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Casting info for the tour set to launch this fall is TBA.



OnStage Blog – 12/05/2019

“…an adorable Eloise Vaynshtok whose performance rang naturally true as well…”

On Milwaukee – 07/26/2019

“There we meet Little Anastasia (a perky Delilah Rose Pellow in the performance I attended)…”

Chicago Theatre & Concert Reviews – 03/29/2019

“Young Victoria Bingham is perfection as Young Anastasia.”

JHP Entertainment – 03/23/2019

“Of the musical highlights, Joy Franz and young Victoria Bingham as The Dowager Empress and Young Anastasia get this off on a high note with the above-referenced show-opening Once Upon A December. It’s such a touching moment and completely serves to set up the relationship between Anastasia and her elder relative, a vital point within the tale’s featured plotline.”

KDHX – 12/28/2018

“…and Victoria Bingham is a real delight as Little Anastasia.”

DC Metro Theater Arts – 12/05/2018

“Victoria Bingham is a scene-stealer as the 7-year-old princess…”

BroadwayWorld Baltimore – 11/12/2018

“The only young person in the cast is ‘Little Anastasia’ played by the perky Victoria Bingham…”

BroadwayWorld Washington D.C. – 11/02/2018

“…the adorable Victoria Bingham…”

The Times – 10/18/2018

“The story begins in Imperial Russia, with a young spry Little Anastasia (the cute and talented Victoria Bingham)…”

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