to appropriately impress her elders is equally as impressive. In her scenes with Young Simba, Page gives Nala that natural childish playfulness, us-against-the-world, we-are-invincible, camaraderie that two young children have as close friends."

    EDGE Dallas - 10/7/13

    "The performance of the young, unadorned Simba (alternately played by Jordan A. Hall and Nathaniel Logan McIntyre) is a joy to watch. Hall has natural musicality and movement that is rarely seen in child actors."

    Bethany Hensel - 09/07/13

    "But the show really went to the kids for this one. Nya Cymone Carter as Young Nala was the cutest thing around, with an awesome hairdo and amazing costume and a spunky attitude that had everyone cheering for her. (Literally.) And Nathaniel Logan McIntyre as Young Simba was truly sublime, showcasing a performance to keep in memory for a long time. I had the sense I was watching a star being born on that Benedum stage. He is charismatic, natural, showed a range of emotionand is 9 years old. There was no fear or stage fright from him, nor from Miss Carter, as they performed in front of a packed house."

    Creative Lofting Charlotte - 08/16/13

    "Yet there is no mistaking the warmth between Jordan A. Hall as Young Simba, the future king (the adorable Hall timeshares the role with Nathaniel Mcintyre), and L. Steven Taylor as his royal father, King Mufasa."

    QCityMetro - 08/10/13

    "Young Simba, played by Jordan A. Hall, was energetic and fun. Heck, he needed to be to get through his exhausting part. But the Silver Vocal Chord Award for the night goes to young Nala, Nya Carter, who belts out her songs with a force and power far beyond her years."

    Cleveland New 102 - 07/12/13

    "Mufasa (L. Steven Taylor) and Young Simba (Nathaniel Logan Mcintyre) share a delightful chemistry throughout act one..."

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